[25.08.2012] Busan Codes Combine autograph session in pics (1)

UPDATE: added some pics
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On 24 Aug, one day before the autograph session, fans were queueing for the limited autograph places.

JKS balloon …

Arrival of JKS…

Autograph started. Despite his shoulders being in pain and almost unable to turn his head, JKS added another 20 autograph places to the original 80 places.

The tee he’s wearing today

His autograph …

10 thoughts on “[25.08.2012] Busan Codes Combine autograph session in pics (1)”

  1. I cannot sleep last night and keep thinking the whole day, today at my work it was difficult to concentrate cause Sukkie is sick, by seeing this pics I can breath a little. Love you Suk, Stay Strong,
    P.S. Now I am watching the MV that ECI made “Can’t Take That Away” by Maria Carey
    Feel like , this song is special for Our Price..
    Jyo… JIKJIN…

  2. international eels all over the world are on line today to catch a glimpse of his photos and updates @ busan! we r happy and relieved to see him today!! Despite him in pain, we appreciate every of prince’s effort!

  3. Awwwww… Even though, my star still doesn’t look well and not shinning as brightest as before, I’m soooo happy seeing my him today. I admire his work ethnic, his professionalism and his never failing greeting to his fans. Even though..no shuffle this time…I am just as happy to see him walking and raising his hands left, right and everywhere to his eels.

    I pray he will be fully recovered before the Taiwan CriShow starts so he won’t suffer too much when he can dance and jump like crazy giant rabbit.

  4. Thanks Ivy the jks ballon have sexy body too,kkkk. There are a twitt from colamercato today that show him with Mason,so cuteeeee and another from Mizz….from his staff ,that explain about his pain. I did not sleep well too,i wake up at 3:00 am with a strange pain,but I know it was for saw him,because the pain desapear when I saw him.

  5. “Despite his shoulders being in pain and almost unable to turn his head, JKS added another 20 autograph places to the original 80 places.”

    Gosh, this kid would run himself into the ground. Where are all the protective eels? They should have said: “You stay home, rest, and come back when you feel better”. Honestly, this signing should have been rescheduled. If fans want an autograph that much, they can come back again. There is no shame in admitting that you are sick and rescheduling.

  6. thank q so much for the updating of his latest news this is the reason why i like to log on his blog, we in Malaysia always support him nomatter what happen, so happy even i cannot go to Busan, but at least pic will do, thank Q Aphrael and also Tensi

  7. Haiz….i tink i hv the same prob with prince…shoulder pain….
    I over strain myself last weekend n hv not fully recover since…can’t turn myself when i sleep. But lucky i when to see chinese physician for massage n bamboo cup suction. Painful but relieve the strain. Gg again tomorrow…maybe prince should try too..heehee

  8. So happy to see him smiling though he may still in some pain..I’m sure our prince are happy to be with his supporting fans at the autograph session..I will only hope that our prince don’t pushes himself too hard..please do take a break or reschedule if needed.. Eels surely will understand the situation.. Do take care our prince.. Hope you can fully recover soon.. Love and always supporting you 😉


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