[10.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo Q/A

Credit: Jang Keun Suk Weibo/Grape weibo (sorting)

English Translation: Sarah Ye

Note: According to Sina Entertainment, Jang Keun Suk Weibo Q/A made new record. Total question 422985 questions, it breaks the record which 《轩辕剑》drama team weibo Q/A 353806 questions on July 12. Congratulates to Jang Keun Suk. He is super! That means 7050 questions/min, 117 questions/second

This Q/A session was held by Sina weibo on line site on 2012-08-10 5pm (Shanghai local time). Jang Keun Suk would pick and answer questions asked from weibo on line users, from 422985 questions, he answered 63 of them in one hour.

Q1:If weibo followers go over 10 million, are you really going to dance on the Great Wall?
Suk: Not only dance on the great wall, I will also eat Jajangmyun (Black Bean Sauce noodles).
Note: Jajangmyun it is a popular and tradition noodle dish in Korea, but it was originally from China.

Q2: I didn’t go to chase you today, I am sad now.
Suk: Except you, others came!!!!!!

Q3: I heard that if man and women’s age gap is 6 years, that’s the best. I’m just like that, hahahah, please consider it.
Suk: That’s your thinking only.

Q4: When you will release a single album of Chinese song?
Suk: So you better pali (quick) make my weibo followers go over 10 million!!!

Q5: What it’s your favorite Chinese dish?
Suk: mapo tofu!!!!
Note: Here is the wiki page for mapo tofu, is a spicy dish, he loves spicy food. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mapo_doufu

Q6: Prince, I like you a lot?
Suk: Can’t you think of any question with more creativeness?

Q7: Have you ever considered going back to short hair style?
Suk: Unless I go to temple to be a monk??!!!

Q8: If your weibo followers is over 20 million, what you will do?
Suk: Buy a condo in Beijing.

Q9: How’s your cooking skills?
Suk: Of course……very good. I think yours must be not good, because normally always the person who is not good at cooking would ask such question.

Q10: I dreamed about you last night.
Suk: In your dream, what did we do actually?

Q11: Prince, you think who is prettier, Korean girls or Chinese girls?
Suk: French ah?

Q12: Is it really yourself answering the questions?
Suk: You! Get! Out!

Q13:When will be Team H Show in next year? How many people?
Suk: More in a hurry to have over 10 million followers on weibo!!

Q14: Oppa what’s the first Chinese you learnt?
Suk: 我很帅! (I’m so handsome).

Q15: Boss, I am going to learn Korean very hard and to become your translator. You like that? Boss?
Sui: Send me your picture first, kkkkkk.

Q16: Prince, you’re my first love, what can I do? Shall I still get married?
Suk: Marriage, I think we shall just you do yours and I do mine.

Q17: Boss, what kind of gift make you happy most?
Suk: Candles

Q18: You should find a boyfriend for Suni.
Suk: She can’t get pregnant, and rumor is she is seeing someone named little Huang kk.

Q19: Is there anything that you didn’t do it when you were young. now you’re getting older that you regret for it?
Suk: Woman Bath House.

Q20: Anyway, I want to ask a question, did you ever meet anyone more handsome than you?
Suk: Haven’t yet.

Q21: Do you pick up a girl who looks pretty from the back?
Suk: I will run to her and turn her face around first then decide, kkkk.

Q22: I heard you get rid of your baby belly, can you show it to us?
Suk: I will just leave it to be seen by myself! You will never see it in your life!

Q23: Eating too much MSG will become a bald Jang, haha.
Suk: Why are you telling me this only now?

Q24: Suk are you gonna build a band like Kang Mul Kyul?
Suk: Team H already makes me so busy.
Note: Kang Mul Kyul is the role he played in drama Mary Stayed All Night Out, a lead singer in a indy band.

Q25: Are you the kind of person who cares more about the person’s appearance?
Suk: I care more about person’s heart than appearance. ahh, headache.

Q26: Eels boss, everyday when you wake up what you want to do most?
Suk: Be……in……love……

Q27: I’m hungry! What about you? Come to my house I will cook for you. First, let’s have kabayaki (grilled eels).
Suk: There is room service here.

Q28: Boss, don’t build too much muscle, I don’t like muscular man, just a little is fine. (blush)
Suk: I have been working hard on that, no muscle is a problem, 55555.

Q29: Can Suni do shuffle dance?
Suk: kyaaa, as common sense, can dog dance?

Q30: You love tennis so much, ever think of doing it as career?
Suk: Absolutely not.

Q31: Don’t drink too much, drinking beer will make your belly bigger and bigger, hahaha.
Suk: I STOP DRINKING! also stop seeing woman…. but… that’s not right… haha

Q32: What kind of man are you? Good man or bad man?
Suk: I’m a man you just can’t let go. And, I’m your man.

Q33: If you don’t answer me, I won’t go to your concert. hmmm
Suk: Did you buy ticket?

Q34: You come to China, why don’t you give your album to the strangers on the street? You have done that even in Paris and Phuket. Unfair
Suk: I forgot, kkkkkk.

Q35: Translator sisters, don’t translate for him, let him check the dictionary himself.
Suk: R U CRAZY?!!!!!!!

