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“The world keeps turning even without me.. Change my thought that no one can do except me..” What nice these words! When I encountered them while reading, they struck home to me.
내가 없어도 세상은 잘 돌아가요..놓으세요.. 내가 아니면 안된다는 그 마음.. 이 얼마나 멋진 말인가 책 읽다가 한 방 맞았다..
tenshi_akuma’s note: Jang Keun Suk seems to have read a book titled “Things You Can Finally See When You Stop” written by Ven. Haemin. See the detail from here.

Those words speaks to me, too.
“@AsiaPrince_JKS: 내가 없어도 세상은 잘 돌아가요..놓으세요.. 내가 아니면 안된다는 그 마음.. 이 얼마나 멋진 말인가 책 읽다가 한 방 맞았다.. pic.twitter.com/3amhEisL” ㅡ 나에게도 꽂히는 말

But, Jang Keun Suk can’t be replaced! Asian Prince has to be Jang Keun Suk only!
“@AsiaPrince_JKS: 내가 없어도 세상은 잘 돌아가요..놓으세요.. 내가 아니면 안된다는 그 마음.. 이 얼마나 멋진 말인가 pic.twitter.com/3amhEisL” ㅡ 하지만 장근석은 대체불가! 아시아 프린스는 장근석이 아니면 안되는걸!!

Leave me alone from today.. It just please.

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22 thoughts on “[28.09.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. seems like a nice book. I am glad he finds time to read. hopefully after reading, he can learn to slow down his pace. sometimes i think he works too hard and worry too much.

  2. It’s a fact that when you hit a quarter of a century that you think of things like these. When you are at a cross road where there are many options, then you think like this. Our Prince seems to be really thinking…..think well our PRINCE think well

  3. the world may continue to turn without you my PRINCE but the magical world of EELS only lives because of you…always remember that ok? love you so much

  4. When you hv lots of responsibilities weighing on you and seems got heavier, there will be thoughts of putting everything down. On the contrary, if you hv nothing and is completely free, will you feel happiness? A sense of emptiness will come. You may be having stress now Prince.. Do find a balance btw work & rest. Release yourself (a few minutes/ hr) everyday by doing things you like or just hv some quiet moment alone or play with Suni more often. Best remedy of all is someone to share yr burden or listen yr woes. Hv courage to carry on Prince! Do hv complete rest to rejuvenate! Continue your life journey without regrets! Remember that we love you! Zikzin

  5. If there is an English or Chinese version of this book which Sukkie reads.. I would like to read too! It must be inspirational for him ^_^

  6. I hope fans respect his plea for privacy and kindly leave him alone wherever he is now. He just wants to be himself Jang Keun Suk, a tourist visiting a foreign country. I thnk he actually wanted his Berlin trip to be private and personal which was probably why he did not tweet any info about his flight and arrival unlike his Paris trip in July … so please be good Eels and give our Prince all the privacy he needs and longs for ^^

    • I agree with you Belle. Maybe he need sometime to be alone to think and reflect… this past weeks have been too hectic for him. He cannot even afford to be sick and has to work. Tsk. Just take a rest Dear Prince, God Bless You! love you

  7. what’s happening??? our PRINCE is so quiet these days…just take your time,i hope you’ll find the inner peace you’re longing for…i miss you though,so much 🙁

  8. I felt sad when i read that entry, it seems you look sad or something bad happened.
    Hopefully you ‘ll be better after you have alone time. Luv u..

  9. JKS is in Paris, enjoying his privacy and maybe…doing lots of shopping at those boutiques “sur les Champs Elysees”!!
    Hope he has a great vacation^_^

      • My pleasure Maui. We eels want him to be happy and enjoy his private time..right? But if you’re interested, you may read the blog “brighteststarjangkeunsuk” where you can find some infos of him through his eels in Europe,I guess . But I dont share those infos elsewhere except for our friends here! 🙂

  10. don’t stop my prince, it is only cause u r so tired of doing the cri show 2 . I watch ur show and I think the most interesting either in Singapore or Thailand, well all the eels are right u need sometimes to be alone and relax. thank u 4 your beautiful projects, really looking forward 4 your next move. hope you always be healthy and happy.

  11. For me you are my “Beautiful Sky” can’t never be reach or can’t never be touch with my hands but can seen my eyes every minute, second, hour of the day and when I looking up that sky when it’s so bright and clear I know that you are in a good health and happiness but when that sky seems so dark I know and I felt that you had a burden in your heart and that’s make me very heartache. All your fans saying words that can make you fell better and I know that they love and support you and give you inspiration.What I felt so sad that I can’t never be there for you personally to let you know that I’m here just here for you,and whatever happens for better or worse in your life remember someone far away will always be with you till the end of your fight.I’m not your fans but I’m your friend a friend that can be with you all the way, though you don’t know me and see me but if you let me in in your heart just close your eyes and think Genie is there for you cause I want my sky always show his brightest light always and forever.

  12. I’ll promise to you that from this moment on Genie will always follow you not personally but through my mind and heart, remember far away someone’s thinking of you I may not reach you but i can look up you and see your brightest light and I believe more than my self that I can follow you in every road you take and every step you make cause for me your the only sky I can look up and no one”s is beautiful and bright like you. Your the best for me and no one can replace you here in my heart forever more.


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