[Personal] 2 Mar 2011 – Fight for JKS Singapore FM tickets!!

My ticket – seat number and serial number removed for security reasons 🙂

The fight among eels is on, and it’s indeed a very exciting fight!!

Sistic is so very punctual – 9 am means 9 am, even though I was hovering at the website since 8 am. I managed to get into their order selection process at 8.59 am and by 9.05 am when I completed my purchase for the maximum of 4 tickets, I got row P! If row A is the first row, then P is the 16th row!

Being very curious, I went back to Sistic and tried again for 1 to 2 seats at Level 1 Central block (the S$188 tickets). By 9.13 am, there were no more S$188 tickets (central block – best view) available.

What a FIERCE battle for tickets!
I was literally trembling with the excitement (and stress because of the 10-minute time frame to complete purchase), and I called staying up late to find out where the heck row P is before I confirmed my purchase.

But finally I got the tickets!
Though it seems not near enough, I am still very happy!
I will be going to see Jang Keun Suk on 23 April!!

And if the battle for fan-meeting tickets today is so fierce, I cannot imagine next Monday when the S$188 ticket holders gear up at 10.00 am to fight for the limited 100 autograph passes and 300 photograph-taking passes!!

What an exciting morning!!! LOL~

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  1. hey Aphrael! Congrats! I also managed to get tickets. Row E! I realised that Sistic releases the seats in batches because the first time I logged in, I got Row J. Refreshed again and again and I finally managed to get Row E so I think they don’t release all the seats in 1 go… Maybe coloured rhythms dictated how the seats should be released.

    Anyway, my friend who is going with me also bought tickets (we never coordinated, which was a BIG mistake!) So now I have to sell off her tickets (Row S) and the one I bought for Row J (kiasu-ism)…

    Aphrael, not sure if it’s ok with you… but can I ask if anyone wants to buy my excess tickets on your blog? It’s ok if I can’t. Just want to explore all options. Thanks!

    • Jazzie,

      … please don’t make me regret my choice of ticket during purchase … T.T
      … just joking… I didn’t dare to refresh in case I got a row that’s even more behind. I didn’t know that when you refresh, you get a row that’s in front!!!! Argh!!!! (can i curse Sistic?)

      staying up late, pls don’t kill me ……

      Anyway, thanks but I saw the detailed seating plan when I collected the tickets from Sistic. My row is the central row in the central block, so I think it’s fine….

      yes, u can advertise your excess tickets, but do u think anyone will see your message here? I saw someone selling off extra tickets on Colored Rhythms Facebook and sold off successfully just this morning. U can try that too!

      Let me know if you want me to put up a new post re your excess tickets?

      • Hi Aphrael! I posted on Coloured Rhythm’s FB page this morning and a buyer wants to buy all my excess tickets! So I’ll only know on Friday when I meet her if the transaction really goes through.

        Thanks for the offer anyway! See you on 23 Apr 🙂 Now contemplating if I want to go for the autograph session. You going? If so, want to go together? My friend doesn’t want to go.

      • hmm, seems like wordpress doesn’t allow us to create excessively long msg threads – always no option to reply to the 3rd msg, heh.

        aphrael77, you’re right, we could always schedule meetups once we confirm if we could get the tickets, haha. i just couldn’t resist when i saw Jazzie mention it :p

        looks like the fight for jks tix is not yet over, lol.

    • Hi Jazzie,

      Sorry to jump in like this but, I read your comment below and, I’m planning to get autograph session tix too, and I’ve got no one to go with! Could I join you guys? :p

  2. Hi congrats to both of you….you got your tickets and hope that you are both near to jks stage, and i know that you will update us on what’S happening during the fm….I’m sad …..my sched did not meet and match that event….my boss did not allow me to have a vacation huhuhu… anyways just share with us those pix and vid during his fm…


    • Me too I can’t go because it’s the Holy Week here where I came from and I have relatives that are arriving from overseas so my mom won’t allow me go. Maybe it’s not yet my time to meet Sukkie. 🙁

    • Sukkieholic,

      Afraid that we may not have pics and videos from his FM because photography and videography is strictly forbidden. And they’ll be checking our bags at entry.

      The venue layout is such that the seats slope up gradually, so everyone has a clear view of the stage and unfortunately, those on stage have a clear view of the audience. In bright lights, I would not dare to take out any camera because it will be so visible. I don’t want to leave a negative impression on JKS!

      But there should be some pics and videos from the 22 April autograph session because that is in a shopping mall.

      • Any idea if we don’t manage to get to the Pass, can we still able to see him in the shopping mall?

