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  1. Wowww woww!! that’s my boy. Speak English more, Please!! I love your cute English accent.

    OMG..both of them are sooo HOT. My heart was beating like crazy crazy while watching Team H performance. TeamH did GREAT!!

    Thanks Kaori chan for posting this video clip and translating for us.

  2. Wow!! so fast, thank you so much for the translation Kaori Chan ^^ I really LOVE to hear he speak in English… I hope he’ll speak English more often…
    Great job TEAM H!! OMG!! Sukkie looks so manly,hot n sexy here *.*

  3. Wow…… he speaks really good English awesome……….hope he can keep that up….!!!!

    Thank you Kaori for the translation bit on the part where he speaks Japanese……..

  4. I am totally amazed n impressed with Team H’s performance. Our dear Prince is awesome with his English (he has improved alot in his english and I m so impressed).
    Well done, World Prince.

  5. Wow! I love Sukkie’s English diction. How I wish later on he will have an album with songs in English. OW what an amazing performance of Team H, and what a hot body of Sukkie. The training has great effect. Now he has such kind of body.

  6. wow wow wow! good job TEAM H. you rock!

    I really love hearing JKS English.. he should speak more often especially he’s becoming a World Prince! Zikzin to that!

  7. I love him so so much, but i think his english is still very bad, there are a lot of grammar mistakes although he improved his fluency but his vocabulary is not the adequate, maybe some people cannot notice it because none of the 3 people in that interview speak english well so no way to compare, anyway keep on improving i like that, fighting

    • Seriously? Very bad? Very bad is when something is utterly incomprehensible.
      Both JKS and Big Brother’s English is understandable, although not perfect. Big Brother’s is a bit better. JKS did make a couple of mistakes and run out of steam for the second part of the interview. I am pretty sure the interviewer’s English is native (or she is a bilingual), she does have British accent though. Is English your native language? Something tells me it is not, it is hard for a non-native speaker (especially the one who did not have to deal with many accents and levels on fluency) to really judge fluency level.
      What I would agree with you on, is that there is a lot of room for improvement.

    • I agree that Sukkie’s english has lot of room for improvement. but to be fair, if we were to compare his past english to what he said in this video, the amount of improvement is very obvious to me….. much more fluent than before and also the correct use of propositions etc…. so he has shown so much improvement which I am very proud of. He just need to expand his vocabulary and also use it more often…eg speak to BB in english, malybe?????

      • So I disagree with Jackie that Sukkie’s english is bad ( as what Lowtide mentioned what constitute ‘bad’ english). You can’t judge his english as if he is a native speaker. He needs more encouragement if we want him to have the oonfidence to speak more english in the future. Thank u.

    • Jackie,

      You explained all these details about you were born in England and your family’s company and stuff. It sounds a little bit like you look down on people with English as a second language. Yes, I think you know what are talking about, but I do think instead of saying his English is very bad, I think you should be more supportive and leave our the word “bad” of the comments. It sounds pretty harsh I think. I don’t think eels will like that every much since we should be supportive of him more than discouraging him. Thanks!

  8. Jackie,darling, he learned english when he was in his teen,he no practice a a lot, all his family,friends and staff are from Asia and he have strong hangul,korean accent, so his english is acceptable for all that. Plus he speak japanese,sign language,learning chinese and thai and no have time, remember his 12 language greetings in new year? The effort he put in memorize all that was the most important thing for me, I almost died when he said happy new year in spanish,so please he needs more time to improve and I know he will do it perfecly in the future.I am going to see the video again ,because in my morning when I saw it I was so exited screaming,dancing ,staring at Sukkie that I lost details, ah and no have Tenshi jappanese translation,so later I comment about it,thanks Tenshi.

  9. Jackie, I don’t think it’s fair to criticize someone, who doesn’t have much chance to practice English. He only went to New Zealand for a short period of time. He did pretty well for someone, who didn’t stay abroad for that long. You should consider all factors before making comments like his English was pretty bad. I think it’s not fair for our Sukkie. He is a very smart person, I am sure that he will be able to speak English very well if he has time to study and practice more.

