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  1. sukkie realy need to think throw his new work cuz the last two drama he did had a very low ratings despiate its being great i mean love rain was amazing and for me it passes YAB but i dont know why is he not much loved in korea? but the only thing i was happy about is that i thought he’s num 1 hally star in japan now. but after i cheked few news and magazin i knew that he was’t he had fallen to 4th or 5th place and the stupid lee min ho is on the top. i mean is it just me or his popilarity is fallen behined.i realy realy want love rain to sucess in japan and asia cuz if sukkie had another failler drama peaple will start to wounder his acting and don’t want to work with him. ohh… i realy love him and wish the best for him and i think his wonderfull acting skills is realy needs to put in awonderful new drama so that he will come back to the top.oppa fighting!!!

    • I think his popularity might have dropped a little but i don’t think fans need to be that worried. He is still very popular in Japan. All his concert venues are big and he his tickets are still sold out. He still has many ads in Japan too.

      I don’t think it is nice to say bad things about other celebrities. Beside the sample size is too small, i would say i am pretty confident that Jang Keun Suk is way more popular in Japan than Lee Min Ho. This is based on the number of people who attended their FM/concerts and those who turned up at the airport. However, i noticed that kpop stars are getting more popular in Japan and kdramas stars seems to be losing steam. Not sure if i am correct.

      I want him to choose his next work carefully. No matter what i think of Love Rain, it is obvious that Love Rain did not help him garner a lot of new fans as compared to YAB. Hopefully his next work will help him gain more new fans or help him win an acting award. I hope people will be able to recognize his talent more.

    • Randy, actually, the fact is many eels don’t go for all online voting sites as we know some are just marketing by those websites ^_^ Moreover, eels don’t like to compare Sukkie with other artiste as if we like someone, we just don’t have to compare him with anyone.. Sukkie has said before his own rival is himself and we always believe that as he is professional & perfectionist.
      The popularity of an artiste is normally gauged by endorsement of commercial or awards given by organisation which are entitled to and not by any other sites, thus, many of those voting sites we ignore and don’t encourage eels to vote because it is meaningless and waste of time.
      In fact, on the contrary, Sukkie’s recent work like Love Rain is very well received overseas including China, HK & Taiwan.. I have been reading so much good reviews by many which is in sync with our views of Love Rain.
      Many of my colleagues who are non eels who watch Love Rain really love this drama compared with others which are popular in Korea and they praises Sukkie’s acting in Love Rain.
      Btw, Randy.. you may not be aware that Sukkie is planning to make his own movie.. he is investing in his own production and we may not be surprised he may involved in scripting, directing and producing like he did before, but this time, he may chose his own actor/actress to work with him. I’m looking forward to his own production ^_^
      Besides acting, he is doing so well in singing and DJ.. we have many good reviews from China/HK/Taiwan/Japan by those in the industry.. I have been busy reading so many good reviews about Sukkie recent’s Cri show and many are in Chinese.. including many with good feedback from people who has worked with him, really too many to share like Wen has said before

    • he may have drop in popularity in one country but in exchange, he got a wider fan base spreading across asia & europe!! is not a bad thing after all.. look at the chinese followers on weibo etc.. and slowly he gonna venture into Europe. Honestly.. what’s those hallyu star ranking all about? ranking doesnt determine everything if older fans are not keen to participate in polls / voting etc. those are activities that probably the younger fans will participate in.. Older eels who have the spending power will rather use actions to support him, such as buying official products / cri show tickets / buying products that he’s endorsing in.. Just look at the revenues of endorsed products / oricon chart etc…!!! It is not determine by whatever poll / survey but more on concrete support from fans ;););)

      • Missyleen… ^_^ I broke my own record of queueing up more than 3 hours at Cri show Taipei to get Sukkie’s official products.. under hot sun with eels queueing round the Taipei Arena dome… first time doing this but so happy went I finally comes to my turn.. Another special moment with eels is even we are strangers (like the Taiwanese lady I have not met before), once we talked about Sukkie , automatically we will smile & laugh with Sukkie’s happening and we can chat non stop about Sukkie like old friends… Another incident at the queue.. when a HK eel shows to other HK eels the Sukkie’s towel & cushion set she got, we all cheer with them! really a fun experience!
        I’m also very touched to see this Taiwanese male eel who queue for his eel wife & eel friends.. really a nice gentleman.
        I have bought a little suni doll for my niece and she love it so much as she knows that is JKS’s puppy and even my sister, an eel also love the little suni.. now I have to think of getting more suni at Bangkok Cri show in Oct.. my mum love the Just Crazy T-shirt which I got for her.. she is asking me to buy another one at BKK Cri show!

