[News] JKS matches Cri-J’s donation of 9.26 million won to charity

Korean-Chinese translation: neineilove
Chinese-English translation: Aphrael

Jang Keun Suk’s Korean fanclub Cri-J, having generated much news over JKS 20th debut anniversary advertisements on a Seoul subway train, once again launched a meaningful 926 charity initiative. To commemorate 26 September as JKS’ solar calendar birthday, fans donated 9.26 million won to Nam-san (charitable organisation) and at the same time, did volunteer work.

The 926 charity initiative started from Seoul Cri Show 2 on 7 July when Cri-J sought donations from fans, and by its end on 25 September, a total of 9.26 million won donations has been received from Korean and overseas fans. The number 926, unrelated to the amount received, stems from the mature attitude of fans as they share their love beyond JKS. Their volunteer work is not only for a short period of time, but will continue on.

The beneficiary of the donations Nam-san expressed that the sincere and serious attitude of Cri-J fan volunteers in spreading love is touching. JKS, who has previously donated a huge amount to his alma mater and makes regular donations to various charities, is touched by fans’ actions and from faraway Germany, matches fans’ donations by donating 9.26 million won. The mature fan culture of actor and fans in unity is a warm example to the world.

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Also, thanks to these fan groups for their contributions to the 926 charity initiative too! 🙂

Eels Club International
The Eels Family
Vietnam Eels

12 thoughts on “[News] JKS matches Cri-J’s donation of 9.26 million won to charity”

  1. Being a ECI member and can participate in such a huge donation is my great honor in this very life . I will be with you everywhere you goes and will try to be apart of your charity work dear prince . Love means everything and I will keep supporting you and We ECI also .

  2. Such a wonderful and memorable events!

    Thanks to all eels from around the world to make this happened!
    Thanks to JKS for donate the same amount in order to make it much more meaningful!!

    Jyo zik zin!!!

  3. This event is a very humbling experience to me’ it feels good to participate in a meaningful event to show my support and love to someone who inspire me to be good!!

    Proud to be his Eel..Proud of you JANG KEUN SUK!!!

  4. Thanks to all eels who took part in this 926 event and also Hazy to bring the donation all the way to Korea during her business trip … like many here, I’m always glad to be Sukkie’s eel and so grateful that Sukkie is making a one for one donation along with eels ^_^

  5. Very pleased and heart warming to read this article. World Prince JKS deserves all the love he receives from his very sincere Eels. Blessings and God Bless to all of you!

  6. wish i had known about this event…i could have participated even in a small way…so proud of my fellow eel sisters anyway 🙂 way to go!

  7. it’s great to hear that our world prince has donated to charities that is followed by his ‘eels’ around the world. the amount of 9.26 million won have been gathered by all fans around the world and ready to be shared for the needy esp. those who are living under poverty.

    thank you,
    for jang geun suk who is the main character of the cri j that is finally this event was held
    and secondly, thanks for the ‘eels’ who have been supporting this event ’till the event is strongly insisted.


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