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  1. I love baby&I so much. I think female lead cast is very suits Jang. They’re so cute when they were together. I want they will act together again in drama.

  2. I love all of them, because beeing different , they prove his acting skills. But , where is DoReMi, one of my favs… Miss him so much. Thinking of him right know bring tears in my eyes. Lets all have good thoughts for Keun Suk and embrace him with love.

  3. I love all of them! but my first Suk’s drama is YAB, and HTK is my first love, so YAB is my fav drama, Itaewon is my fav movie.
    I was actually watching them all at least 3 times for each drama / movie. Especially for YAB I’ve watched it more than 15x, and for Love Rain 5x, kkk
    I love him not just coz his appearance, but i love him completely, his acting skill, his voice, his personality. He really amazing person!
    Let’s support him anything he’s doing now, or what will he do and thinks.

  4. His best tv series is You’re Beautiful if ever the Prince will make Part 2 of one his tv series, i think YB is the best to be continued. best movie is ‘baby and me’ others are great too.

  5. the best tv series is You’re Beautiful. if ever the prince will make part 2 of any of those series, i think YB is the best choice to be continued..best movie baby and me..

    by the way Tenshi, i like the way you ‘dress’ your new blog. Nice pics of the Prince. It shows 2 sides of him. Just keep on smiling and shining, dear Prince. Love you…

  6. .. by the way, was the actor who played the older In Ha (Jun Seo’s Dad)in Love Rain, was also the actor who played one of the buddies and bandmates of Jks character in Happy life? or was he the one played as one of the attorneys in the Iteawon Case Homicide? just curious,

    • Hi Susan! Magandang gabi sa ‘yo! Yup he is the same actor who was Sukkie’s band mate in Happy Life & the lawyer in Itaewon Murder. His name is jeong Jin-yeong. I read in one of the artcles, that Sukkie regarded him as one of his mentors, Nd he such an excellent actor.

    • Hi Susan! Magandang gabi sa ‘yo! Yup he is the same actor who was Sukkie’s band mate in Happy Life & the lawyer in Itaewon Murder. His name is jeong Jin-yeong. I read in one of the artcles, that Sukkie regarded him as one of his mentors, And he such an excellent actor.

  7. I love “BABY & ME”, “DoReMi and “LOVE RAIN”.
    ….i don’t like this filme ymp…really…i hate actrees of ymp…she is so bitch.
    our prince is the best actor.

  8. Only one thing to say: I MISS JANG KEUN SUK IN DRAMAS! Wish we could see more of him on screen really, really, really soon.

  9. yup! also heard the rumor about that ugly betty remake. really hope its true..kya!! but i thinks suk will choose a movie this year even im dying to watch him in small screen again soon..

  10. Matthew D. say:

    Starting, I’m not an Eel, I am a boy commenting with arbitrary analysis.
    YMP was considered a porn movie that did not sense rational and values, that I read in an article, also I read that “Bethoven Virus” and “YMP” were his projects more hated by the nation of korea, which meant that the Koreans had negative feelings toward this great actor JKS. I acknowledge that JKS is one of the best actors in Asia and I did not understand the hatred of his own nation towards him, but friends told me it was because of those two projects (bethoven virus and YMP … especially for the movie porn YMP).
    At present I’ve seen YMP and did not like the theme, although the actor JKS did a good job …. but if I liked Beethoven Virus, JKS proved to be a magnificent actor …. by recommendations from friends … I’ve seen YRB and LOVE RAIN, therefore, I have noticed that he has grown as an actor brilliantly … its great performance in two roles in his latest project than he did made me think…really… he has matured as an actor and polished his talent …
    I am very critical and selective whit movies and dramas, now, I don’t like movies as commercial or trite, I prefer to look a movie/drama whit essence, perspective and quality …. and ..really I was incredibly shocked with the good work of JKS as actor in his projects “Love Rain” and “Beethoven Virus” ( – for my being these best dramas -) … and … his best movies were “Baby and Me” and “The Case of Itaewon Homicide”.
    Hope I did not been as honest,….but….really, JKS is a prodigy as an actor … just need more support his own nation.
    JKS as a singer?!….. I just bought his album “Just Crazy” and ….has good songs and rhythm, also…good voice… I like JKS’s Album “Jus Crazy”.

    thanks Eels.

    • you said you’re not an eel but you totally sound like one of us 🙂

      thanks for you’re wonderful comments…deeply appreciated !