  10. Hi my dear eels, i like him a lot too did not mean to disrespect him but i know what i am talking about because I was born in England and study here that makes me a native english speaker but also my parents own a translation company, both my parents are translators and work for politicians. I did not expect he could speak english like a gentleman just wrote my opinion because i know about this issue and i know he will keep improving as he did, but let me explain you why i noticed it, so you can check it in the video too.

    You can see he is in an interview and the questions are done in english and also use the help of a translator,like my parents,lol.

    So you can see that in the first question he made an introduction where he shows fluency,although some mistakes appear, but you can also see this introduction was fast like if he had studied it before,just like an introduction, which in fact was done previously by a translator and memorized by heart. No matter what was the question he would already had an introduction ready, let me explain you why this is so common and why i know it, because that´s the trick politicians ask my parents to do during their interviews to make them appear as fluent. There is nothing wrong, many people do it i just happened to notice it as i´ve seen it so many times.

    Then comes the second question in this second one appears his real level of english which my dear Lowtide describes as he runs out of steam he did not lost steam, that´s the second question he was not prepared to ask so here comes the real level of english a person has with his own mistakes, not the translator mistakes because you can also see in the first question his translator is not an english native speaker.

    Then come the third question and you can see he understands it but cannot answer it anymore in english this time, so he speaks in korean or japanese but cannot keep holding the interview.

    At the end you might say so then, why is he able to answer the last question? again the fluency appears, the reason is that he also prepared in advance a final speech, like a goodbye and promote his activities, etc, again other mistakes very different comes out, those mistakes are not his, but his translator, so the final speech is smooth and fluent.

    So this trick makes an interview understandable, but the level of good or bad is not defined only by it but by the grammar, spelling, fluency and many factors. The good thing is that you can see he has ability to learn languagues because he achieves fluency so he will improve and i personally do not like him more or less if he speaks english or chinese or he is mute, lol. In fact i wish i did not have to detail his interview as i do not want him to feel ashamed by it, but i guess i am entitled to give my opinion as i work as a translator too with my parents sometimes so i know what i´m talking about, but i´d rather not as i love him so much just the way he doesn´t even need to speak, lol, bye cri, kkkkk

    • Jackie, we are a melting pot here at this blog and of course we accept the differences here with understanding.. I can understand where you’re coming from especially from a native English speaker ^_^
      Also from views of non-native English speakers like many of us.. we have the same feeling as you.. that is we still love this man regardless of his language skills.. I think what we see is the effort he put in to communicate with his eels as well as the willingness to speak a foreign language which many not be comfortable in public speaking especially on TV.. I must say I admire him for this..
      anyway.. have a nice day Cri!

    • Jackie, English is not my native language, but I happened to be around translation field for a few runs, I speak several languages and know what it takes to achieve the level of fluency some proud native speakers require of non-natives. So I did speak from personal experience from many years in the field of translation and interpretation. You maybe right about the first part of the interview being rehearsed, but I have also seen him speak on other occasions and his English is not very bad, it is comprehensible with some mistakes. So I do think you judge his fluency way too harshly. His Japanese and Korean are much better than his English, so naturally he would want to turn to language he is more comfortable with.
      If I may ask you an unrelated question, why do you spell I and English in lower case?
      Is it a new trend non-natives should be aware of? I can pinpoint some additional areas in your writing that made me doubt you are a native speaker. My apologies for a mistake.
      Please do not use patronizing tone with people you do not know. I am not upset, neither am I trying to insult you, but using “my dear” with people you hardly know may just rub them the wrong way.

