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I’ll do something big within 10 years

Despite a super busy schedule, Jang Keun Suk accepted shooting of the cover of AERA and our interview. He’s broken a new field with his latest drama “Love Rain”. What is his resolution in the future? He talked passionately about it with far-off look in his clear eyes.

“One, two, three… I was fallen in love in three seconds.” Drama “Love Rain” starts with such an impressive line. It describes love relationship of two generations and unchangeable adoration of first love. Jang Keun Suk plays a double role, In Ha living in 1970s and Jun (In Ha’s son) living today (in 2012).

JKS: I myself haven’t experienced living in 1970s. Therefore, Senior Jung Jin Young (In Ha in 2012) and Director Yoon Suk Ho helped me to understand the reality of 1970s. Korea in 1970s was a suppressed era. At that time. student demonstration was very popular and people prioritized happiness of their family or people around them over themselves. I can’t imagine the world without freedom. Because I’m the very person regarded as a ‘free man’, right?

As for me, it takes 0.3 seconds

— How do you feel about love relationship in 1970s?

JKS: Love relationship without mobile phone is new for me. Because we have to speak out if we want to tell our feelings. Now we are just texting for that. On the other hand, we have to wait patiently in front of her house until she comes back if we want to see her. It’s frustrating, but at the same time, beautiful. I wish I had such experience.

— In the drama, there is a line uttered by a man who experienced his youth in 1970s. “Love relationship of today is lack of adoration. Have you ever experienced your heart ache with love?”

JKS: I think it reflects Director Yoon’s real opinion. And it’s also the reason I adore 1970s. Love relationship of today is ‘instant’, isn’t it? We utter the words “I love you” instantly, and also we break up instantly. Honestly I can’t feel the preciousness of love like 1970s…

— Surely, Jun living today doesn’t believe love and he brags that he can ‘get women easily in three seconds’.

JKS: Well, as for me, it takes 0.3 seconds. Lol. Even three seconds sound long. I’m very busy. I try and get her as soon as possible.


His images are literally art

The way Yoon Suk Ho, ‘the magician of images’ directs a drama inspired him a lot, as he has also studied how to direct dramas and movies in university.

JKS: First of all, the beauty of his images. He is particular about color contrast of details as well as backgrounds. Therefore, the complete images were literally art. Long takes without cuts were also impressive. Most Korean are short-tempered. I’m very short-tempered, too. Korean culture is the one which continues to transform, while pursuing something new. It can’t be helped. But Director can ‘wait patiently’. That’s why he can do a production as such.

Director Yoon showed his spirits of ‘wait patiently’ on the shooting in Furano, Hokkaido. What he had been looking for was ‘diamond dust’. It’s a phenomenon that grain of snow looks like a diamond by reflecting sunlight. It can’t be seen unless the conditions of weather and time are right.

JKS: The shooting was carried out in late February. Because it was the dead of winter in Furano, I thought I was going to die of the cold. At the end, we could see diamond dust only for a moment. However, it was really romantic scenery. The poor thing is what I saw was a lot of the staff, wondering if it would be romantic my beloved one was standing in the light when I turned around. Lol. Soon I was pulled back into reality.


There is no end of what I want to do

After around 10-months shooting, it was over on May 28th. Wondering he would relax after that, he hardly took a break and was busy for preparing his concerts and shooting CFs. Such a busy guy, Jang Keun Suk. What does he plan to take the next step?

JKS: I’ll realize one of my dreams, ‘a production of short films’. Without any limitations of time or adult situations, I want to produce a film satisfactory to me. That’s why I decided only with my company’s money, not with investors’ one. Needless to say, I play a double role as Director and the lead actor. The script was already completed and I got the staff, too. I think I can launch the shooting this fall.

JKS: What I want to do comes out one after another and never ends. I want to become a figure whom my juniors adore me saying “I want to be like him” in five or ten yeas later. I’ll do something big within 10 years. Therefore, I just keep running now.


The keyword of the drama is ‘first love’. But it isn’t the same as that in Japan. When we told him that most Japanese experienced their first love in elementary school, he looked very surprised to hear that. Then he asked many questions all at once. “Do you remember what your feeling was although you were so little? When was it? Where was it? Who was it?” And he added, “I don’t think it’s not love, but just affection. In my opinion, we experience ‘first love’ when we starts to be interested in girls in youth. When we first feel butterflies in stomach to a girl, I think we call it ‘first love’.”

