[article] A Jang Keun Suk Through Other People’s Eyes

Credit: Neineilove weibo, pictures credit: Koreandrama.org
Source: 《もっと知りたい!韓国TVドラマ》
Chinese excerpts translation by Neineilove
English Translation by Sarah Ye

A Jang Keun Suk Through Other People’s Eyes.

Mr. Choi, music producer of Mary Stayed All Night Out

In most people’s eyes, Jang Keun Suk is an actor, this is true, but in my eyes, he is a singer with lots of potentials and unknown connotations, to develop those things from him that’s my job. He is a perfectionist, a person that is the last one to approve himself and before that he will keep trying and researching.

Normally, the music producer will stay outside the recording room to do all the judging work. But when Keun Suk sings, he pulls me into the recording room, if he has question even on every little bit part, he will let me sing a sample, until the recording is finish he won’t let me get out. It is right to do it this way, because after hear the sample, he immediately understand and give back a better result.

Keun Suk has super absorb ability, he just like a sponge to absorb continuously, then give it out by 2-3 times more. Through this album’s work, he is mature in music. I’m very looking forward to the future how he grows to.

About drinking, he gets more naughty than normal after he drinks. He can drink a lot, but before he gets drunk, he would sneak pictured of his drunken friends to show the little devil side of him. As he keep growing, he still has the childish side. The two sides of him is his charm, also that’s why the staff all really adores him a lot.

Seo In Gok (plays Chang Mo in Love Rain)

I always feel uneasy when I first first meet someone, Keun Suk helped me to break the ice, the first time we met, that day, by Keun Suk’s lead, we had a wine party and did shuffle dance, so all of us felt much closer to each other.

During filming, how to integrate the feeling, to express the feeling at what extent, Keun Suk taught me a lot in detail. The PD always asks for improvisation, I didn’t have acting experience, it was hard for me to do it. When the case happened, Keun Suk came to me quietly and gave me ideas. For example, in the first episode “the peeing on street” scene, he told me to do it.

He used the voice which only I could hear said: “hey, you go over there and try to pee”. So I did it as he told me during filming, the director was very satisfied. I felt so grateful. If you look us as singers, the two in “C’est La Vie “ group, Keun Suk not only had released albums already, but also he keeps playing guitar. I’m not qualified to evaluate it. If three of us to release an album together, I think Keun Suk would like to do it.

Oh Seung Yoon, (plays Jo Soo in Love Rain, Seo Jun’s assistant)

Keun Suk is my sunbae (senior), he started to act in very early age, so he has lots of experiences. There are many things I should learn from him. Not only his acting is good, but also he has strong sensibility, no matter how tired he is, when the filming starts he can immediately put the emotion in, that really surprises me. Because he is my college senior, he is older than me and also he has more experiences, at the beginning I was kind to avoid arouse suspicion, I thought he was a person that not easy to get along with, but he came to me first, I was so happy. We first met on the site in Hokkaido, I said hi to him, he immediately responded back, after that, he always talk to me first, he was also often being mischievous, and sometimes he played music during our waiting time.

Kim Young Kwang (plays Han Tae Sung in Love Rain)

PD Yoon told me that he likes beautiful boy type, even I’m not a beautiful boy, but in this drama there are so many of them, he needs someone who is more manly. He asked about me and Keun Suk, since when we were 21, we went to Australia to shoot for a magazine. PD said, is good that the actors know each other before, so he decided to use him.

At Australia, we played like kids in swimming pool and also played rugby, when we came back to Korea we kept contact, since I started to be an actor, we didn’t contact each other very often, before Love Rain, we almost had no contact. But when we saw each other on site we talked like we were together just a few days ago. Compare to before the difference is that now Keun Suk’s position has huge change but his purity is still the same.

I felt most about him is his amazing concentration when he prepare for filming, I have paid attention to research him, he is really incredible. The plot had some change in filming sometimes, like in episode 19, on script it says we do body fight. Jun and Tae Sung were always arguing, suddenly get angry to fight that’s kind of odd. If Jun was beaten by me, that would be antic, after we discussed with PD and did dress rehearsal, we changed to Tae Sung grabbed Jun’s collar.

Kim Si Hoo (plays Doon Wook in Love Rain)

Keun Suk has outstanding leadership. Debuted as child actor, he has strong acting skills. First when we read script, we talked with PD about the speaking style and key elements of the 70s, at the same time we confirm if there is anything we ignored. I felt he is a foresighted hard worker. Not only his outward appearance, but also the inside of him is very strong.

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  1. That’s our Prince, humble enough to accept correction or suggestion from others, but also kind & generous to help others when he sees a need.
    Not that his Eels need a reason to love him more… LOL

  2. I always love to read other people’s views especially those who work together with him. He is such an approachable person and never put on airs however high he has climbed.

  3. Again.. I’m proud to be Sukkie’s eels and he is really someone nice to be with, be it male or female friends, young or old… he is always sincere, kind and fun to be with… I just love his charming personality more than anything else ^_^

  4. SOOOO PROUD to be Prince’s eels.
    In Summary of his credits:
    1. Has lots of Potentials & unknown connotations
    2. perfectionist
    3. always gives his best & more to others
    4. willing to learn
    5. fun-loving nature
    6. willing to help his juniors
    7. an approachable person
    8. has initiative
    9. has strong sensibility
    10. always help ‘break the ice’ with new colleagues
    11. pure in nature
    12. has his opinion & suggestions
    13. has outstanding leadership quality
    14. has strong acting skills
    15. has foresight
    16. hard-working
    17. strong inner self
    In addition:
    18. he is naughty
    19. mischievous
    20. can drink a lot
    21. a beautiful boy
    22. a friendly person
    and mannnnnny more!
    Actually, there’s not need a reason to love Prince. We love him just the way he is!

  5. that’s our PRINCE…i would never ever regret of devoting my time and deep admiration for him it’s all worth it…knowing what his other collegue say about him makes my heart swell…proud to be one of “SUKKIE’S EEL” 🙂

  6. At the his description, words is aphorisms…
    Just he’s angel…! We love worldprince ( ‘.’ ) ‘.’) ‘.’) ‘.’) ‘.’) ‘.’) ‘.’) ‘.’)…

  7. It’s has always been a joy reading what others have to say about him.It’s only deserving after all he went through to be where he is today !!

  8. Awwwe…through my eyes, you are my one and only shinning STAR!! So proud of you for being who you are….!! Please never change your colors!!!

    “I feel that a man who can stand in the centre of many people, one who can lead with conviction, one who can take care of everyone, is a real man.”- by JKS. Yeahhh…you are my man!!!

  9. Its always feels so nice to read such good feedback from whom he collaborated his works. I also remembered many good words coming from the two writers and crew of YAB. All these descriptions of him are the reasons he will be able to conquer the world.

  10. he’s different in not only these people’s eyes.. but in each and every eel’s eyes too! he wont know what great impact he has come to our lives, and we are thankful for that..


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