    • Jackie, I understand, everyone has his or her opinion on things. I also understand that you didn’t mean to disrespect Sukkie; I even feel your frustration in wanting him to improve his English skills, both oral and written. I have no doubt that you love Sukkie..or you won’t be writing comments here, right!! Here is my opinion… to be fair, even though, it appeared he might be pre-planned to answer some of those interview questions, Sukkie still deserves some credits and encouragement for trying to speak English…and because English is very difficult language to learn… and it’s very difficult be grammatical correct and fluent with English when he doesn’t practice or use it too much…..I presumed. So true, Sukkie speaks broken English, but I understood him very well. While watching the video clip, I was too excited and happy he spoke English…so I totally ignored his grammatical errors…..kekekeke. Well, I’m not going to criticize or judge him on his bad English because I am very bad with English myself…LOLLL

      As long as I can understand him, I pray and wish him to speak and write English more often so he can become more comfortable with it and get better at it. As the old said, practice makes perfect!!!!

      • Ok, Kailey, you need to stop this self deprecation this second!!! I wonder how many native English speakers can communicate in any foreign language at the same level that you show here in English.
        Also, I bet not many people here (with a few notable exceptions) can speak Korean at the same level JKS speaks English.
        Again, in my opinion, “very bad” and “could use some improvement” are two different things as far as the languages go.

      • Lowtide, yess… agree and accept your advice!! Thank you for being level head and logical commenter in this blog. I love reading all your comments here.

  11. Thanks Jackie,nice to meet you, i understand your points now that you explain them,i react because my first language is spanish and i have problems with pronuciation and writing in english too and like you, i love him too much.If you notice i called you darling,thats mean that i am not mad at you,forget this litle misunderstanding and we let him the time to practice the language,ok,bye cri.

  12. Hi eels here, now I hesitate a bit to leave my comment here… I didn’t expect this video caused some language matters, especially his oral English skill. But I dare to say some supplement of this interview and his way of thinking toward English (I learned it from his previous interview).

    First of all, about this interview.
    This time Sukkie looked more excited and higher than usual interview. So even his Japanese wasn’t so good as usual (I mean his Japanese included some grammatical mistakes). But I understand it was very natural to become so excited for artists to attend such a big music festival. And as Jackie showed us, most of us know the fact that both opening and closing speech are prepared beforehand. Not only because speakers have to make a speech in foreign languages but also because they usually have to utter their comment in a short time, so I consider it as just well-prepared. Despite of such preparations, I think Sukkie was too excited to speak English perfectly. As for me, I don’t care at all. I was just happy he tried to use English because the interviewer asked them in English. For him, answering in English sounds more polite when he was asked in English. And some questions must have been hard for him to answer in English, so he chose Japanese instead. For him, choosing Japanese must have been more polite because the festival was held in Japan and most of the WOWOW viewers were Japanese. He tried not to use his native Korean even though it was much easier to utter his comment… why?

    Then, I introduce his idea about choosing and speaking languages.
    As some eels already told above, he had an experience to study English in New Zealand. But because of getting the offer from Korea, he had to be back home in six months or so. In his previous interview, he admitted that his English is not good enough. But thanks to his experience living in New Zealand, he hasn’t come to hesitate to speak English to foreigners. Before, he hesitated to use English, but after that, he understood the most important thing is his heart to communicate with them. I think he’s genius to communicate with others, even strangers. As you know, the improvement of his Japanese skill is amazing. But of course, there are some grammatical mistakes. But he decided to use Japanese as much as possible, especially when he speaks to eels at fan meetings or to hosts at TV shows. Because he believes speaking their native languages even if not perfect enough can tell his heart more than through interpreters. He tries to use it over and over, so that his Japanese skill, especially in this case his oral skill has improved quite well. However, he still uses Korean in some Japanese interviews. He does so especially under the situation he gives some important messages to others. He understands that his Japanese isn’t perfect enough, so in this case he avoids to be misunderstood his real messages. That’s why he chose Korean. His sincerity matters.