    • Thanks a lot of your good words for Suk! At times what others have perceived about him ( specially the antis), without even watching the shows its like spreading a killing virus to everyone. I for one before had a lot of questions why a lot of people I know said a lot of negative comments about Sukkie. The very reason I watched YAB, and thereafter watched his other dramas and movies. After watching all his dramas and movies, I reached to a conclusion that he such an artist with exceptional talents, thereby those who said negative things about him where just insecured of him, that maybe at the back of their minds, this is the actor who would really last, the one who surpassed the actors they idolized. If you want to have much understanding of how this hatred of some of his countrymen and how he suffered a lot during his younger years you search in the previous post of this blog under Fan Account with the title ” JKS History”.

    • YMP? a porn movie? Really?? that’s how koreans see it? That’s sad. If that so, i believe that most of the prince movie and koreanovela series were too much for his fellow koreans to watch. It seems that they are not use to this kind of movies or tv series. I believe that’s the reason why they have this kind of negative reactions to his films. Just my opinion. Peace to fellow korean eels.

  11. sukkie has changed alot since the years i mean look at him in baby and me he was young and fresh and cool as well he was doing wonderful job and i became an eel right after you’re beautiful he was awesome in it and he was on the top; but i don’t see the person that i loved any more these days he’s like a different person he seems very playful and reckless and whenever i see him lately he is smoking i don’t even like his clothes any more cuz he seems to be wearing any thing that comes in his hand in the room and his long hair is gonna kill me…!!i don’t even see aglimce of the old him.;being a prince does’t mean to be a girl!! sorry to eeles here but i’m sure that you all feel the same inside you but you just hate to admit it ”but the only thing that is keeping me come back to him strongly is his amazing acting his wounderful voice and great personality and he will always be num 1 to me but i jus was trying to say that girls like us made him the person that he is today an irogant show of prince we realy need to stop saying how cute he is cuz he is not any more he is just a pure girl now….!!!!

    • ROLA,

      By all means, you have your right to voice your opinions and feelings about Sukkie’s appearance or anything. I don’t know what is your main purpose of posting your comment like this here. Your statement “being a prince does’t mean to be a girl!! sorry to eeles here but i’m sure that you all feel the same inside you but you just hate to admit it” troubles my heart so much, especially in the critical time of missing him right now. What does being a prince has anything to do with “be a girl”, when does Sukkie ever want to be a girl??… O.o..you meant, Sukkie looks like a girl or a prince… very confusing logic…LOL. Any way, Sukkie is definitely a man!!! For your information….NO…not all eels feel the same way as you, from the inside or outside of our heart. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder!!

      Here is one simple meaningful phrase from JKS, “if everything is judged from the surface, that would be a great shame.” No matter if Sukkie looks girly, beautiful or handsome, I still love him and find him very interesting person. I became his eel not because of his look …… and I will never leave him because he is no longer young and fresh face looking anymore. Jyo~!!

      Yeahh…. Eels are not blinded; we can see some changes of his appearance. Human beings do change, in both physical and mental, you know!!! Changing for better or worst, I have long established that Sukkie’s appearance is his least attributes why I LOVE him, loyal to him, and forgive him for some of his wacky and reckless behaviors. I don’t condone all his actions are correct or his bad habits (smoking or drinking} are to be idolized. As a fan, more importantly as an eel, I will continue to praise him on his job well done and also cheer him up when he stumbles from good grace of public eyes. Definitely, I will say he is CUTE or handsome or beautiful when I feel like saying it. Because to me, JKS is all that and more!!!

      • Kailey, I completely agree with you. Real EELS choose to love him for who and what he is. And what he is, and his being true to himself, is one of the many reasons why REAL EELS exist. To love someone and to be on his side through good and bad times, does not entail on the conditions of how you want him to be. Ergo, if you love Sukkie, you choose to love him for what, who and what he wants him to do, wants him to be… but not on your own liking. Sukkie is not the kind whom somebody would dictate on how he would direct and run his life… and I guess one of the many reason why we admired him a lot. It seldom to find an actor/artist at his age that would stand firm what the media would dictate.

      • He is wonderful just the way he is. I actually admire how he carries himself whether he appears manly or slightly feminine.

      • DEAR KAILY
        ARE YOU BLIND !!!!!
        don’t you see that he is ugly he realy went too far what is the cute thing about a hansome man trying to be a girl???!! it’s realy painful to all his eels i’m sure to see him like that you’re only trying to cover the ugly truth cuz you’ love him and i undersand cuz i love him two but it is not fun to watch the person you love to look like that!! i mean did you see what is he wearing in the cry show or the airport?? he has alot of money why not buying a great cloth insted?? those actions is the main reason that alot of other celebrites to over him his drama and fans is realy getting alot less !!

      • I guess all eels know that he smokes since a very young age. Unless you don’t follow his news since the beginning. It is not something that he tries to hide. He smokes a lot even before YAB so i don’t understand why you cannot accept it and think that he changes because of it. Smoking is bad for health, but i am sure it is hard to find someone who does not smoke in the showbiz. They just hides it from the fan.

