10 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS arrives at Incheon_20120804”

      • No, I have to save money for attending other CRI SHOW2. Honestly I love Team H very much, so I really really want to go. But if I choose one, I will choose to go to Team H Europe tour!

    • Yes, I agree – his eyes are very naturally beautiful but shame on me for not noticing them first! I was concentrating on his sexy neckline and that tempting Adam’s apple of his. Secondly, I zoomed in (’til I couldn’t zoom in any more) on his luscious and perfectly shaped lips – oh my! My heart skipped so many beats that I thought I was gonna pass out! (sighing deeply!) ;-b
      …but (and this is just me thinking out loud) if I ever had a choice on what part of his face to kiss, I would kiss his lovely eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows of one’s soul and JKS’s eyes are that and more…like windows to another dimension – the JKS Dimension, where everything is possible just like magic – I’d like to kiss them and maybe get a glimpse of that world.

      …I must be daydreaming…again…

  1. Oh, Tenshi is amazin,she saw this small detail, his eyes behind the glasses,so cute,i dont noticed that. Mr.Sukkie 90, I ask the same question to her yesterday,but she remain in silence, thats meaning yes, but she is very humble and dont say to us yet because maybe she think that we feel bad about it and the other reason will be that she want to surprise us ,i like that, so we have to wait. Thats my personal thoughts,not her,i always be so curious and impulsive,but I am learnig, in very slow motion, to contol myself with her help,for the love of Sukkie. Kkkkkk. I ask who gave him the bouquet of flowers too.

  2. Tenshi or Ivy, did you know that sukkie is in AERA mgazine cover? its out for sale today in Japan, he looks very handson like always.


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