    At the end, I understand my English is far from perfect. Especially my speaking skill isn’t good as writing one. I don’t use English at all in my daily life, only here and ECI. I still go to English school once a week, but only for 3 hours. So it’s not good enough and need more improvement. But I’m here and try to translate his interview or Japanese news. Just because I want to share them with you and help Sukkie become World Prince. That’s all. I can look up words in several dictionaries when I leave a message, but while speaking, my English isn’t fluent enough. Some natives say that’s because I’m not used to speak English. I have to admit the fact the more I use, the more I improve. After going to Canada to study English even for 2 months, now I have the same idea as Sukkie. Before, I hesitated to use English to foreigners, because I wanted to speak more perfectly. But now I have a courage to say that I can’t understand what you’re saying and ask them to explain it in other ways. Now I can say I can communicate with people living in other countries. That is my big change.

    P.S. Jackie, thanks for posting your ideas here. We appreciate it. To be World Prince, he needs more correct English skill. But it should be step by step. First, just casual communication is enough. Then, he needs skills to respond an official interview. When he comes on that stage, professional teachers should be required. You can apply for the position then. Lol.

      • Ok, let’s use the terminology correctly. “Very broken” – where exactly?
        Can you pinpoint all the mistakes he made?
        Very broken would be something like “speaching american here”. That is cave language with mistakes in almost every word + incorrect pronunciation.
        He tries to use less formal conversational style, which may appear broken.

        He could use some language coaching, that is for sure. But to classify his skills as “very bad” or “very broken” is simply wrong.

    • Tensi,
      What you do in this blog is priceless for many fans around the world. Thank you!
      I wonder if native speakers of English who gave you the advice speak perfect Japanese?

      I personally think JKS is right about not being shy when trying to try to speak in foreign language. To me it also show the level of respect towards people of that country, trying to make an effort. Somehow many native speakers expect 0 mistakes from a non-native speaker. Maybe at the UN level, or bilingual level it is possible. But when someone is even at an acceptable speaking level some occasional mistakes are expected and should be forgiven by native speakers. The main purpose of any language, is to communicate, and not to appear perfect.
      There is also such a thing as a language environment, which is especially important for spoken language. If you want to improve your spoken skills, you need to listen, repeat, learn by heart some phrases, then when you are ready with some practiced phrases you can try them on some people.

      • Hello Lowtide,

        I know you and I have communicated before in this forum and here I am once again. This time, completely for personal reasons.

        I am a fluent Spanish and English speaker. My writing abilities in these two languages are not too shabby either. I admire how well you write and how clear you convey your thoughts and opinions. In your comment above, you give a lot of good advise as to how to learn a new language. I’ve taken classes to learn a few languages before but I’ve never really kept practicing any of them so I’ve forgotten most of what I’d learned.

        I am currently learning Korean and my sister is learning Japanese (which eventually, I’d like to learn too). Perhaps because I’m older and more committed, this time I’m really trying hard to do a good job. I do practice my lessons as often as possible but I don’t feel I’m making much progress (maybe I’m trying to run before I can walk).

        What advise would you give me so that my learning process becomes more effective? You mentioned that you have been translating for a while in several different languages. I would really appreciate any pointers you can give me in order to improve my retention of vocabulary and its proper use as well as how to practice my pronunciation in a more efficient manner. I’m thinking that the learning process for any language should be the same, right?
        At any rate, your help – any help – will be greatly appreciated!! Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  13. I’m ecstatic just to have heard him speak English and with such clarity. Way to go, JKS! You’ve improved tremendously – keep up the good work!

    On another note, did you guys see those hip movements? OMG!!! My heart just about stopped there!! I’d never seen him dance so crazily and so sexy before! I am super happy for him and Big Brother. The audience seemed to have responded very well to their performance and JKS looked psyched to be there – he was having so much fun and that is exactly what it was all about…having fun and enjoying the moment.

    Thanks for sharing this video, Tenshi. You have once again come through for us! Many thanks! 🙂

  14. Firstly I need to thanks “Thanks for sharing this video, Tenshi. You have once again come through for us! Many thanks”
    I also agreed { I was just happy he tried to use English because the interviewer asked them in English. For him, answering in English sounds more polite when he was asked in English.) I love JKS speaks English to me yes yes yes yes the main purpose of any language, is to communicate, and not to appear perfect. Dont’s worry JKS, me and fans in Malaysia will always support you and WE UNDERSAND YOUR ENGLISH OK DEAR

  15. I don’t speak or write perfect English. I don’t think we need to be so harsh on him. He probably spend only 1/2 a year in NZ, and I must say i am proud that he is able to understand and speak simple English.