        I don’t feel your sentiment so i don’t think a generalized statement like ” you all feel the same but just hate to admit it” is valid.

        His past CY photos, he has always love very flamboyant attire, it is just that his hair is short that people don’t think he looks like a girl. But he was also criticized in the past for having weird fashion sense.

        if supporting an artiste is based on how he looks, then i must say it is very superficial. We all know from his interviews that this is just an image. All the people who interviewed him, work with him does not say anything bad about him. Some people act like a saint on screen but maybe a jerk behind the screen. While he may acts “arrogant”, but he is a humble man being praised by all his costars and seniors. People who works with him see the real him and not the “arrogant” or “playful” image that he creates. He is playful, yes, but he is also a very sensible person. He already said after 20 years in the showbiz, he wants to be who he is, not a robot trying to live a life that others think is acceptable.

        We are not blinded by love. Sadly, if you really think that you prefer an artiste that follow the norm, i don’t think you will be able to stick through.

        He has done many things that touches our heart, being genuinely good to fans, treating his coworkers nicely but it seems that you care more about his appearance and not see the “real” him. I would say perhaps you are a drama fan who supports his work but being an eel means you like him for him being him and not an image that you have created in your mind.

      • True that Suk does wear weirdly occasionally ( not just recently but during the past too) but I guessed that’s cause of his nature that likes to try on different styles , especially during his private time .However , you can see that he will respect and wear very fashionably smart whenever he attends formal occasions and fashion related events. Though sometimes he gives me a cringe with his weird clothes but that’s also the interesting part about him .. you kinda look forward to the surprises .. either it’s good or bad. As for the feminine look , I think you tend to see that more whenever he works for Japanese media . It seems to be the taste of Japanese liking … long wavy hair , neatly trimmed brow etc.
        In terms of his concert attire .. some looks real good .. well some do make an impact .. basically concert attire has to be extravagant and loud ..something that people can remember and relate to the concert once you see the attire ( eg.. Michael JAckson and his steel like underwear over his pants).
        All in all … weird or ugly , he is still fun to watch . Once a while , he still stuns us with his good looks in magazines photos which we all treasure alot ..kaka…

    • I guess you are only his fan not his eels because if you’re a true eels you will know that he is always like that, a lovable, adorable and a happy young man. I think the one that you like is his character in the movie and drama only, not the true him. Eels fall in love with his real self not the character he portray in his drama or movie. I have to admit that he is a beautiful man in fact he is what we call a flower boy (description of a beautiful young man) but he is definitely not girly looking. We have no right to ask /demand him to change his way so that he has to follow what we want him to be. He is a free man who do what he wish to do or be. We would hate other people to dictate us on what we should do with our life so do him. He has enough pressure already with all the demand around him so as his faithfully eels we should support him not criticizes his life. We only can give opinion regarding his acting or singing so that he can improve, not to meddle with his life. Don’t look at his shortcoming but look at what he has attributes to this world. He’s hardworking, generous, caring, a filial/devoted son and the list can go on forever to describe his great attitude that we can look up. His manner definitely fit the Prince title which he deserved to be called.

    • as i have said before,at first i like PRINCE JKS because of his good looks and outstanding talent…and as a fan i blossomed into a REAL EEL coz i come to know the REAL JKS

      the REAL JKS that everyone would love…

      the REAL JKS who is kind and soft-hearted despite his naughtiness…naughtiness that eels also find cute 🙂

      EELS stands for PRINCE JKS no matter what…that’s all !

    • I can even translate what some non fan who met him at paris said.

      JKS real person and voice is very man. but some of his small gestures are very cute. ( She wrote a lot about their encounter but i only translated the part about his appearance because you said he acts like a girl. from weibo : Bamboo_babycat

      I can find more but i am lazy. All the non fans have commented that he is one of the nicest celebrities that they have met.I guess it is a sad thing to know that non fans who did not follow his news has good impression of him but some fans could not see past his image. I hope you can try to read his interviews and comments about him more instead of focusing on his outer appearance.

      • I agree! And I hope those who commented about much of his image would read those personal accounts of those who worked with him. The very reason why he was so loved by these people, because they saw the genuine, humble, kind and very sensitive person that is is beyond the image that he shown in public.

  12. so nice to see again all his pictures from all the movies he made.. miss him so much.. i been absent for almost 4months and so lost all the news about him.. but i am still a very loyal eels.. hoping to see him again in the drama very soon..

