8 thoughts on “[pics] Jang Keun Suk in Berlin 2012-09 (2)”

  1. ok lets give a title name for each picture:The Instructing JKS, The Shocked to the Max (who is that On my Cellphone?) JKS, The Bad Hair Day (but still looking good) JKS, lastly.. The Delivery Boy Next Door JKS…only Berlin brought to you by The Asian Prince….

  2. oh… I only give titles to the last 4 pics… these were the firsts that appeared on my screen… anybody can name the rests…

  3. Oomo omo. So stylish + cute.. I love him
    in these dark glasses !! Keep it up!! Hey can anybody tell me if there is new
    drama coming up.. I want to see him more doing same. He should do more acting
    as i think acting is no doubt his best skill!!

    i wish he reads my mesage and understand that. I am giving him good advise.. Pls do more dramas..:-) :-).

    love to you..

  4. I always wanted to see you from afar. You are my Angel, you are all that God has made beautiful on earth. I love you and I will love you beyond death. 사랑해 (saranghae) JKS!!!!


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