[Video] MBC Section TV_20121118 (w/ text translation)

UPDATE: I replaced the previous video
Credits: JangKeunSukFR
English translation : sa_sha26

JKS: Because I always use credit card, so I had go around and borrow 2000 won for parking fees from people.

Host: How much can you drink?
JKS: There was once I was drinking with my father, we drank about 6 bottles of alcohol, and I can’t remember how we got home after that.

Host: What was your fans’ reaction?
JKS: Drink/eat as much as you’re offered.

JKS: I don’t have many fans who calls me ‘Oppa’(brother). LOL.
Host: Jang Keun Suk’s younger sister fans nationwide, please faster call Keun Suk as ‘Oppa’
JKS: Come to me~♥

Host: You like being called ‘Oppa’ ?
JKS: You’re elder than me, right?
Host: Yes. *embarrassment*
JKS: That’s all. LOL.
Host: Oppa~♥ *Elder fan(the host) who’s trying to be younger fan*

Host: Most of your expenses are?
JKS: When I was looking at the credit card bills for 3 months, most of them were alcohol bill. LOL.

17 thoughts on “[Video] MBC Section TV_20121118 (w/ text translation)”

  1. there was never a dull moment when talking to our PRINCE..his interviews are always interesting and fun to watch 🙂
    thanks for sharing !

  2. Hi,

    JKS is so honest to say that he drink a lot but in S’pore today newspaper says he is consider a bad drinker.Some Asia country might not take it so well
    Not a good image as a famous celebrity, a top and famous star.

    • Hi JJ, I realised that the reporter of My Paper is extremely bias. He/she always write negative comments of JKS. When there r good reports in other country, that reporter will write little of the same content but add bad comments into it. Many times already. However when it comes to news of Kim Hyun Joon, it is always Good comments. I’m quite upset, really want to complain to the editor. JKS’s image could b wrongly projected to the readers. Oh heartache!

      • Lynn, you notice that too? I thought I’m the only one who notice lol! So my conclusion is either My paper wants to get attention (like some gossip paper) or the writer is fan of someone else but anti-fan of JKS ^_^
        Let us continue to observe ….

      • Lynn, I remember another case when I was in Taiwan attending Sukkie’s Cri show and in Taiwan.. all the reports I read in Taiwan are positive about Sukkie but when I return to S’pore, the local gossip papers (can’t remember if it is Bilingual from My paper again), they report about something which is twisted (e.g. his manager or bodyguard being rude to other fans) which I recall I saw a earlier vid of HK/Taiwan APPLE report comparing Sukkie’s managers/bodyguards with other Kpop managers/bodyguards and the report shows some of the Kpop aritstes managers/bodyguards pushed the fans & rude whereas Sukkies’ manager/bodyguards are kind & gentlemen… I was even joking to my colleagues who saw this report that the writer of the bilingual may have taken the report from APPLE vid and twisted the facts or have misinterpreted the vids.. intentionally or unintentionally?
        You see this vid from Apple report & you will understand what I mean..I’m keeping many of those misleading report and once I have enough of those misleading reports.. I may write in to the editor too! ^_^


      • Hi sis QQ, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes,I remember very clearly the negative report was from My Paper, probably from the same reporter. I only have My Paper & Today on weekdays. I do not hv any other newspaper, that is why I Am very certain the report was from My Paper. Besides stating that JKS bodyguard was rude to fans, other bad reports was inserted which I do not wish to elaborate here. I know they are all untrue because Tree-J staff tweet already has evidence of the truth. Glad to know that you are keeping those misleading reports. Yes, lets help safeguard JKS reputation by doing what we can. This time, I will also keep the misleading reports and make the necessary complain. I’m not sure if that reporter misintreprete it or did it intentionally, but it sure gives me the thought that it is definately anti-JKS.Let’s observe further.*>

  3. Oh my boy…my love, u are younger than me, how can i call u oppa. But if u want i would want to try call you oppa. Oppa…oppa…oppa


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