    In fact, i think most people even native speakers are just glad that he is willing to speak in English or Japanese. Not a lot of artistes dare to speak in front of the media in a foreign language. But he is not afraid of making mistakes. I admire his courage and his sincerity in trying to convey his message using another language.

  16. Mindy, yes.. that is why even in China/Taiwan/HK.. when Sukkie speaks mandarin or cantonese.. eels would cheer for him even he don’t speak very fluently or with some odd accent (like the recent press conference.. the Chinese reporter asked him about his “funny’ mandarin which his eels teased him)
    Even with funny mandarin, many eels would cheer him for the simple reason like what you said, he makes an effort to greet and speak in local languages to communicate with them with local touch and also he is not afraid to make mistake which is an important aspect to learn the new language.. his sincerity, passion and hard work already make him special to many eels like you & me ^_^

  17. Hi,

    I am not sure if i should post again, did not expect so much reaction for a a simple opinion based on an activity i know very well, just wanted to share it with you eels.

    Lowtide i will not call you my dear anymore if it bothers you, its that I am a very sweet person and I tend to be like that with people i dont even know, and thought among eels we could be friendly. I can see you are older than me for the way you write and express I am only in highschool, you scared me with your comments a little, like if you were scolding people who do not think like you, but i still love you like I love all the other eels and please forgive my writting skills I am still in Highschool but I swear for the queen that I am British, lol

    I repeat again that I dont care if JKS speaks English or Japanese or he is mute, I still like him so much. It breaks my heart all the comments against my humble opinion which was done with a lot of admiration for him.

    Finally Tenshi I appreciate you were the only one who thanked me for my ideas although I am not interested in a job position as translator for him, in the interview I saw he already has a translator (although a very bad one), I will study Financial Business but in case he needs a translator I will gladly recommend him several good ones.

    Finally I would like to say goodbye to you all my dear eels, although I´ve enjoyed your page a lot, also I dont think my ideas will be welcomed and do not want to make you feel uncomfortable with my presence here. This page was a good source of information for me to know his activities but I am sure i will find another good one. I want to thank you all for all the information and funny comments I could read and also tell you that in London you will always have a friend, Bye Cri, Fighting¡¡¡

    • Jackie,
      Please do not overreact or take things personally. I write everything in a very calm and friendly way. But I do try to get some points across and express my opinion too.

      I just wanted to draw your attention to your word choice. Mainly, if you said “not very fluent”, “needs improvement” – no one would have objected to that, you instead used “very bad” and most people had an issue with your word choice.

      I also shared an opinion on the activity I do not simply know well, but worked in professionally for over 10 years. I did not want to brag or throw my weight around, that is why I did not mention it in details up until now. But I did not only work with representatives from state departments of one foreign country, I interpreted at the conferences where the president was present, I also hired people for different translating jobs, translated contracts, seminar documents in many technical fields, and dealt directly with many people of different language fluency. I also hired translators for different projects.

      Therefore, I can also express my personal somewhat substantiated opinion that JKS’s English shows much promise and by no means is “very bad”, as you put it.

      Your writing skills are well forgiven. But when one expresses one’s opinion on someone’s language knowledge they will inevitably be judged by what and how they write. When one presents oneself as an expert and a native speaker of English one should be a bit more careful with words they choose and how they write, would you not agree? When one expresses an opinion one should be ready that there will be people disagreeing with it. People here were polite and friendly in expressing their opinion, while disagreeing with you, so I do not really understand why you decided not to come back here.

