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BE@RBRICK is more expensive than I thought! Boss wanted to get them and ordered. For me who can’t understand the sense of collectors, “It’s much better to spend the money for drinking…” is my idea.
베어그릴 생각보다 비싸네! 보스가 원하시니 하나 주문했다 콜렉터를 이해하지 못하는 나로서는 “저 돈으로 차라리 술을 먹지…” 라는 생각

Actually the road we walk with Actor Jang Keun Suk is a tough one, but we still hope that lots of people have continued to support him and be with him until people finally come to understand his true heart, even if the road becomes much harder… This picture is taken on the day he was preparing for UMF. Prince got teary eyes TT
우리 배우 장근석과 가는길이 많이 험난하지만, 그의 진심을 알아주는이들이 많아질때까지 힘들어도 함께해주시는 분들이 많았으면 좋겠네요… UMF를 준비하던 날, 프린스의 촉촉한 눈이 울컥하게 만드네요 ㅠ

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  1. Ouwh,,i will suport u forever sukie,,i reading a news about remake “ugly betty”versi korea with star sukie and park shin hye,,it is true??mianhe my english is bad

    • oh really?? how i wish/hope its true the remake ugly betty korean version and they both park shin hye and oppah JKS … looking forward.. awww i really miss him to watch again for a new drama…. more power keep fighthing

  2. I wonder what was said to him that got him teary eyed? He was probably all excited about Team H’s first performance at a world stage. Jang Keun Suk, your sincerity touches my heart every time. I wish I would’ve been there to squeeze your hand and kiss both of your beautiful eyes showing you my support and also tell you how proud I feel to be your fan – the fan of such a great man.
    ……………….sending you all my good thoughts, vibes, strength, love, and blessings……….keep up the good work, JKS! You’re doing superbly!! Muak!!

  3. I read when he was in the Shangai airport to leave for Korea, he was teary eyes too when the chinese eels sang HBD to him,it said by airport official,he is always under pressure because he is hard working and like all the things in order,when you are like that you suffer when some things going bad or want to going well,like this presentation,your get emotional, I said for personal expirience.

    • i like your sentence.. 2 million? should be 10x that number: 20 million people! 😉 chase the lonely hearts away, warm the hearts, and filled us with inspiration and motivation.. because in him, we learn to challenge ourselves, to brave the storm and we are not lonely doing that.. because we know.. oppa is fighting hard in conquering the world too.. Jyo Zikzin!


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