[poem] “In Your Eyes” Fan Written Poem by ECI Member_20121101

Credit: Nancy McDonnell

In Your Eyes
When I am discouraged,
And adversity is all I see.
I come to you…
You are there for me.

When I look in the mirror,
I want to turn and flee…
But your faith in me inspires,
Makes me long to be the person you see.

I want to be the one,
Who makes your dreams come true.
I want to make you smile,
When you’re feeling blue.

As reliable as a river,
That flows into the sea.
I can count on you…
Your love embraces me.

Myself I see reflected in the deep pools…
That are your beautiful eyes.
I feel your trust in me,
I can not tell you lies.

I can feel your heart,
Beating in time with mine.
Don’t build me up too much baby,
Don’t create a shrine.

Because I’m blood and flesh,
I may stumble or fall…
But I can make it through,
If I give it my all.

Look only at me!
Be steady in your gaze…
I know you are here with me.
Stay with me all your days.

Baby, I can feel your joy,
It is matched only by mine.
Trapped I am by your love,
I only want to shine.

For in your eyes,
I see mirrored
The kind of person,
That I always wanted to be.

Nancy McDonnell
November 1, 2012

(For Tenshi Akuma and all the eels @ ECI)

Editor Sukspring_USA’s note:
Nancy said our eel sister Tenshi_Akuma’s Fan Account about Jang Keun Suk’s Cri Show, see link here:
In this FA, Tenshi wrote:
I want to be like a mirror he can reveal even his weak side freely… In my opinion, mirror doesn’t speak. Mirror just reflects what he feels inside. Only mirror knows his real self. I wish I want to be a mirror he speaks to every day.
These words above has inspired her to write this poem.
Great job, cri!!!

My personal message to eels (by Sukspring_USA)
Thanks to Nancy give eels this touching poem which suits the moment so well. Personally one thing I love being an eel (fan) to Jang Keun Suk so much is that he makes me feel that he is reachable. He is the star who makes fan feel existing and useful to him. He always gives the best fan service. I feel I can really communicate with him a lot. As he used to say, he has a relationship with eels, and he likes to talk to eels just as friend’s chit chat. Things changed and especially recently Jang Keun Suk hasn’t really tweeted anything or posted messages on his APP. Eels miss him badly, but he is there, we see him through other eel’s fan account to know about his amazing Cri Show. If you didn’t attend his show and you would love to experience the show through our friends’ eyes, you can go to these links to read the fantastic fan account about his most recent Cri Show in Shenzhen:

We learnt that he has been signed as a spokesman for a internet game company. His faces on the news made us woo and wow. See here:
But still no tweet, no APP message, after he left China, no weibo as well. Staff tweeted something for eels, seems to try to comfort eels’ pain of acacia, but still no words from him. Are eels sad about this? Some of them are, some maybe even angry, some has lots of assumptions, but me, I don’t really think too much of those assumptions. I know he is on something, no matter what he is going through, I will just stand right there as before I was to support him. Maybe right now, I don’t have to yell with excitements of what’s going on with all his news; I don’t have to get hyper that he posted funny and naughty messages on APP; I don’t have to cry when I heard that he is in pain; I don’t have to have so many sleepless nights for keeping updating all his endless schedules, events; I will be just right there, as quiet as him waiting for him. I know he will be back to eels, I know he will be back on the stage or screen, maybe it takes a few more days, maybe it will take one month…… no matter how long it will be. I will be right there as I always is, a loyal eel support him forever. As an old Chinese saying: 两情若在长久时,又岂在朝朝暮暮 If the feeling between you two is there, why need to count days and nights of being together. This means for lovers. As an eel, I would say, if my support for him is there, why need to count days and nights he appears in front of my eyes. :)) Take your time, Prince J. The journey for the big dream has just started we have a long way to go together.


23 thoughts on “[poem] “In Your Eyes” Fan Written Poem by ECI Member_20121101”

  1. Sarah, I love this part of your comment! “As an old Chinese saying: If the feeling between you too is there, why need to count days and nights of being together. This means for lovers.”

    Eels by his own admission are his girlfriend. LOL

    “As an eel, I would say, if my support for him is there, why need to count days and nights he appears in front of my eyes. 🙂 ) Take your time, Prince J. The journey for the big dream has just started we have a long way to go together.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more Sarah! I haven’t even known JKS for a year yet (my Eel birthday is Nov. 28th. LOL) But remember how a Carpenter’s song was tied into “Love Rain”?