  2. It is not a joke that his popularity is falling,not because his acting or dramas but because of his behavior.yes.he has die-hard fans who forgive him no matter what but not the public.some fans have even run away as his continues his nonsensical ways of dressing and self-absorbed attitude.That’s all I can say before eels kill me.

    • Hi,

      You will probably be overwhelmed by lots of us defending our Prince (this will happen if you go to any fansite and criticize their idol) Just as you are entitled to your opinion, we are also entitled to ours, so we mean no offence either, so long as people express their opinions in a civilized manner.

      Probably most people have some celebrity they admire – this is a matter of personal preference. Eels love JKS for who he is, which includes his wacky ways. He is an individual, like any of us, and he has the right to live his life the way he wants it, and to be as wacky as he wants (so long as it’s not against the law). No one has the right to tell him what he should or should not do, except his family perhaps. We love him for his wacky creativeness, so all these are no issue to us, because deep down, he has various other characteristics that attract us.

      So if other people don’t like JKS, his dressing, his behaviour, well they don’t have to read his news and they don’t have to like him either…. There is no call for some antis who have nothing better to do than go around spewing hateful words and making personal attacks (I’m not referring to you 🙂 ) because they have nothing better to do with their time…..

      • very well said and exactly what eels all over the world wants to say…eels will stand up for our prince no matter what…right?

    • Aphrael I agree with you! And besides Sukkie has always been consistent on not competing with other artists but to compete with his own performance, with his own uniqueness. And I think these are the many reasons of those who stick with him through all times. Either he does the worst or the does the best, what matters the most is the fact that he happy, contented and have his freewill to do what he likes. And being an artist/actor who can do things without much compromise made JKS a big difference. People who love him no matter what and who he is are the real fans that would remain with him until the end.

    • longlonggago, actually eels who know him will not run away as they know he has always been like that and that is the reason why they like him in the first place because of his genuine personality….. I can only say that those who run away from him are not his eels but just fans who may not know him well but only from drama.
      Many eels love Sukkie because of his sincere and down to earth & real personality which is quite rare in entertainment industry as many have to project always a good & fix image to others which may not be their real personality.. this is quite pathetic for an artiste who need to live a life for others but not for himself or herself. In fact, I understand many in the industry look up to Sukkie as a role model especially those peers & juniors who work with him before.

    • If u r looking for a perfect idol, just go away and idolize someone that u deem fits your criteria. Im sorry, we dont need acceptance by everyone.. Neither do he need acceptance or to please anyone. Either u love him being all natural, no hiding, just be his crazy self as a 26 yrs old but (once in awhile acting 6 years old but we still love his silly self). Or u hate him being so real, that is against a “norm” of what an idol suppose to be.. Just remember this.. he dont work or manage by any talent agency with minder telling him what to say and not what to say, behave at his best to show you his “good” side.. he seriously don’t need to, and is not what we are looking at to.

  3. As long as our prince is enjoying what he is doing, eels should nothing to be worry.
    Happiness is the ultimate subjective ends. Himself should be his only rival.

  4. Dear Aphrael,
    Totally agree with you.. This is only fanclub I visit regularly..because of Jang Keun Suk of course! I like him the way he is and found him interesting since the very beginning with no particular reason.. I just like him the way he is. It’s natural that when we love someone we can hardly explain why.. And I never waste my time reading his antifans blogs or comments either!!

  5. And boss say to us that we give to him energy… The reason why he calls eels…!?!right ?!so I think , we should not to going to worry his till he does to work by full energy! Ok chingoo?

  6. JKS is true to himself & he is brave enough to live a free man and not doing things against his heart & soul. He is wise, true to himself & consistent in the way he wants to live! Rare young man. He deserves our respect! No artiste can live like him. A uniquely JKS, simply irreplaceable! Our Precious!

  7. wahahahaa, recently suni is more popular because prince took a long break and ignored his eels!!!! dont be surprised if MJ / gunsama products getting popular too.. Oops!! *run away*

  8. People have diffrent choice of preference. However, what I notice is we, eels tend to be more loyal to him and not swayed by some other stars easily. I think because of his unigue charms that can not be replaced. We love his wacky personality, his creativity, his frankness, all of him never bore us and our love never faded as time pass.

  9. A true Eel would never run away or fall off the wagon (or jump out of the pond…your pick) just because Jang Keun Suk fails to follow the unwritten “rules” made up by conformist, oppressed, judgmental, and stagnant individuals who are so narrow minded that don’t see beyond their noses.

