10 thoughts on “[FA] Words of JKS at Cri Show 2 in Fukuoka Day 1_20121006”

  1. How cute, he see his eels as a very close friend or like the extended of his family where he can tell them what’s in his heart. He is the only child that is why he always feel lonely even with all the glamour and a lot of people working with him but a time when he by himself he will feel lonely.

  2. This guy is like me…happy and jolly during the sunny days, and sad and blue during the cold autumn and winter days. I hope he finds something to do to distract himself and not feel as lonely.
    Maybe he’ll write more love songs for his next album.
    Maybe he’ll be busy with the new English album Team-H promised.

  3. Hmmm… seems like he wanted to say more when he was half drunk but held back. I truly wish that he would take a slow pace in achieving his dreams but … sighing also….

  4. Reading these words of JKS, I can only smile,smile and smile… Can’t express how much his eels love him, but one thing for sure it’s because of his love and care for all his eels!! Imagine the summer camping with JKS!!

  5. somethings to reminds us, he’s just like us – a human being.and so they say the brightest star is always alone up in the highest place-where they belong (hmm) ! but fear not, for every light and shine you shed, eels will look from up above with loving smile and warm embrace ~

  6. while reading this what came to my mind are the scenes of his music video stay. Hopefully he can find a girl who would really love him despite the many uncomfortable situations due to his popularity and having a little time for her. He needs someone to listen to him all the time.

  7. It’s very evident how he truly loves his eels and is just as crazy about them; it’s no wonder they love him back a hundredfold. I never thought that there could be such kind of celebrity-fan relationship… you know, where the celebrity regards his fans as friends or family even. For me, Jang Keun Suk is one amazing person inside-out and I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration for him. Hands down!!! It pains me to know how lonely he’s been and I wish for him to finally find that special someone who will truly make him happy and less lonely.

    One thing’s for certain, I am trapped in his pond forever! Sink or swim, I will support him all the way. He just doesn’t know how much he has touched my life in ways I never thought possible. And because of that, I will always be in his debt.

  8. Take care of your health dear Prince. Very impressed to learn of your reflection time and reading; “Things you can finally see when you stop”, during your travel to Berlin and Paris. That should help overcome being lonely. You are an intelligent one with a positive outlook who turns criticism into your strength and motivation, how “Blessed”.
    But, because you’re human you tend to forget the virtues you have. Keep in mind there are so many who silently admire you from around the world, like me. We are a group here of 60+ who follow news of your every move and talk about you. We are happy that there is someone like you in this world, considerate and unselfish to your eels who care about you. I will be at one of your concerts for sure and hopefully meet you and your mom. I travel every year and this year is done since I came back from Asia in April. Next year, wherever it is I will be there. I’ve been trying to find out how to buy tickets. No worries, because I am a board member of the CMCA here so I know the presidents of Korean and Japanese community and I have been to both countries.
    I really wish you would start to consider choosing your life partner so in a few years your heart will tell you if you have found your match. That could be fun, too. No one needs to know. Just has to be in your mind and if you start from now, hopefully you will be ready when the time is right. Don’t pressure yourself too much to be perfect. You are already perfect “Just the way you are”. Let nature take it’s course. You are already sharing so much of yourself with the world, you deserve to be happy since you’ve very well earned it. Be not afraid of mistakes because through them we learn more. The article of your feelings above touched my heart. Don’t overlook the most precious time in life to come which is when you have your own family. Genuine happiness cannot be bought because you need to know and feel it. It is a chance that comes once in a life time and you have to cease and cherish it before you live to regret it. There is a reason for everything in our lives. When your time comes I pray you will feel and find everlasting happiness. I commend your parents for raising you well and admire you for the love and respect you give to those around you. I’m happy to share my comments and hope it reaches you because it comes with a lot of love, prayers and blessings for you from across the world. God be with you!

    • Anne, thank you so much for posting your insightful comments here. Please continue to comment your insightful thoughts and opinions in this blog, for I love reading fans’ positive and inspirational comments. I feel happy every time I read loving comments and messages to Sukkie in this blog. (Note: I also like reading some criticism comments about Sukkie if those comments are done in a constructive and reasonable language and manner.)

      I love reading Sukkie’s news, articles and FAs because I always learn something (beside getting to know more about Sukkie real self) about life and human behavior, may it be good or bad. Sukkie is very deep and interesting person. Sukkie is human; therefore, he does make mistake now and then. At times, I just hope his eels can be forgiven of his mistakes and focused more on his positive’s attributes and outlooks about life and work in general.

      P.S. I am a firm believer that Tree J staff or JKS himself are aware of this JKSforever blog. I wish when Sukkie has more free times, he can read some good messages and advices in this blog. I hope he can learn a few value things from eels as well as eels learn from him. Everyone needs a driven force or motivation to go forward, work toward to obtain ones’ dreams. Jyo~Zikzin!!!

      • Kailey: my thanks to you too, for the encouragement.
        It’s wonderful to see that many of us share the same views while we understand those with a difference of opinion. I’ve learnt something new. Jyo-Zikzin!!!
        ** I have to teach my grand-kids, if i say Jyo—they say—Zikzin! **

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