    I am reminded of another of their songs, “We’ve Only Just Begun!”

  2. All these, the poem,the commentary, the note to all the eels. I LOVE IT!
    Thank you for sharing,
    thanks to Tenshi too!
    KUDOs to all of you!

  3. I loved this poem and your words Sarah, we just need to give him time to himself he is our prince but he is too a normal human being as we are. As we he needs his own space. I’ll stand right here waiting the day he start to share with us again I know he is watching in silence what eels are doing so let’s keep supporting him as always. As Sarah said let’s keep sharing and playing between us the eels let’s keep the bond alive remember we are not only connected to our prince we are connected to every single our eels sisters and brothers.

  4. Nan, Kaori and Sarah, between the 3 of you and all the rest who pour out their inner feelings, you encompass all that’s in my heart and mind. I can’t quite pinpoint what I feel and I doubt I can word my feelings so well…. thank you my friends for speaking on my behalf. Love you all!!

  5. Wow!!!! Thank you sis Nancy for sharing your beautiful poem. I love it so much. I also love the FACT that eels are inspired each other, best of friends united by JKS. I am sooo touched!!!

  6. Sarah what you said reflects most of what we feel, Nancy your poem really touch the soul and Koari your writing and FA show your devotion and love for our Prince. All your words are beautiful, coming from your heart. Word don’t come easy for us who are not so good in writing. Thank you so much for putting my/our thought of Prince into this lovely touching words.

  7. hihihi … Suk just updated his Apps . Anyway .. it’s hard to get accustom to his pace nowadays , but tenshi’s words are something that I should remind myself with . We must learn to channel our feelings , longingness into energy for us to work towards our dream. Be like him is the best support!

  8. Nancy, Sarah & Tenshi,

    I am reading your poem, words and thoughts with my teary eyes..
    thank you sisters… you just poured my mind and my thoughts… I love you …

  9. nancy,you wrote a wonderful poem..expresses eel’s feelings for our PRINCE..
    tenshi and sarah your thoughts inspired me and strengthen my faith and loyalty to PRINCE JKS..be assured that i’ll be patient and more understanding now and for always..

  10. As an old Chinese saying: If the feeling between you too is there, why need to count days and nights of being together. This means for lovers.
    Wah Lost for words, well done ! Hope he sees it.

  11. Thanks for sharing your poem, Nancy; and Springsuk for posting it here. It’s a very beautiful poem that speaks volumes about every eel’s thoughts & feelings for Sukkie. Tenshi & Springsuk, I am touched by your words as they really express how much you respect, love and admire Sukkie.

    I agree, when he needs space and time to himself, we gotta give it to him. His life has always been an open book esp to his eels and that could get pretty tiring. Yes, we will always patiently wait by the sidelines, awaiting the time when he is ready to come back and “play” with us. My love and support for him will never waver, no matter what happens. That is an eel promise!

  12. From Tenshi’s heartfelt mirror comment (more like, her deepest and most sincere wish), to Nancy’s beautiful and inspirational poem, to Sarah’s words of wisdom, comfort, and love. All of you, precious and loyal eels, have expressed what the majority of us feel in our hearts.
    Even though we are human and feel the entire array of emotions that the absence of our loved one can cause in a person’s heart, as eels, we are willing to suppress such emotions and gather our strength just so that we can continue to stand strong and unwavering by the side of our beloved Prince. We make the choice to remain steady – however, quiet and uncertain the road may be at the moment – we will continue to walk towards the realization of our dreams and our Prince’s dreams…together. Always together.

    Don’t despair, eels. Just be patient and wait a while longer. Because as soon as he is back, there will be no time to take breaks. So, let’s rest a bit while we can.


  13. Beautiful poem says it all.. So touching ,all your thoughts and comments here express unfathommable feelings of love and care eels have for our beloved prince!!

  14. wanderful poem .
    in your eyes y see your childwood .
    in your eyes y see your light of your hearth,
    in your eyes y see your love,
    in your eyes y see the sunshinne,
    in your eyes y see my hapynes ,your happynes.
    in your eyes y see the sky ,blue.
    in your eyes y see your hearth .
    in your eyes y see me ,my child ,my life ,my love.


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