Then, we’re curious about who his first love is? “She got married three months ago. For the first time in a long while, I got an e-mail from her saying she got married. At that time, I replied jokingly, ‘Congratulations! You’ve become older!’ But honestly I had profound feelings. It reminds me how old we’ve become. Am I shocked? No, not at all. First love remains etched into my memory and won’t disappear.”

In Korea, it is said that men have a fantasy in first love. “Yeah, men believe ‘first love’ is the purest. I found it interesting that women want to leave their ‘first love’ behind. As I heard a story from my male senior, the woman informs him of her marriage if both are their own ‘first love’. Besides, women also informs him if she has no regrets having loved him in her life. It’s really strange. Does it only happen in Korea?”

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  1. Thank you Kaori!!! ^^ i always enjoy his interviews so much – his responses are always so profound and unexpected, sprinkled with his sense of humor ^^

    Can’t wait to see his own directing, his production……” I’ll realize one of my dreams, ‘a production of short films…..What I want to do comes out one after another and never ends. I want to become a figure whom my juniors adore…I’ll do something big within 10 years. Therefore, I just keep running now”

    Keun Suk…..Zik Zin!!

  2. Kaori chan.. really appreciate this translation as I love this matured & playful man at the same time.. when he talks about his new project, I can feel the passion in him and I think he will do well as a director as even as an actor, he communicates well with the director very well.. and when he talks about getting in love and his first love.. that is really him, the honest & sincere.. super S but romantic.. I believe once Sukkie found his girlfriend or wife to be, he will act fast with confidence & sincerity to touch the lady’s heart… Zikzin.. hope you succeed in all your milestones in life.. including the one you set to be daddy by 33 years old ^_^

  3. Thanks Kaori for translating, appreciate ur effort n time where we can understand all these. I’m always stay tune with this website and was always amazed by all the subbing and translating. Prince is always so special for us! I just finished the ‘Love Rain’ drama, it was fantastic and the love story really touched my heart. And really cant wait his own production……By the way, anyone going for cri ll concert in shanghai or Taipei?

  4. Thank you soo much Tenshi !!! I love reading his interviews, his sense of humour, his sincerity, his dedications, his honesty, his passion ……. , I love every little thing about him ^^ !!!

  5. I love this man! Always on the go – only stopping once in a while to catch a breath and even then, I’m sure he’s working. This is why he is one of my TOP ROW MODELS.

    I’m older than him and I’m always saying “I want to be like him.” …and I bet I’m not the only one.
    He doesn’t have to wait for juniors to adore him and wish to be like him.

    It’s amazing what someone at his age can do and accomplish with dedication and hard work
    His God-given talents obviously have a lot to do with his success but…there are a lot of talented people out there who just sit on their talents and waste their lives doing nothing but wishing they’d do something great while Jang Keun Suk takes the bull by the horns and faces life with no fear. He chooses to do it (whatever he wishes and dreams of).
    “Good things come to those who wait,” an old adage says but I say “start walking and God will direct your steps.” When at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and try again. Jang Keun Suk is the perfect example of perseverance. I’m so impressed and inspired.

    Thank you, Kaori, for the translation of this interview. It has set my day’s mood in a super positive way!! Now, I’m pumped up and ready to continue running myself!!

  6. Very interesting article. Thanks Kaori for your translation.

    I like how he talked about PD Yoon made his drama into art. I can he learnt a lot from him and I am so excited to hear about he said he would a short film himself. “No limitation” and a real film of his own. Clap clap clap!

    When I was thinking that he is getting so busy with the shows, concerts and other scheduled events and commitments. He still would never forget his love to act and to become a director. Jang Keun Suk, you’re the one, I’m truly in love.

  7. Kaori chan,,,thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!’
    I always love reading his interviews,,,
    I’m Proud of him n can’t wait his own production,,he’ll be da lead actor too,,
    I wonder who’s da lead actress???? Mmmmnnnnmmnmmmmm,,,,
    I hope sukki will chose “me”,,,,,,,,,,,hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    dreaminggggggggggggg lol!!!!

  8. When I saw his face in the cover of this magazine yesterday I knew that it will be interesting,ahhh,he is so romantic. He knows what he want and acts in a moment to find it , a Real Man with capital letters.Thanks,Tenshi, yuo are so fast . Since now I have to search in the dictionary new words to describe him and you, I used all of the adjetives that I know .kkkkk.

