[Pics] JKS arrives in Osaka_20120817 (2)

Posted by: Tenshi_Akuma

The man next to Sukkie is Makimura-san, his bodyguard.


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14 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS arrives in Osaka_20120817 (2)”

    • Wow!! really? Sukkie must be so happy can see his eel’s eyes not only cameras ^___^
      I wanna say Happy birthday to you, Kaori Chan… Wish you all the best in your life… Wish you will have a lot of precious moments with our prince, coz you deserve it.. You’re very kind n loyal eels.. Thank you so much for all your hardwork for eels all over the world.. With your translation n a lot of updates about Sukkie, we understand n know him more and that makes us love him more n more… May God always bless you, dear…

  1. Oh,my gosh,Team H are so awesome that heavy rain, thunders,lighting and a blackout went to saw them too,they stayed a litle,but when saw them play and saw the amazing stage,they run away,kkkkk.

  2. Tenshi,did you saw the congratulations BD card that eels USA posted in their FB page for you? Its cute,its that you,the girl of the photo?

  3. hi i am a eel ..
    i love every body in this blog and i love you tenshi ..
    tenshi do you see jks in japan ?????
    tenshi you are male or female ?????

  4. Thanks QQeyes007,i never saw her before, young, beautiful and look sweet too. I hope Sukkie notice you and jksforever team one day,all of you desrved, for you hard work.

  5. Happy Birthday, Tenshi. Thanks you so much for what you’ve done with this blog. I have a smile on my face every time that I read Sukkie’s news, updates or photos. Thank you and wish you the best 🙂


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