[17.08.2012] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo


Review meeting with Mr. K…
After a long interval??

There is unusual air of tension.

I will guard him, no matter what happens or what anyone says…

Source: マッキーの警護報告書
tenshi_akuma’s note: This blog is Mr. Makimura (Makimura-san), a bodyguard during JKS stay in Japan. I think they’re good friends personally.




20 thoughts on “[17.08.2012] Bodyguard Makimura-san’s Ameblo”

  1. Sukkie tweeted something related with Makimura-san’s saying. So I checked and found his yesterday’s post…. My eyes got teary… T_T

    I really really appreciate his determination to guard Sukkie… as his professional work and as a friend.

  2. You might have seen the photo Sukkie pointed a water gun to him has a story… But it has another story. I’ll translate Sukkie’s tweet later. Sukkie thanked him as his own way, jokingly. But in his heart, I’m sure Sukkie feels the same as I do.

  3. ouwww.. soo touchy…

    thank you Makimura san for protecting our Prince and thank you for being friend with him.. I wanna be friend with you too… :))

    by the way, who is Mr. K?

    • Thank you, Tenshi, for sharing this awesome video. I’m neither Japanese nor Korean but I believe that peace is needed everywhere. Love can conquer all our differences. I’m still teary eyed after watching the video. I’m glad there are brave people out there willing to take a stand in the name of peace.

      By the way, I read that it’s your birthday? If so, congratulations!! Happy Birthday to you! I pray God grants you many, many more and showers you with abundant blessings. May your life be filled with joy, health, success, smiles, opportunities, grace, favor, friends, and above all, LOTS OF LOVE.

      Thank you so very much for all the hard work you do as a faithful fan/Eel of Jang Keun Suk! Thank you for investing countless hours of your precious and valuable time to translate all the interviews, videos, twits, weibos, etc… We are truly grateful for your existence! Without you, we would be lost in translation and because of you, we can connect not only with our beloved star but with each other.
      We, Eels, cannot ever thank you enough but I’m sure you’ll be rewarded greatly.

      Have fun and enjoy every second of your birthday!

      Love and xoxo,


    • Wow…. this is really touching…….. am tearing as i watch,…… awesome song that goes along with it as well…….

      Wonder how long he actually took for everyone to finally warm upto him….. really kudos to him for all his effort to start something soo meaningful…… although i have no idea what happened historically……..

      Thanks for sharing Kaori……. 🙂

  4. Happy, happy birthday to Tenshi Akuma….. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for without her help, we would miss out on many interviews, videos and exclusive news about JKS. Thank you also, for being a supportive and loving eel for Sukkie. I’m happy to know you thru Ivy’s blog.

  5. Mr. Makimura, Thank you soooo very much for standing by his side and will protect him…no matter what happens….?? He is our beloved and very important person to us, so please continue to guard him well. I feel sooo nervous and worrying about him.

    Oh my dear lord, I pray everything will be alright.

  6. Such a touching video….peace to everyone and peace on earth.
    I pray that our Sukkie will have a successful performance n peaceful stay in Japan.

  7. Thanks Tenshi for sharing so touching video!

    Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you good health, good luck and happiness all the time!

  8. Happy Birthday Tenshi! You are such an amazing & wonderful person who dedicated your time to JKS & Eels! Wish u good health, success & all your dreams come true!

  9. waiting for Sukkie tweet about the bodyguard …hehee thanks a million ^^


  10. Teshi you’re really doing a great service for Sukkie and all the eels! Honto ni Domo arigatou gozaimasu!

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  11. Kaori chan, before the day ends for today…hope you have a wonderful birthday today with friends and family…. have a sweet dream tonight as you are breathing the same air as Sukkie now ^_^

  12. happy birthday to u my dear friend and thanks for all the translations u have done. owing to your help so we can gather together online from different countries. We never talk about the serious things but peace. Because only peace can render us the chance to love Sukkie and love the world. We are not a child any more so we will not do stupid things like some provokers. Thank u Macky ! we can rest our hearts because of your kindness and friendliness. God will bless people kind like u ! Thank u very much!!


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