[28.10.2012] JKS Weibo

Eels, sorry~~~ this time I also came out from the VIP channel.. I also wanted to meet you all TT see you tomorrow~~~~
鳗鱼们啊 对不起~~~这次也从后面的通道出来了..我也很想和你们见面 呜呜呜ㅠ 明天见~~~~
장어들아 미안~~~이번에도 뒷 동선으로 나왔네.. 나도 너희 보고싶었는데 흑흑흑 ㅠ 내일 만나~~~~

6 thoughts on “[28.10.2012] JKS Weibo”

  1. that’s our PRINCE !
    he always want to be close to his eels but sometimes circumstances wont allow it and he feels sorry it…that’s why eels are devoted to you…love you !

  2. Dont worry,the chinese eels understand what happened and you staff always take pictures and videos for show you in this cases,the most important thing now is that you are smiling again.Thanks Aphrael,welcome back.


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