[ENG-SUB] Tetsuko’s room_20120716

UPDATE: replaced the hard-sub version, but the quality is getting worse..
Credits: SUKNationHK
English translation: tenshi_akuma


[Part1]soft-subbed video


[Part2]soft-subbed video

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25 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Tetsuko’s room_20120716”

  1. Ahhhhh,Tenshi, thank you , you are my hero.kkkkk, I dont see ityet,but I am so happy that I have to thank you first.

    • I replaced the soft-subbed vids with hard-subbed ones. But the quality is getting worse when it comes to hard-subbed… 🙁

  2. Wowwww!!! Kyaweeee!!! Thank you thank you Kaori chan for subbing. I’d been patiently waiting for your sub. It’s well worth the wait.

    Love this show!!! The lady is so beautiful and witty too. Our Sukkie has meet his match with this lady. Awww….so refreshing to watch Sukkie being nervous and shy.

    • Kaori chan.. Thanks for the Eng sub as I believe many are waiting for this ^_^ I have seen this interview a few times in Chinese sub & I really love this though it is quite “serious” compared to other TV shows with Sukkie.. like what Kailey has said.. we see how Sukkie being nervous, shy & respectful when he is interviewed by a lady in her 70s (Tetsuko san is 79 years old and still looking very young and still the same face I have seen her last time many many years back on Red & White Festival on TV) Somehow, I love the way they chat along the program as both like grandson having a good chat with grandma with his usual playfulness… I have seen Sukkie vid with his granny when she visited during his Arena tour in Japan last year.. he & his staff celebrated his grandma birthday too…

  3. dear tenshi, thanks a lot for the eng sub. btw… where can i find the link to JKS in hey hey hey? and is it eng subbed? i’ve been looking for it but can’t find any. thanks

  4. Wow, what a CHARMER! Keun Suk never fails to impress in interviews. He was not only respectful (understand the lady was much older and also a very well respected veteran in the industry), humourous, witty, charismatic and and entertaining but also totally sincere and thoughtful about answering some of the more serious questions at the same time too. Truly a cool, experienced and intelligent, all round artiste. He personality really shines through in a sparkling manner!

  5. hahahaha he called her sis.. defended himself he’s been around for 20 years and she came back that she’s been around 59 years LOL i love Sukkie’s guts!

  6. thank you for subbing..though it’s a little bit serious compared to his other interviews, i still enjoyed it and made me laugh..just love his charm and humor..^_^


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