    On several occasions, JKS has declared himself to be a FREE MAN. Free, by definition, means exactly that; FREE! He is not bound by prejudice. He is not ruled by society. He is not afflicted by the world’s ever-growing stereotyping disease that seems to be rooted at the very core of most unhappy people who for the lack of self-success and self-confidence, look onto others to criticize and belittle.

    Regardless of how Jang Keun Suk chooses to act, and regardless of what he chooses to say, wear, or like, TRUE EELS will always support him and love him.

    Why? I could stay here, writing forever (and forever would still not be enough time) all the reasons why eels love Jang Keun Suk. But there is no need for me to do that because without words, true EELS who are reading this post, will completely understand why I’m trying to say. Bottom line, we love Jang Keun Suk for the mere fact that he is not perfect and because he chooses and dares to color outside the lines and to live without reservations. A true trailblazer whom we trust and don’t mind following blindly.
    For giving life to our dreams and setting the example of how to go after them, relentlessly; for showing us how to face the world fearlessly, and for teaching us how to have fun even in the midst of the trials – these are just a few of the reasons why we love this man so unconditionally and why we stand by his side firmly and protect him so fiercely.

    He’s not that famous in Korea – a bit true and sad, but oh well! One can only hope his people one day will come around and finally understand the national treasure they have in this guy. He displays the name of his beloved country honorably and higher than many other artists and he does so even if they don’t support him. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he is losing fans in Korea. Just look at how his Korean EELS demonstrated their love for him! (Just ride the line 5 Subway in Seoul and you’ll see). I think that however slow, the Korean people are finally coming around. 🙂

    And meanwhile his people come to the realization of the great value JKS has, the rest of the world is surely in his pocket already. And I don’t just mean to blow hot air when I said this! He has eels in over 40 (way over 40) countries. Not just one or two eels per country but A LOT of eels throughout the tundra. That alone speaks tons of how amazing this guy is.

    I think he might have been born in the wrong country. Had he been born anywhere else, his behavior might have been considered very normal but…oh well! Everything happens for a reason and what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger.

    As a final thought, I’d like to say that this guy has no rivals. None whatsoever!! His only rival is himself. If he sometime seems a bit self-indulged and/or self-absorbed is because he is not looking at anyone else to criticize or compete against.

    P.S. We, as eels, don’t ever dare to criticize or degrade other artists. We believe that if we have nothing good to say about someone, we shouldn’t say it at all. We stick to our positive and encouraging words towards one another and towards the subject of our friendship and main theme of this blog, JANG KEUN SUK.
    Nevertheless, we welcome all opinions and comments as long as “respect” for others is kept in mind.

    …just my two cents (or my whole wallet!lol)

    Peace EELS!!

  10. Whoaaa,big aplause to QQeyes,Ivy and Kley Kley,i agree with you all.Let me tell you that his popularity is not dropping is raising,before i joined the ECI I was visited 50 fan pages in facebook all dedicated to him,all with a lot of likes and comments,even my island that is very far away have a fan club of him, almost every country in the world have a fan page of him.Only some of the koreans think he is only popular in Japan,he is popular in all asians countries and now in the rest of the world too.Did you saw how much people saw his dramas, movies, videos, songs,CF and modeling works in YOU TUBE? i did,too much people.Did you saw the amount of people that visit his weibo,twitter and you tube channel acounts?,a lot of people. Did you know all the records that he broke?, all the awards that he won and all the covers of magazines that he haved? a lot of them.Now with Team H he will be more popular,i always think if an artist gane fame too quickly more quickly fall down,so he have to be patient to win the world and mantain in a good position for long time,he have 20 years of career actualy with ups and lows, but survive, so he knows what he want and know how to find it,don’t be worry he will go to the top,other top because his in top now,the top rich artist in Korea and the best actor,he will go step by step.The most important thing now is support him no mather what,he is a good person,drinking and smoking don’t transform you in bad person,dress with girls clothes for fun either,so only focus on his work and his talent,no in his popularity,this always come and go,but a good work remains forever in the minds of the people,this is his dream.

    • Esther, thank you for your post! I can feel the wisdom in your words when you urge us to be patient and to walk our path with JKS sowly, one step at a time. Thank you!

  11. OMG…I just found this page. I can’t believe this simple thread can generate so much passion and expressive comments.

    Eels sisters!! BRAVO!! Well said!!! I feel like crying reading sis Ivy, QQ, Kleidy, Esther and all other sisters’ comments on this thread (sorry I can’t possible named you all). My head bows to you all for defending Sukkie with love, good reasons and RESPECT.

    This thread makes me remember some of Sukkie’s quotes of wisdom. I never get tired of reading his quotes.

