17 thoughts on “[Pic-1] 2012-09-13 JKS Leave Incheon Airport for Cri Show 2 in Osaka, Japan”

  1. oh gosh my prince you never fail to make me drool 🙂 goodluck on your concert just be cool no need to worry it will be a sure hit…jo zikzin!!!

  2. …okay…so I just woke up and realized I have been passed out on the floor for the last 8 hours since I first saw this epiphany of hotness and fainted flat on my face!! Now, covered in drool, still dizzy and with a huge bruise on my forehead, I can finally comment on this post.

    I LOOOOOVE this man!! I fell in love all over again with this fallen angel!!

    It should be illegal to be this HOT!!! Someone, please call the police and have this man arrested!!!! Handcuff him and bring him to me!! lol!!

    Oooh, the room just got hotter…and darker…and think I’m fainting again…………….

  3. Kley Kley, calm down,i called the ambulance for you,are you breathin?,because i can’t,hahaha,he looks, hot and sexy in this photos.

  4. Thnks for the pictures 🙂
    He really is sooooo hot!!! I want to have that passport holder tooooo!!! hope i can find it one here 🙁
    Love you JKS!!!! gudnyt!!!! mwah mwah mwah!!!


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