      Please come back to this forum, I very rarely write here, there is nothing to worry about 🙂

  18. My apologies for another very long reply and flooding this topic.

    Japanese! Hard! Korean writing is a bit more logical, but the language has a lot of surprises ;). I am kind of trying to pick up a bit of Korean myself, nothing to brag about at this point. I do not know, is there is a topic on this blog about learning Korean? Maybe we can share information there, so not to flood this theme.

    If one is outside language environment – the key is to recreate language environment for some time EVERY day! First it could be passive, listening and having the language you are trying to learn around is very important. Each one of us needs a bit of individualized formula, based on what works better for them (sorry for such basic idea).

    Here is my formula for very basic skills, it may work for you too.
    I will describe only the very first stage of learning language – basics.

    1. try just to listen or watch something in language you are learning for at least an hour every day (no subs, just try to guess, then watch the same thing with subs, to see what you guessed right). More is better, but at least an hour. This will work on your passive vocabulary a bit, will help with understanding,intonation. Choose the topic you like. I love listening to French musical theater on youtube, for example.

    2. at the same time learn the very basics of grammar. Improper verbs are pretty much the same in any language (to be, to go, to do, to make). Historically they are the oldest ones and because they went through centuries of use, they tend to change a lot, roots change, not just the endings. They are also the most often used ones in any language. One needs to learn them by heart. Make little flash cards, and carry around to have a look at any time.

    3. try to memorize and repeat out loud (this is important) basic conversational bits everyday + refresh what you learned before. There are excellent Korean dialogues on the net on the basic topics. This way you will get correct grammar without even having to think about it.

    4. try to read a little bit every day, so you can gain an understanding of written language.

    5. try to memorize new words, better yet, phrases every day. Both pronouncing and writing (flash cards method helps here too). Writing these phrases down many time while repeating them out loud utilizes 3 channels of memorization (auditory, visual and fine motor).

    6. at some point you would need to ask for help with establishing the basics of your pronunciation. Ideally, you would need someone like a speech pathologist and a native speaker to get the sounds correctly. You see, the way we use different parts in our mouth, air flow, the intensity with which the muscles are used, even where to place the tongue while pronouncing different sounds is all important and most likely is very DIFFERENT from what we are used to in our native language. Learning the differences in mechanics of pronunciation helps immensely.

    I taught a group of business people how to pronounce the most difficult sounds of my native language. They got it in a couple of lessons, but we were not shy. We exaggerated, made faces, used hand held mirrors, spoke very loudly. I also draw and described to them the exact position of the tongue, lips, how much of the airflow is used for every difficult sound. I would correct every one before the pronunciation mistakes were memorized.
    If you find a person who can do the same for Korean, you are very lucky, and might be able to memorize the sounds, learn them close to native pronunciation and have very little accent in the future.

    Most importantly – do something every day, spend time with language every day. It could be 15 min with flashcards while waiting for something or someone, it could be listening to a soap opera while having dinner, or cooking. A little bit of time every day is far more effective than a lot of time once in a while. Also, finding your favorite drama or soap and replaying it to the point when you remember many chunks of the conversation is very effective methods for lazy (like myself) or busy people.

    Much, much luck!

    • Hello Lowtide,

      WOW! Thank you very much for such a detailed list of steps! I truly and wholeheartedly appreciate you taking the time to do this for me!
      I will surely try my best to follow your advise, diligently. It seems you have a vast knowledge and experience in the matter and I will most definitely take advantage of that knowledge 😉

      Again, thanks so much!

      I, too, wish you much, much luck in your journey to learning Korean! 🙂

  19. Hi Lowtide,

    Sure no problem I enjoy this page a lot and follow his activities, I got a little scared as it was just my second post in this forum did not expect such reaction for such a small thing, but I am not a resentful person and never keep bad feelings. What I like about him is that positiveness in his life and I have the same way of being, also a very similar personality so its very fun to see his crazy twitters and see I am not the only one in this world like that, bye cri, lol

    • Dear Jackie,

      Please, don’t go!! It’s understandable if you feel a bit intimidated after reading the responses that your comment received but don’t make the decision to leave the forum! Especially not after you’ve declared your love for Jang Keun Suk, which is precisely the reason why ALL of us are here.

