19 thoughts on “2011 Asia Tour Documentary Real Story (DVD) with Eng sub will be released”

  1. Sorry… Out of the topics… I don’t know if anyone have seen this… Wanna share you video Love Rain BTS (25 minutes).. It’s so nice n interesting vid, so I wanna ask if Kaori Chan / Aphrael / sis Sarah have time, could you please translate it… Thank you so much before ^___^ Here is the link :


      • Oh.. I see… It’s okay Kaori chan… You’ve done so much for international eels, big thanks for all your hard work ^__^ So, I just hope someone will subbing it in Chinese, so that Aphrael or Sis Sarah maybe could translate it into English ^^ Sorry if I ask too much…

  2. Girls,we have to save more money because I read today that there comes a DVD from You are my pet japan fan meeting I dont know its out,i never hear before today,then love rain DVD ,one book from chinese eels,i saw it alredy in one chinese site,but the googles translation is not as good as jks forever team,so I don t understand all of the detail and the stamp album . Maybe we have to add one word to our title, Broke eels of Jang keun Suk.kkkkkkk

  3. Finally!! English Subs!!! I can’t wait to buy this! I’ve bought all of his music, videos, etc…, at YesAsia.com and I’ve always gotten an excellent service. They ship the products very fast and in optimum condition.
    Just today, out of the blue I received a little tube-package from YESASIA and since I hadn’t ordered anything recently, I was eager to know what it was. When I opened…what an awesome surprise! It was a Jang Keun Suk poster for his Just Crazy album (apparently, it came as a free gift with the purchase of his album but it had been out-of-stock and was never sent to me until now). JKS looks absolutely breathtaking on the poster (as usual). It was like I receiving a birthday gift a month in advance! When I showed my mom and sister, their expressions where a total replica of my own when I first unrolled the poster. It was so funny to see even my mom melt at the sight of such perfection. I was like “WOW” now I know why he will get a chance at becoming “World Prince.” All ladies, old and young alike, get mesmerized by this enchanting man! Now, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep knowing he’s staring at me all night long (I put the poster right in front of my bed so that JKS’s face is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning). Oh, I’m hopeless!! I might need therapy!! I wonder if there is such a thing as EA (Eels Anonymous) to help us cure our insatiable and uncontrollable addiction to Jang Keun Suk!

    • Kley-Kley, I must say at least you are not that crazy! I have come across JKS’s fans from other blogs in 2010 who are sooooo crazzzy that they will be infront of the JKS blog to post comments for him every hour, every minute, every second until the admin from that particular blog have to give them warning to stop posting every second…….!

      I am glad I have overcome my craziness, though JKS is still my best, my favourite and I am still his eel. I got to know him in 2008, when he acted in Changhwi in Hong Gildong. I did not recognise him in Beethoven virus until when I saw Hwang Tae Keong in You’re beautiful.

      This `trauma’, when I think of it, I smile becos’ I am sure we all have enjoy the same wonderful experience sooner or later once we are addicted to him. To me, it’s normal even if you get up every morning and kiss `him’. Enjoy……..

  4. noooooo,,,,,this is not a good news to me…
    cuz I just asked my Jap frd to buy the concert DVD…T_T
    and I got it last week….nunununununuuuuuuu…….


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