[Video] Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804 (1)

UPDATE: I replaced the previous video with a bit longer one
Team H (Jang Keun Suk and Big Brother) appeared at UMFKorea as a special guest. Their DJing act was much shorter than we expected, but now we understand why they were introduced as a special guest. UMFKorea invited a lot of famous foreign DJs, but it was held in Korea so that they invited Team H as a special guest. It’s true that Team H hasn’t been well-known yet in Korea as a DJ team, so they just gave the audience one act. But we’re sure their performance impressed them!

Credits: baies0804
The first part of Team H act!!!!

Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804 (1)

Credits: LovesuniJKS

Credits: Jung Hana

9 thoughts on “[Video] Team H performance at UMFKorea_20120804 (1)”

  1. Kaori chan, Thanks for sharing this vid here as many eels may have missed the performance of TeamH as it is only 10 mins on Live streaming.. I have watched 1 hour before the show & after… many eels have supported during the period when TeamH is performing as the viewership on Youtube UMFTV site peaked when TeamH performed.. many eels are tuning in to catch TeamH performance and also the encouraging message from eels & TeamH fans on the tickers from different countries ^_^

  2. Goshhhhhh
    I love it b4 I watch it!!!!!
    Sukki n bi9 bro,,,, sooooo damn hot!!!
    I’m sure their performance impressed them!!!
    Keep streaming Lol!!
    Seriously sukki,,,Oughhhhh handsome ‘sexxxyyyy awwwwwwww
    I can’t sleep cos of u,,,

  3. Impressed with JKS and Big Brother Team H ‘s performance this evening… Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen (umftv live streaming). I watched again the vid later.. I can’t help but smile all through those 10 mins though brief but I love it.. You guys haven’t disappointed me at all….. keep going on with DJ’ing!!

  4. I just read only YouTube broadcasting was 10 minutes long. But if we watch UMF from Android app, we can watch the full stage… 🙁


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