[04.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo -2 “Happy Birthday”

KR-Chinese translation by Sukbar

JKS: Ah.. I want to play here~ compared to twitter, I like Weibo~~~
아..여기서 놀아야겠다~난 트위터보다 웨이보가 좋아~~~

JKS: Once home, Mum dang!!!!
一回家 妈妈 铛!!!!
집에 왔더니 엄마가 뙇!!!!

JKS: How many cakes already -_-
이게 몇번째 케잌이더라-_-


JKS: Ah hahahaha

5 thoughts on “[04.08.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo -2 “Happy Birthday””

  1. Wahhhhhhhhh your Mom sooo sweat!!!!!!!
    How many cakes are there???
    Thanxxxx jang mama!!!!
    Birthday boy,,,,love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. will you read this, JKS? I don’t know! 🙁 Nevertheless, if you do, it will surely be after Team H’s appearance at this year’s UMF’s Festival!!! I’m praying for all to go well for you and Big Brother! I love your music! I work out every day to it! It’s so awesome that I can’t stop working out (…and that’s that working out is not my cup of tea!). I hope you make a big impression on whomever you need to so that the doors are open to Team H all over the world. Happy Birthday and best wishes to you! Good luck! Go get’em tiger!!! (by the time you read this…I hope you got them…and got them good!!) xoxo

  3. By the way, your mom is awesome! I guess most moms are! My mom does the same thing for me on my birthday but I’m a regular person (although for her I’m sure I’m super special!!!)…but…nothing compared to you! You’re amazing! You truly leave me awestruck every day! How will I ever be able to be on the same level as you? My goodness!!!! I try to excel at everything I do everyday but you…you…with your natural and nonchalant talents leave me light years behind every step of the way!!! Because of how great you are, I’m inclined to follow you, faithfully! Hoping to learn from you the life lesson that will catapult me to infinity and beyond! What is your secret? REALLY!!! Anyway, power and love to you – my inspiration and platonic love!!!!!! HappyBdayJKS!!!!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the LORD bless you more with wisdom. May HE reveals the best plans He has in you! Plans to Success….. God Bless You !


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