9 thoughts on “[15.07.2012] FA of Jang Keun Suk’s last day in Paris”

  1. Lucky eels in Paris !!!
    Thru these acts like asking fans for their names, we can see how thoughtful JKS is.
    I also want his autograph !!

  2. Thanks Sarah, you’re a gem! I just read Kosame-chan’s account in Weibo. She repeatedly say Sukkie is so nice and warm person. He always smiled at her and so handsome. She has followed him for a while but he refused photos, one time pointed at his clothes so she guessed it’s because he wasn’t dressed properly. However, that last day, he came out dressed nicely, then suddenly went straight up to her, took her camera and asked hyung manager to take photo for them. He seemed happy and relaxed in Paris, good that he’s got a bit of a holiday.

  3. Thanks sis Sarah for translating JKS Finale in Paris.

    Awwww… so sweet of him to give out gifts to fans and signs autographs too. Those fans that waited the whole day for him are so patient….at the end their patient paid off…..they got their little versions of happy ending in meeting with their STAR from Korea. ahhh…so envious of them!!

    Hahahaha….I was laughing reading that he choose to gift to the “pretty” girl….LOL Sukkie is something…..never changes his color.

    I’m so happy that he has mostly good experiences in Paris, and receiving so many warm welcome from French eels. Ultimately also be able to buried his Ghost from the past that keep haunting him now and then I bet. Good for you, Sukkie. Let’s go to the old ugly ghost one and for all. Just go forward from now on. Zikzin!!!

    P.S. sis Sarah, I realized that you’d been missing in action here for few days. Hope you are doing OK. Missing you very much!!!!

    • Thanks Kailey, miss you too. I am always busy these days at work and home. And Uri Prince keep having so much stuff going on, is like I miss a day and I miss so much about him. So as soon as I have some time, I would love to share something I see.

  4. Uhhhhhhh crEepy handsome,,very warm person,,
    When is my turn??2 take pic. w him???
    I love him,,…..too bad I’m really far away from him!!!
    Lord give me one hour w him????!!

  5. Sarah, thank you very much for translating this FA.
    Lucky eels got to meet Prince.
    And I’m also happy he had such a great time there :))

  6. It’s great to see they knows who he is ..Geun suk becomes very remarkable prince in Europe .Wishing you to become a world prince dear.


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