JKS interview in Trendy magazine, April 2010 issue

Credits: Trendy magazine, April 2010 issue
Pics scanned by Rongling

Here is an excerpt of some true and false questions from Jang Keun Suk’s Taiwan Fan-meeting in March 2010.

O = True
X = False


Blood type is A. –> O

The place where JKS wants to be kissed most is his face. –> X
(JKS answer: Neck)

Most favourite drink is whisky. –> X
(JKS answer: Tea)

Number of actresses’ telephone contacts in mobile phone is more than 10 –> X

Most respected person is professor. –> X
(JKS answer: Parents)

First love is in Primary Six. –> X
(JKS answer: In secondary one, had a crush on teacher)

Most favourite colour is blue. –> X
(JKS answer: Khaki) * earth-coloured or beige

Most charming part is his smile –>X
(JKS answer: My sexy pose)

Most confident dance is Abracadabra of Brown Eyed Girls –> X
(JKS answer: 2pm’s “Heartbeat”)

Most favourite song is Lee Hong-Ki’s song –> X
(But JKS added “I love LHK”)

Most favourite activity is skiing –> X
(JKS said he is afraid of cold and doesn’t like the cold.)

Has studied in Australia –> X
(JKS answer: New Zealand)

Eat 3 meals a day –> X

Wash face 5 times after removing make-up –> X

Underwear size is S –>X

The color of underwear which he wore at this FM is black.–>X

The breakfast which he ate on the morning of this FM is Hong Kong dim sum –>X
(JKS answer: Japanese Pork chop)

* * * End of Q & A * * *

Coincidentally, in the same issue is another headline story about Choi Jong Hoon, the 2nd male lead in “You’re my Pet”, a casting that JKS said is “the best”, which featured a description of Choi.

“Regarded as a pretty boy with sculpture-perfect looks, Jong Hoon is a man of few words but often smiles genteelly like a prince, charming but out of reach. He may appear indifferent, but he always observes everything that is happening, and at appropriate times via a look or small gesture reminds his team-mates to take note of certain things. And he is completely a poker-faced joker who often “shocks” his audience into laughter with his bold statements, while he maintains a slight smile on his face. Jong Hoon is a guy who will divulge his true character after one gets to know him better – when he is in a good mood, he will even whistle a tune in front of others and take a stroll.”

Aphrael77’s note:

Choi Jong Hoon sounds like a good boy who will get on very well with our Sukkie, and I’m sure that JKS who has taken good care of Lee Hong-ki in YAB will also take good care of Choi.

In fact, looking at all the pics that came out of the Ibaraki press conference, my biggest doubt is the pairing of JKS and Kim Ha-neul. Look at them in the pic below– they totally can pass off as brother and sister! Same smiling eyes, similar face shape even. At this point, I cannot imagine them as lovers, unless Kim Ha-neul surprises us all with outstanding acting skills in “You’re my Pet”.

Hopefully, “You’re my Pet” will not become another show where JKS has more chemistry with the 2nd male lead instead of with the female lead.

7 thoughts on “JKS interview in Trendy magazine, April 2010 issue”

  1. Choi Hong Joon is slowly growing on me thanks to you, I like his smile it seems so genuine…

    WOW!! Omg I didn’t notice but you’re right, in that pic they are very similar!! But I’ve seen a picture of her from another drama and she looked totally different (she looked arrogant) I guess she can act… Well I hope!!

    And this: ““You’re my Pet” will not become another show where JKS has more chemistry with the 2nd male lead instead of with the female lead.” <—- LOOOOOL, but seriously, I think JGs has so much charisma that he has chemistry with EVERYBODY lol that's my theory!

  2. Aphrael,

    I can’t agree with you more on your notes, from the interview and press conference, I have confidence on Jong Hoon’s performance, but look at the both shining face of KHN & JKS, I am looking forward of seeing fierce face of Kim Ha-neul, and how she is going melt in our shining boy JKS’ eyes.

  3. JKS said he is afraid of cold and doesn’t like the cold.

    lol i laughed a little at this. thought crossed my mind: “how can he call himself korean if he’s afraid of the cold?” korean winters look crazy cold to me, so i figured someone born and bred there wouldn’t be fazed by cold weather.

    but then again, kang mu gyul was one such korean….haha.


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