      Consider that, as most of the comments here have stated, we’re here from all parts of the world, with different backgrounds and native languages. Our one and only goal is to share and discuss our love and support for Jang Keun Suk. None of us can dare to discriminate against each other based on our abilities to speak a certain language.

      If you read carefully, you will see that all the comments here were made in defense of Jang Keun Suk but not one of them was aimed directly at you with the purpose of hurting you or to negate your right to share your opinion. Please, don’t take it personal. It’s just that when it comes to Jang Keun Suk, our defense mechanism is always alert and ready to tell the world just how wonderful our Prince is.

      Your opinion is as valid as everyone else’s, and although it’s not a popular one (as it has obviously been observed J), there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it. If there is one thing I’ve found in this forum, aside from the major love and admiration we all have for JKS, is that as long as you are respectful towards the opinions of others and mindful of any susceptibilities there might be, your opinion is always welcomed.

      It’s honestly an amazing thing to have all these girls (and guys if there happens to be any) to share your thoughts and excitement with.
      I have searched the web for different forums about JKS and can tell you that although there are great ones out there, this is the best one. If you are serious about being JKS’s fan/eel, please do not give up on this forum!
      Perhaps it’s not accurate to say that we are all friends but personally, it’s just the way I feel about all these girls. I’d like for you to continue coming to this forum and see for your self how loving, fun, and welcoming this forum is.

      I hope to see your comments on future postings. Stay well!



  20. GRRR,I wrote this comment tree times on my movil phone and i lost it,so this is the four.I try to be funny about Jackie situation now the things are getting better,so i put a bit of comedy,so start to laugh right now:First i want to sing a famous America song,but i change one word “ALL the girls out,tun,tun,tun,tun, tun,all the girls out,tun, tun ,tun,tun.yes,because almost all the girls that visist this site comment on this,kkkkk,Jackie i am happy that you stay here,because this is the best blog of JKS, i told you for personal experience,i visit others, but i always stay here longer i drive Tenshi and Ivy, the owner, crazy, but they are so sweet and always are patient with me{i am very hype,like Sukkie,plus impatient and impulsive,tree bombs together}but they understand me,the rest of the girls are cool and good persons too,but when anybody talk bad about Sukkie,eels or not, our hot blood runs more fast than the cars from Fast and the furious movies and make a tornado in our heads and we can’t control our words, they simple go out with the speed of the lightning that visit the stage of Team H in Osaka,but the efects were took by Sukkie the next day in TokYo,did you see his movement?HOT,SEXY,HOT.The last girl that talk bad about Sukkie,Miss P. is six feet under, but dont worry Jackie,not the same for you,Lowtide is a good girl too, she dont send the secrets agents of the presidents that she worked to haunting you, she is a profesional and love Sukkie too{i hope she dont get mad at me for saying this, i cross my fingers for that}i dont think so because i will use the tips that he gave us to learn language more fast,thank you Lowtide. Finally, the next time if you want to say critics about him,listen carefully because i only said one{JKS phrase in You are beautiful}never, never mention the word BAD,because for us, he is almost perfect.Now enjoyed the video again,i love the part when he touch his chest and said boom, boom he was hearing the sounds of our hearts,ahhhh,so come on girls be happy and put your hands up for Sukkie.Peace and love on the blog.

    • LOLLL….Esther. You make me laugh… Thank you!! I love love your comedy real time story about Sukkie and the funny way you described the reactions or interactions among eels here. I super love this make-up part after HOT debate on this tread. Feeling soooo happy to see happy ending!!! Sisters and brothers, let’s be friends!!! Let’s fly high together with JKS to the world!!!

      This is what being eels are all about, supporting JKS and supporting each other when needed, enjoying crazy moments with a super crazy eels’ master, and getting to know so many people all over the world in the process. How cool is that!!!