  13. tenshi , can u convert this message to JKS which ROLA comment, he lately seem to smoke (can see in his video “brightestarjangkeunsuk” he reach Paris and from pic camp),as a Asia Prince and as a Spoke Person for all products , his image is very important he is our icon our darling , pls advice him to quit smoking as how he try to quit drinking, we want him to be healty, we (eels all over the world) will always support him, love him

    • My apologies for another very lengthy comment.

      Why? Do you think he needs to hear it? Do you think he does not know, or has not heard it already? He is a grown and a smart men, surely, he knows what he is doing. Do you think he need additional pressure from his fans? What he might need is to be left alone for a while. Living in public eye must not be an easy task. Besides, lets be realistic. Many in his profession have to revert to much harder stuff, just to keep themselves afloat emotionally. Smoking and drinking,is not good, but is one of the lesser evils of this profession (especially when done in moderation). Although, Korean actors in general seem to be cleaner and have less problems than their international counterparts.
      He is very goal oriented, and hardworking. It is a good thing. But when taken to the extreme could be quite devastating. I hope he learns to enjoy each day as it comes, just living in the moment and not thinking about goals and hard work at this moment. Also, being surrounded by so many people at all times is hard. He might have the personality to withstand it, but regardless of how extraverted he might be. He, as many others at the same level of popularity, in order to recharge and gain new perspective, might need times of solitude and staying still, while mentally just being in the moment. Healthy dose of average life in the average job would have also put things in perspective, but he can not do that because of his popularity. Doing dirty and mundane tasks helps to set the mind at ease, stay grounded and humble.

      About changing back his image to Baby and I days… Well, do fans realize, that many girls become infatuated with a particular image of a particular actor, just as female species? Therefore, it is natural for them to want to see their idol in that image only. This reaction is very common, and change of heart with a change of image is very common also. I just want to remind those very insistent fan-girls, that acting as a profession that relies of fluidity and changes of the image. Actor is NOT a politician, who has to try uphold pretty much the same image and looks throughout his\her career.

      Actor relies on changing images, and people will naturally favor one image over the others. Besides, going back to the past is not possible. Even if he decides to look like a boy in Baby and I, he will look differently, just because we all naturally change as life goes by.

  14. I, for one do not agree on Prince Jang’s smoking and drinking. The thing is we cannot change him by telling him what to do or order him around. The changes must come from him willingly. Though i have been expressing my thought here in this blog that he has to quit smoking.. but i am not in the position to demand. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but we need to understand him also. In the very first, place why did we came to like and love him anyway, if we did not see something good and admirable about him. As the Great BOOK say, “Hate the sin but not the sinner.” why don ‘t we? Peace to everyone! God Bless you all!

  15. im clearly understand what’s ROLA trying to say..i guess many fans of him got bother to see his girly image nowadays if they have start to like him from the start (since he was young).Of course..as a fan,u have the image u prefer coz suk like to put different image and style.To be frank, i have the same feeling like u at first, but im not that surprise coz i just know him from MMM in 2010 where his image at that time was not so different from his current image. my first impression of him was “he’s like a girl” but strangely i found him so attractive plus his deep voice make me wanna watch more of him. After finished MMM,start to watch many video related to him. fyi..i do this secretly..coz i dont want anyone know that i like this girly-look guy which never been my type at all. But as i become to know him more n more..i slowly fall into his trap which i don’t know when it’s start. i got addicted to him for 2 years now and its not a secret anymore that im an eel. i think suk got power to change the world..hahaha..seriously..no joke coz he can make someone like me to like someone like him..(well..im not the type who will fall for someone easily). to me, his great personality has overshadowed his image perfectly and i dont hesitate to say that i’ll be his fan forever as long as he’s not change into a girl.kkkkk….

  16. I came to notice him when Beethoven Virus was aired on TV , ‘ oh pretty cute boy ‘ was my 1st impression but I didn’t follow the drama cos I was busy . The very next time I saw him was on Taiwan’s TV where he was interviewed . He had the look of during his transition from YAB to MMM , eyeliner and longer hair . My impression back then was ‘ I recognized him ..but gee .. what happened to him? He looks better back then in BV ‘ . Later YAB was aired , after the drama I got hooked to the character and started the search . Now after 2 yrs , I looked back at this BV style , still find it cute and boyish .. but that’s about it . But what we have now its a him of MANY sides .. sensual ,sexy , fierce , cute ,sweet , feminine , masculine, sleep deprived , fashionable , fashion disaster ( list goes on) and that’s also the reason why that he has his hair longer ( allows him to tailor to different images for different work ) despite he personally enjoy shorter hair . Well , seems like my personal taste and perspective changes too in time .These are just my thoughts regarding his images , but truly like many eels had said .. its his character that TRAPS us !!!!


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