[Pic] BTS of Numero TOKYO October 2012

Credits: numero.jp
* You can download the big size photo from their official website link.

According to the editor’s blog, Jang Keun Suk described himself as follows.
“People consider me as an artist, but I’d rather want to be considered as an individual, ordinary person like everyone. It might be my view of the world is different, but I eat the same food as everyone. I enjoy eating and feel lonely. I live with such various feelings like you.”

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18 thoughts on “[Pic] BTS of Numero TOKYO October 2012”

  1. AHHHH,his eyes,his face and the pose i love it,Tenshi did you know that KBS korea brocast today the UMF Team H part?I stop watching to telling you,good quality.

  2. Farina,how dare you?,he is inoccent flower boy,kkkk.I laugh so hard here.I saw a video for the 20 anniversary and showed him with white strech undies in a photo shoot, i almost have a heart attack,if you see it ,you will die,um,maybe its from ECI,you or QQeyes uploaded to torture us. kkkkkk. I check it again.

  3. I saw it in Brighteststartjangkeunsuk in july in the right top of the screen but now they have one from your club,very beautiful and inocence,but the other one have very sexy photos, the one that i told you,he was lying in the bed,supporting by his elbows,a litle up,he had black hear until his shoulders and muscled body,so maybe is old photo, i don ‘t remember if he was smiling,for the first time i don’t pay atention to his face,kkkkkk.I am searching in the videos archives now,if i don’t find today,i will do it tomorrow.

  4. I don’t find the video,now i will find in the history part of my laptop is had to be there,it was in you tube too,maybe we need the help of QQeyes007 to find it,she is the links expert,i only remember 20 aniversary in the title.

  5. Hahaha,Farina,i supose to be sleeping,but sudenly I have stomach discomfort,instead of medicine I run to my phone,i see him in Busan,he was waving the people who are outside the glass door,like Tenshi said, maybe he was in pain,but coming anyway,all for his eels,so sweet,im back to sleep,bye.

  6. Oh oh,Tenshi did no say this words exactly,they are my interpretation when she answered a question to Isabel,just in case,i dont want misunderstanding with her.She never mention the word pain,she said he is a profesional and will be threre with a smile,all clarified.Now I can sleep again.


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