  9. First of all I would like to thanks Tenshi for this translation.
    I always love his interviews and especially love all his answers. He always so sincere and not afraid to express what he feel. This is one of many reasons that I love about him. He’s so passionate of what he wants to pursuit and he’s not afraid of failure. New ideas for one so young, he is indeed full of vitality. He also has this ability to find ways to improve himself which is very inspiring to others. He will always be a leader in every aspect as he has the thirst to learn more and never stop learning. This is one of the great appealed which made us proud and loved him even more.
    Even though I’m much older than him, I feel he enriching and inspirational by him for his view in life in a positive manner and to see life from new prospective. Thank you, Jang Keun Suk from the bottom of my heart for teaching me about life and dream.

  10. Thanks to Tenshi fo the translation.

    I got teary eyes reading the part about his first love gotten married 3 months ago n felt a pinch of sadness for Sukkie. I really hope he will remember his first love in his memeory and find his new love soon.

    I m always amazed how a 25 yrs old guy can be so driven to fully utilised all the talents that he has been blessed with. He is the only artiste who truly inspires others with his ability to dare to dream BIG.

  11. Thank’s Tenshi , Our prince is amazing person indeed. He has dreams and always try hard to pursue them one by one.The part that he can make woman fall for him in 0,3 second bcoz he’s busy really funny but i think it’s the true LOL

  12. Thanks Tenshi for the translation.

    I really admire and adore someone like Sukkie with “never die” attitude and always try his best to fulfil his dreams. I’m sure that Sukkie will make all his dreams come true! Looking forward to his own production soon!

  13. Recently I watched Love Rain again after watching the other Korean dramas which were shown at the same time in Korea, I would say that their viewers failed to appreciate how this drama was executed…. the very artistically done cinematography, the realistic storyline of family values and relationship not withstanding the culture and of course the superb acting of the actors…. very impressive! And lastly the ending was planned and done beautifully not like the other dramas which ended not properly planned but rushedly done resulting in viewers asking what happened?! huh?! Love Rain’s made me feel good and in love! Don’t you feel the same too?

    Thanks Tenshi.

    And for Jang Keun Suk, he is such an inspiration. Kudos! Zikzin.

    • I agree with you. Many of his countrymen who are so biased about him and the work of PD Yoon missed the opprtunity to watch this excellent work. Just to share a little bit, when I went home in my country for good, I encourage some of my family members to watch Love Rain. All of them also appreciated the quality of this drama, and also became fans of Sukkie at the end. And so funny that my 9 years old niece has became a great fan of Sukkie that she has watched all his dramas and movies, and recently collected many photos of him.

  14. This is something that I really admired most on Sukkie, he is being eloquent, straight forward and so sincere in answering questions during interviews. As I would always say, he does not conform with what others would think when he mentioned about his dreams and aspirations. Kudos to him… I’m sure his grand dreams of becoming known worldwide can be achieve in less than ten years.

    Tenshi, Thanks for uploading and translating this interview. Without your efforts and the rest of the ladies here I would not be able to know a lot of things about JKS.

  15. Kaor chan, Thank you a million for fast translating this article. Another great interview.

    Seriously, every time I read JKS interviews, I always find a new layer of him. I guess this is one of JKS charms….he always keep on revolving and entrapping you with his new ideas and dreams……can’t help but dream with him too. I always learn something from him. Life is a choice…no matter what path you chose, you must try to do the BEST with your own chosen paths. I think back to the time when I was 25 years old, all I could remember ….I was totally lost and clueless about life in general… no specific goals or dreams back then….kekeke

    Sukkie, I admire your passion: when you work, you work hard; when you play, you play equally hard. Your confident is reflecting in your actions and words. Your determination and focus on achieving your unwavering dreams win me over and over again. You are my daily laugh and smile……. you inspired me to live my life happy day by day.

    Sukke, Go Go Go… Zikzin to the World!!!!!

    • oopsy…sorry Kaori chan, spell your name wrong in the above comment… too excited about reading Sukkie’s interview…..LOLLL

  16. Thank you very much Kaori for the translation…….. a little something for us to know about our prince everyday….. and his replies are just really entertaining and surreal….:) .

    He truly do not hide what and how he feels from anyone….. especially towards his eels…… and remains very “down to earth” even though he has some “loud” remarks here and there…… ^-^

    Am truly happy to know of his existence…….!!

  17. All well said in previous comments.. !! JKS is still amazinly great with his interviews that express well his minds and acts.. Really enjoy reading all this..that freshens me up.after a long day.. Thanks for the translation and all your thoughts here… 🙂

  18. Dear Kaori,
    Thank you so much for the translation. i can’t stop read it over and over again..Just love the way he say this interview..ooo gosh!!! He’s such a adorable.

    Love him so much!


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