[article] Jang Keun Suk Displays His DJ Skills in Front of 30,000 at UMF Korea

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Jang Keun Suk recently took part in the global electronic music festival UMF Korea where he brought 30,000 attendees to bounce with him in a passionate frenzy with his DJ skills.

Standing on stage with his music partner, Big Brother, as part of their project group, Team H, the duo were invited to the festival as special guests in the festival’s second night on August 4.

Having prepared a special mix, the duo DJed a total of six tracks, transforming the venue into a 30,000 members-filled club-like hot spot.

Performing right before the final main stage’s headliner for the night, the infamous Tiesto, Jang Keun Suk whipped the crowd into an explosive bouncing craze with his DJing.

Those that were unable to attend could still watch and feel the energy through the UMF Korea YouTube channel which broadcast the performance live. In total, some 2.8 million individuals around the world watched Team H’s performance through the YouTube channel.


Viewers were also able to see Jang Keun Suk’s special Korean flag performance as he went around the stage passing out Korean flags to mark the UMF coming to Asia for the first time.

Following their passionate stage, Team H was able to meet Tiesto as they talked about music and even snapped pictures together.

Fans in Japan will get another chance to see the Team H at work at the upcoming Summer Sonic 2012 festival in Osaka and Tokyo on August 18 and 19.

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  1. Yay!! I’m included in that 2.8 million viewers in YouTube… Prince JKS is so sexy………….waaaaahhhhh!!!

    Congtratulation TEAM H…Zizkin to the World!!!

  2. Out of theme again,but this epic,Japan issue a mail stamp for congratulate Sukkie in his 20th anniversary,i love this country,Korea, Whats up? Make one too.

  3. The stamp said that was Japan official collection,maybe not mail stamp, but for me is the same,everybody can see and have it,its good promotion to him.

  4. Did you saw the proof that I am very impulsive person when I write about the stamp? I saw this photo its look like a mail stamp and I read oficial Japan collection and I start to jump and think I have to tell the girls, then I think,no its not possible, he is from another country. Well now I saw the news in another site, its prepared from Jks japanese eels, here in my island is called album of stamps,its like a book , is the story of Jks in two parts,its said history part one and part two, the album have infomation and photos that you have to put in the spaces that have the same number or match the photo with the information , in this site said that dvd is included.I want it .Tenshi please tell me more about that when you have time.

    • Esther, I’m excited about the news too and want to know how I can purchase the stamps. I believe they come in two different sets at YEN3.980 for one set. Start order date is August 20. However, let’s wait for Tenshi to find out more and share with us the correct information.

  5. What a wonderful birthday for Sukkie doing what he loved on his special day! I’m glad he had fun. I believe Team H has been invited to Miami UMF. Whoa, I hope they can make it!


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