        We have to smuggle camera to the FM? iPhone allowed to go in?

      • Yes, u can still get to see JKS at Marina Square even without the Pass!
        It’s a public space…. maybe got to go there earlier to chope space near stage…

        it’s up to you about the camera, but risky because they say they are checking bags.
        i think they cannot confiscate mobile phones though. any illegal pic or video taking is at your own risk!

      • Aphrael77, thanks for your prompt reply. Will go there early even if I don’t get the pass and bring along DSLR, hoping to take some good pics.

      • being the typical kiasu Singaporean, can I ask how early you’ll be there? what time?

        and if you take really nice pics and video, can you share it with me/us on my blog?
        please?? (no obligations, of cos)

        and i’ve been looking out for a user-friendly DSLR (for a technologically-challenged idiot…. that’s me)
        – within S$1k that can take reasonably clear videos
        – allow me to zoom in while recording
        – perferably many times zoom i.e. more than 10X zoom
        – reasonably good still pics.

        I have not seen any that matches my requirements (haha~)
        Do you have any recommendations? just give me the brand n model and i can check out online reviews
        thanks in advance!

      • No problem in sharing pic and video, but no gaurantee that they r nice though.

        I am using a entry level DSLR, Canon EOS 500 only, with a 55 to 250mm Len.

        May be u can try canon EOS 60. With the monitor that can be turn around, easier to take pics and video for such situation when there r many pple around and u have to take pic fast. But the price will exceed your budget. Canon DSLR I quite user friendly, will be quite similar to other canon digital camera.

  3. Oh, you guys are so lucky. I live in Canada so I don’t think I will have a chance to see my boy crush in person . Sad……… 🙁

  4. i’m so envious of you guys!! i wish i’m blessed with so much money so that i could go in singapore and watch JKS.. but for now i’m just praying that someday he will go here in our country.. 🙂

    Aphrael, i know you’re going to share your experience with JKS here.. i’ll gonna wait for it to read.. enjoy your meeting with our prince.. 😀

    • hi migrap,

      which country are u from?

      ya, i wish i have 1 million $$ then i can follow JKS around the world, LOL
      there should be plenty of fan accounts coming out of the Singapore FM.
      I’d love to share my experience, though i don’t know whether i can write well enough to capture those moments…. will try though …..

      • i’m from the philippines..

        it’s fine with me even it’s not in detail.. just want to know how you feel attending JKS FM and seeing him in person..

        i always love reading anything you post in this site!! 🙂

      • hi!! i’m from the Philippines..

        It’s fine with me if not in detail.. I just want to know your feeling having attended JKS FM and seeing him in person for the first time.. (Is it your first time?)

        I just love reading anything you post here as well as your own opinion.. 🙂

  5. Hi Ivy,

    Thanks for getting the tickets (P row is fine) and arranging for us to go together. Will you be bringing any place cards, flash boards etc? So interesting, wonder what’s going to happen at the FM, Ole candies? Hope he will sing all the M3 songs especially “I will promise you” and perhaps some of his new album pieces and do the Sexy Back (or is that Black?) dance. Full of anticipation!!!

  6. Ivy,

    just looked at the detailed seating plan for the NUS Cultural Centre at the Sistic website. If it is really accurate, then the rows actually start from D and not A. On top of that, the rows also do not run in strict alphabetical order. So our P row is actually the 10th from the front! We are most certainly guaranteed to have clear view of our Keun Suk. Well Done!!!

  7. congrats to all of you for getting your tickets! I can easily imagine how excited you must be!!!! Aaaah I want detailed account!

  8. Wow!!! Congratulation!! Finally you win the ticket battle!! Nice job!!
    I’m really happy to hear that!! This news make me very excited, too!!!
    I’m eagerly expect to see your first fanmeeting post!! Am I go to far? hahaha!

  9. @aphrael

    I’m from the Philippines..

    It’s fine with me even it’s not in detail.. just want to know your feelings in attending JKS FM and seeing him in person..

    I just love reading anything you post or write in your site!! 🙂

  10. oh! i’m sorry.. i have 3 posts with the same message.. my internet connection having a problem.. it did not appear the first two posts i made but on the third try it appears altogether.. so sorry..

    • hi karen,

      that might be a wrong assumption to make 🙂

      i’m not sure abt everyone here, but there are several young mothers or married ladies etc.
      i’m not that young myself…. i would think there will be lots of mature ladies at the FM too!

  11. great to hear that, i’m a mother as well. thought i might be out of place when i’m there at the FM alone 🙂 thanks!


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