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  1. Here lots of BTS shots. The theme of the photoshoot in Berlin is “gentleman”. We can get that from the one he wears brown coat. I love the first one. He is wearing the knitted red hat, a skateboard on one arm, and the other hand holding a cheesecake. The whole picture just make me a boyish cute look and natural. I wish we can see some shots that he really ride on the skateboard. That would be cool.

    Of course I love him with trendy coat walking on the Berlin street. If I was there, I will definitely spot him immediately. He is my prince, how come on I can’t. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks again. OMG! Wherever he goes there are lots of eels around him. Yup I love that photo too. That boyish look and that whisp of a little boy smile made a lot of EELs scream on top of their lungs hahahaah…He looks so young, he doent look a 26 year old guy that photo.

    • Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I enjoyed looking at thm. He looks really good and fashionabl. Even if he wears woman’s clothes, still he looks gorgeous and fashionable. He has his own style and carries them well with confidence. He set the trend. I love keun so much. I long to see him in person and be with him to tell him how much he means to me. I want to be one of his staff who takes care of him. For me, first he is a very good son, a good singer, dancer, model, and a actor.

  2. i love them all ! ! !

    oh my PRINCE you made my day again ! it feels good when i woke up and saw your handsome face first thing in the morning 🙂

    thanks thanks Sarah !

  3. Every single picture is so good I can’t decide which I like most. Am sure the best has yet to be seen!! So looking forward to his 2013 official calendar ^^

  4. Finally i’m sooooo glad to see the bts pics of Berlin Photoshots & the best are yet to come 🙂 .. Falling in love with him over & over again ❤❤❤

  5. wow! all the pics are great…. so that’s the famous berlin wall? …also some of the berlin fans were Asians, they are helping the Prince to be well known worldwide…Yes!!

  6. How adorable he looks in all the pictures! Very naturally him!! I love him wearing glasses.

    Although I love all the pictures, my top three are:

    1. Where he is wearing glasses and the camel coat. He is walking on the street against the current. While everyone else is going one way, he is the only one going in the opposite direction – this is so like him in real life…always the innovator, always the trailblazer, always the trend-setter, always different.

    2. The left shot of the triple picture frame, where he is wearing a tuxedo, yellow sneakers, and is holding a skateboard. He is so contradictory and that makes perfect sense somehow.

    3. The right shot of the triple picture frame, where he is wearing a plain white T-shirt, rolled up jeans, and yellow sneakers. He looks simple and ordinary yet very trendy and attractive. Perfect.

    And if I could choose two more…which I am going to :-b I’d choose:

    4. The picture where he is wearing glasses and is sitting down, leaning against the building. He looks lost in thought and I just wish I could have been there to tell him “a penny for your thoughts.” I really would like to know what was going through his head as he sat there looking so serene.

    5. The picture where he is sitting at a table while checking his phone with a sweet yet semi-naughty smile on his face. I love anything that makes him smile and that moment looks so genuine and real that warmed up my heart.

    These are my top choices just in case anyone cares to know…kekekeke 🙂

    Hugs and much love, eels!! Zikzin!!

  7. I wud love to see a BTS vid of his Berlin Trip, as u know I’m a lover of his BTS shots and vids…

    Kley-Kley, my 3 fave wud be pic #1 & 4 as per to your list and the smiley Suk in a floral pants..

  8. All pix are so nice and i love them all! I’m waiting for the bts as well. Thanks sis Sarah …can’t wait to see the 2013 calendar….the bts photos already make us crazy !!!!!!!!!)

  9. omo…omo….
    Which one do you choose Lily..? Hahaha… every single pic is awesome, but the most interesting for me is the fourth from the top.
    I like the way when he trying to take his pic by hisself…narcis but totally cute….!
    Good night uri prince..

  10. It’s so nice to finally see these pics of his Berlin trip. Back then we waited for his diary in vain LOL. I enjoyed looking at all the pics including the ones showing his flower-pretty boy image. He is what I would call a man-boy despite his age 🙂

  11. So stylish, I love that he can pull off any style perfectly!

    The photo I like the most is the one where he walks in the opposite direction of everyone else. He definitely stands out no matter where he go.


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