    1. “If everything is judged from the surface, that would be a great shame.” – JKS

    2. “I know that a sincere heart and truth are the only break-through solutions to deceit and conflict. I feel that the genuine me is what connects people to people.”

    3. “I know eels’ life is very tough and hard. Everyday with anxiety. It’s like a roller-coaster. I know how much you’ve been anxious about me, so please wash away your worries….. “ -JKS Cri Show

    4. “I am a person who think that making my own life all by myself is much precious than anything. Gonna live my life frantically hard day by day.” – by JKS.

    5. “If I live like what’s the people around me wants, I will be like a live bird living in a cage which I cannot be like that. I want to be a bird which can fly out of the cage and not the one which is trap inside.” – JKS JP Mag interview

    6. “I’ve spent my life proudly. If I were asked by me if I had no regrets in my life, I would absolutely answer “No!”- JKS from 10asia

    7. “I want to complete each and every one of my dreams carefully, and will not hide just because of anxiety that I’ll lose what I have now.” -JKS

    8. “I’m not ashamed to fail or give up. Even so, I’m just irritating myself. I’m not scared to be seen by others of my failures. I may fall and get injured. At times like that, please cheer me up. I can bounce back. I’m a super positive person!” – JKS from 10asiae

    9. “If one feels proud of one’s career, one can live upright and frank regardless of time and place. That is the real life of an actor. What is important is not to show others, but to have an upright and frank attitude towards oneself.” – JKS

    10. “The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect.
    It is not possible to always get a 100%. But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript.” –JKS

    11. “I thought that it doesn’t matter how people look at me. What is most important is what my driving force is. If I work hard, there will be returns. If I don’t, there would be nothing. The result is dependent on myself.” – JKS

    12. “I know that a sincere heart and truth are the only break-through solutions to deceit and conflict (war). I feel that the genuine me is what connects people to people.” – JKS

    13. “Obviously there is sincerity, but sometimes it is not seen, and is noticed very much later than hypocrisy. Even if other people insult me and scold me, so long as I have the correct truth, I have me.” – JKS

    14. “Some made a fool of me and I did continue to make a fool of myself against such situations, while the others cried with me and continued to cheer me up….” JKS Tweeter

    15. “I have to try many things. A piece of clothing which suits or does not suit me, I have to go and try. That’s how I can find out what really belongs to me, right? If I’m determined to fight in one area, I will probably give up the other areas altogether. – JKS from Audi interview

    16.”Even if your heart does not go pit-a-pat anymore in front of me or your forget who I am….. I will not be shaken! Rather, I will stay firm and solid so that I can open my arms wider to hold you tighter & warmer once you, who have forgotten me, come back to me. I truly wish you can walk along with me all the way through to the end.” – JKS

    17. “I always have a dream, and puts in my best efforts in what I choose to do. Even if the result in the end is bad, I will not be hindered by it, but will continue to have a dream for the next time – I am this kind of actor. – JKS Cri-J

    In my life, I’d never seem any star who speaks or writes so much in depth and meaningful words like Sukkie. Reading through Sukkie’s quotes, I can understand him better….and I’m so touched with all of his words, so powerful and inspirational. Of course, I couldn’t help myself but loving him, forever “imprinting” by him!!!

  12. I’m trembling while typing. I couldn’t hold back my tears after I reading JKS’s quotes, and though I’m not longer balling, a few audacious tears are still daring enough to escape my eyes.
    Thank you, Kailey, for posting all these quotes!! I don’t want it to sound like a cheap cliche when I say that I am touched but I truly am.
    Jang Keun Suk’s words are so deep and insightful that are able to encourage, and catapult me to knew heights – renewing my passion for life and for living.

    I have come to realize that is not the artist that I love but the man. The man as a whole. With all his facets, with all his faults, talents, successes, failures, ups and downs – with everything that makes him HIM.

    If I can do nothing other than to write about him and love him unconditionally, I will still do it to the best of my abilities. It’s the least I can do in order to repay a little for all the inspiration that he has instilled in me and which has made my life much better than it would have been had I not had the privilege and the blessing of coming across his marvelous existence.

  13. Prince is extremely lucky to have you guys walk the path together with him regardless past, present or future. He definitely need not to worry that our heart will go…in fact our heart will stick closer n closer day by day coz we are true eels!

    My true respect to fellow ECI members <3<3<3 Love you all!

  14. Been away this week. Only came across this post. Love how eels protect him and come to his defend. I enjoy very much all the positive thing eels said about this man. He’s different and nobody can replace him in our (eels) hearts.


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