Q36: If Hongki and Heechul all fall into the water, who you will rescue first?
Suk: Do I have to??? They are not girls…..

Q37: Are you sure you stopped drinking? Don’t say that you won’t know how you get awake tomorrow morning, haha.
Suk: Didn’t I just say I stop drinking… also no woman, ahhhh

Q38: If you have a chance to travel back in time tunnel, when do you want to go back to?
Suk: I want to go back to be 4 years old and go into woman bath house, haha

Q39: Is Jason Jang beside you? Tell him that he is in my dream every night.
Jason: I love you too. Suk: You’re so dirty.

Q40: Eels boss, what you will do next?
Suk: I want to eat KFC

Q41: I also can drink a lot, do you dare to drink with me?
Suk: I’m too busy.

Q42: Ok, I’m being bold here. My family runs bath house!!! Answer me!!! kkkkkk
Suk: Give me your address. kkkkkkk

Q43: You’re so good looking and beautiful. You can dress like woman go to woman bath house.
Suk: Something you can’t get it clear, I’m a real MAN!!!

Q44: Would you do like you were in Beijing to walk on the street alone in the morning in Shanghai?
Suk: This time the bodyguards don’t let me out. 555555

Q45: If you can get one super power, what you want?
Suk: Fluoroscopy (X-ray), hahahahaha

Q46: I want to see Jang Meili (Beauty Jang), did you bring her?
Suk: I want to bring her, but I’m afraid it won’t pass customs, so I left her at home.
Note: Check here for background of Jang Meili (Beauty Jang) http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=15728

Q47: Do you like rainy day?
Suk: I do. I hope when I’m with you it rains, because I’m too lazy to take shower, kkkkkk.

Q48: What you will do after tomorrow’s Cri Show?
Suk: Take shower get cleaned……. then sleep, ho ho

Q49: Are you gonna fly up in your Cri Show this time?
Suk: You will know when you come to see it.

Q50: Ask this for the last time, can I apply to be your manager?
Suk: Send your picture first…. pali (quick!)

Q51: I hope your Chinese is good as your Japanese, haha, so the translator sisters will leave your side.
Suk: Nononono, if I’m in love with a Chinese girl my Chinese will improve very fast, do you want to be my girlfriend? Pali (quick) send your picture to me!!

Q52: Why are all your managers male?
Suk: If my manager is a female……

Q53: I’m eating ice cream, do you want, answer me I will give you one ^_^
Suk: Can you give an ice cream? I will give you two pieces of KFC.

Q54: There are so many pretty girls amongst eels, you come here more often you will see them.
Suk: Yes, recently there are lots of pretty girls amongst eels, everyday Jason is drooling in the car, hahahaha.

Q55: You bully Suni, bully Jason, bully Gunsama, and most importantly, you don’t answer me, so you’re a bad guy.
Suk: You also want me to bully you? come! heehee

Q56: When I see you my heart beat 100 times fast, what should I do?
Suk: Everytime I look in the mirror, I’m like this too, so I know how you feel, hahahaha.

Q57: Prince, please let Jang Meili (Beauty Jang) marry me.
Suk: Jang Meili is a Thai, ok?

Q58: Is Gunsama there? Tell him, I like him a lot.
Suk: Kim Piaoliang (Beauty Kim) is also a Thai, sa wa di ka!
Note: If you want to know who is Kim Piaoliang, click here to find out. http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=15728

Q59: If your fans become other star’s fans you will turn them to kabayaki, but if other star’s fans become your fans, what you will do?
Suk: I will give them KFC, kkkkkk.

Q60: What’s your next goal, Prince?
Suk: Conquer the world!!!!

Q61: Later tonight you will go shopping? Don’t swipe too much on your credit card, otherwise you will get beaten when you get home.
Suk: What is shopping? I don’t know that.

Q62: Last time, you showed us your weibo interview on site picture. Can you do the same this time?
Suk: I only have picture of eating KFC.

Q63: I want a “wink”
Suk: Ok, the last question, I will let you have it, wink….. chiu!

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    I couldn’t stop laughing reading it the first time… and still chuckling reading it again ^O^ but I think the answer no 11 and 12 got mixed up =P

  2. Thank you Sarah…

    My favorite!
    What kind of man you’re? Good man or bad man?
    Suk: I’m a man you just can’t let him go. And, I’m your man…

    He’s very certain and he is right,,You are MY MAN!! (mushy)

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    Q20: Anyway, I want to ask a question, did you ever meet anyone more handsome than you?
    Suk: Haven’t yet.

    Q21: Do you pick up a girl who looks pretty from the back?
    Suk: I will run to her and turn her face around first then decide, kkkk.

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    Thanks for the translations Sis Sarah Ye and Sukkiefanusa….

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  18. I don’t know but i’m kinda disappointed the way you answer some of the questions. Between you and Lee Min Ho I go for you because observing you from your videos I thought you are much of a purer version…what i meant is what you see is what you get. There are some popular actors and actresses who lose their manners when they reached the top. I just hope that you’ll not be that kind when you already have conquered the world. Take care! God bless you!


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