[20.07.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

I visisted Yokohama for the first time in 2 years. On November 27th, 2010, at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA HALL. We had a show of five thousands people twice a day. On that day I cried a lot for joy. This time at arena! pit-a-pat : )
2년 만에 오는 요코하마. 2010년 11월 27일 PACIFICO YOKOHAMA HALL 오천명 규모의 공연을 하루에 두 번. 그 날은 참 많이도 울었다. 기뻐서- 이번에는 아레나! 두근두근 : )

In 2012, Yokohama. Although all the staff warned not to because of the safety, he said “Please make a promise with me. If you stay in your seat, I’ll go there.” He did, and still does not listen to us. k k k
2010년 요코하마에서, 스텝들이 안전을 이유로 모두 안된다고 하는데도 “나랑 약속 하나 해요- 자리에 가만히 있어준다면, 내가 그 쪽으로 가겠습니다”라고. 예나 지금이나 말 안듣긴 마찬가지 ㅋㅋㅋ


@cherry2196 and @minzzangde shared their Prince tour on twitter.


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  1. That second tweet made me smile bigtime! He’s really one stubborn kid… perhaps to a fault, but a good one. It’s one of things I admire most in him.

    And this just proves that he is just as crazy over his fans as they are over him. He really goes out of his way to get closer to them. How can you not love this guy???

  2. Is WPS decorated for Sukkie to appear when he is there now in Tokyo? Kaori chan.. when I see the WPS, I always remember the 2 memorable pictures we had together in Tokyo when we queued at that entrance and the Japanese mum & daughter eels who were in front of us are so kind to let us step in first as they may sense our excitement when we both chatting outside ^_^

  3. In this tweet, Sukkie mentioned his concert at Yokohama in 2010 which he has fond memories till today.. then there are 5000 fans per session and I remembered he added another session on the same day due to the high demand for his concert.. and that was during the filming of MMM when he has to juggle between drama filming in Korea and concerts in Japan.. really a tough period but still he held on well & ZIKZIN to today.. at the same place Yokohama but Arena concert (normally Arena means > 10,000 seating per session) for 2 days at Yokohama… During his Yokohama concert in 2010, Japan’s TBS station has broadcasted his concert live over Japan…this is a fanmade clip of the memory which I love very much and would like to share again with eels… I remember seeing a shot from this scene taken by fan of the Shibuya’s big TV screen when TBS broadcasted it over Japan.. really a touching sight!


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