KBOOM: Cri-J magazine promotional video

Updated 2 Mar, 10.25pm with English translation

Credits: sana0812

This is a promotional video taken by Japanese magazine KBOOM, which is going to produce a series of four magazines dedicated solely to Jang Keun Suk and full of JKS news, pictures and information, on sale in Japan. And the first issue will be released on 10 April 2011.

I believe that the online order for the magazine has already closed sometime in February, and I cannot remember why I didn’t mention it … maybe it’s because of the steep price (corrected, 8400 yen or S$130 for 4 magazines).

As my office has a culture of silence = conducive work environment, I have muted the sound on my computer and as such, have no idea what Jang Keun Suk is talking about in this video…

Er, even if I can hear him, I wouldn’t understand his Korean (?) : D.
Anyway, just watching him is enough for me, for now ….
Awww…. he’s so cute and sweet ….

—————- English translation of video —————–

Eels in Japan, how is everyone?
I am Jang Keun Suk. Today I’d like to share the news of my magazine.
It’s called Cri-J~
Because it’s solely about me, I will work hard to let everyone see different sides of me.
Please support my magazine! The first issue is on 10 April.

杂志的名字是cri j~

—————- End of translation —————–

■発行予定/1年间限定 全4册(季刊)
Release dates of the 4 magazines

创刊号:2011年4月10日 / 10 April 2011
第2号:2011年7月10日 / 10 July 2011
第3号:2011年10月10日 / 10 Oct 2011
第4号:2012年1月10日 / 10 Jan 2012

■体裁/サイズ:A4判 页数:表纸4ページ+80~96ページ

■定期购読料/全4册 8,400円(差不多rmb6、700)

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

Animated gif from 小飞侠就是FLY @ Sina

8 thoughts on “KBOOM: Cri-J magazine promotional video”

  1. Japanese Mag & other Japanese stuff are so expensive I have yet to purchase the stuff that I save on my list at yesasia. And then this mag series came about….. 🙁

    • yes, JKS is so efficient and productive that there are always a lot of his stuff coming out, both good news and bad news for fans!

      i dunno about you, but my 1st priority is to go for his DVDs n music album of course.
      watching JKS in a video is always better than still pics in magazines, so I don’t really buy mag.
      and we can watch his drama online for free…. hee hee…

      but will definitely support “You’re my Pet”! maybe watch it in the cinema several times, haha~

      • DVD’s is also my priorities I bought some of his movies but I have yet to buy his dramas because the cost is around USD $150 if you convert it to the currency where I came from that would roughly cost 5,000-6,000 PHP or more depending on the current exchange rate plus paypal has an additional charge.

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