      In the past, I used to roam around a lot from websites to websites in hunting for Sukkie’s upates. NOW, Aprael’s blog is the only website I comment on…beside ECI FB (which is also part of this blog). I have been with this fanpage since it was created….and I am still here…hehehe. This is to show how much I love this blog and everyone’s comments here. True, times to times, we have had some “odd” ball comments from non-eels or (eels soon to be non-eels) about Sukkie. Nevertheless, from my past experiences with this blog, if a person didn’t outright post very rude or hate comments here, eels sisters were (still are) pretty friendly and respectful to everyone’s opinions, even at times, we might disagree with each other on certain issues.

      Anyway, just want to say… to me, this blog is the most wonderful awesome greatest JKS English language Fanpage. Million thanks to the creator and contributors for this website.

  21. Thanks Kley you are very sweet, sure I will stay it´s very kind of you, and you´re right I was starting to look for some other places and they´re not as good as this one.

    I feel very touched by your words, I guess that´s the behaviour expected of a respectful fan. I just knew about him about 2 months ago so not yet a fan but let´s say a follower of his tweets, they´re fun and I think his personality is so much like mine, a rare personality if you ask me, lol. Fighting, girls (and boys)¡¡¡¡

    • Yey! Great decision, Jackie! You’ll not only love it here but soon you’ll find out why it’s virtually impossible to stay as “just a follower of his tweets.”
      I promise that if you follow JKS long enough, you’ll definitely become a fan!

      I recommend you looking up his work and watch some (if not all) of it. His music is great too. In all honesty – and I’m not saying this just because I’m a fan – Jang Keun Suk is a very talented and well-rounded person. I invite you to judge for yourself after getting a bit more acquainted with his work.

      …and I agree with you, his tweets are super fun…and funny!
      If your personality is anything like his, as you say, then you must be a blessed person whom a lot of people are drawn to. This is very cool! I pray you will take advantage of that gifted personality and make the best of it not only for your own good but also for the good of everyone around you (everyone whose eyes are on you). Not everyone is blessed with such charm 🙂 You’re still young so start now to cultivate it and exploit it with positivism.

      Okay, well…”read” you around! LOL!! 😀 Obviously I’m not as funny as JKS but…I still got a kick out of laughing at my own silliness! ;-b

      Take care!


  22. English isn’t my native language. But we all here use English so we can communicate our mutual thoughts and information about our beloved artist,JKS. Personally I don’t mind if our English is perfectly flawless or not as long as it can make others understand. I always admire JKS for all his efforts to always try his best to do anything in order to be close to his eels as much as possible. So, I still give him a big hand on this occasion,as ever!

  23. omo! I just watched the whole video now and TEAM H are really awesome 🙂

    Big thanks to Tenshi Akuma for the subtitles ^^ wink 🙂

    After watching, I’m excited to read the comments.. and noticed the comments 🙁
    Some used “bad” and “very broken” words towards JKS english.
    Fellow eels, we all love JKS, no doubt about that but please, be aware enough on some words you tend to use, because some negative words really creates negative impact even your intentions are not like that. 🙂

  24. both of them sounded so sexxxyyy speaking in English! Suk is one one step closer to world prince by communicating in English to worldwide fans.. i dont know why, but i love the way he speak!! mistakes? i dont even realize it.. Hello! he’s korean!! this level of english is good enough to remind everyone he’s a Korean and yet capable to speak in 3 languages.. Japanese, Korean, English.. maybe a little Mandarin, Thai and French? awwwww.. faint!!!

  25. Ohh GOD .when did it this blog start as a language discussion place ? Lol ..Yet .Geun Suk English is not totally perfect but his great effort to communicate with all of his Eels is to be more appreciated .In my opinion ,appreciating his art ,music is rather important than of how he speaks English .Ofcourse if he can speak other second languages fluently it would be the best to become world prince .But to ask you all, don’t we love him as our young prince he who always gives us his love too ? No matter what he speaks un Naturally or grammatically we here are to support him .I am very sorry if my comment make you guys some annoying .That is such an exciting moment for them and can make some mastake eventually .For me I just love the way they did well there .thank you .


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