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Thus, cultural contents are scary. They know Kimono, but not Hanbok. They know Bento, but not Dosirak.. What I learned one thing when watching a cartoon film, should I put on Hanbok when I’m DJing..?
이래서 문화컨텐츠라는게 무서운 거다 기모노는 알지만 한복은 모르고 벤또는 알지만 도시락이 뭔지는 모른다는거.. 만화보며 또 하나 배우고 간다.. 디제잉할때 한복입어야하나..먼산..
tenshi_akuma’s note: Hnbok is traditional Korean costumes. Here is the Wiki link. Dosirak is Korean food. It is packed in a lunchbox, but totally different from Japanese bento. Dosirak is completed to shake it. Here is the explanation of it.

European eels challenge me… Should I do shuffle dance once on the street in Paris..?
유럽장어들이 도발을 알렸다… 빠리ㅜ바닥에서 셔플로 바닥 한 번 쓸어야 하나..

While we’re on the subject.. I’ve been thinking for 5 years that Bibimbap means “mixed rice” and not always necessary with Namul and Gochujang.. Why they don’t call that rice Bibimbap mixed with meat boiled in soy sauce, butter, vegetables, and soy sauce? Don’t they accept it as a Korean dish if it’s not hot? I’m wondering-cri…
말나온김에..5년전부터 하고 있는 생각인데 비빔밥은 밥을 비벼먹어서 비빔밥이지 고추장이랑 나물이 꼭 필요한건 아니잖아? 그럼 장조림이랑 버터랑 야채렁 간장이랑 넣고 비벼먹는것도 비빔밥아닌가? 꼭 매워야만 한국맛일까? 궁금크리..
tenshi_akuma’s note: Bibimbap has a lot of varieties. Here’s the Wiki link.

So, I’m promoting to say “Zikzin” now.. Why should Asian people bother saying adopted words such as “what’s up?” when we greet someone? That’s why I created a word, Zikzin.. Anyway, no left turn, no right turn. We go straight (Zikzin) only!! From Korea!!
그래서 내가 직진을 미는거다..왜 굳이 아시안들이 what’s up이라는 외래어를 쓰면서 인사해야 하는거지? 그래서 난 직진을 만들었지..유톤 좌회전 우회전 그딴거 없어 우린 무조건 직진이야!! From Korea!!

One more thing.. Western people know Tofu, but not Dubu.. Both are delicious actually.. I can’t correct my past tweets once I tweeted.. As a doctor said before, we need the right to be forgotten. Ah.. I talked so much as I’m sober.. I have to go now. Bye-cri.
하나 더 있다.. 웨스턴들은 Tofu는 아는데 두부는 몰라..머 둘다 맛있긴 하다만.. 트위터는 한번 트윗하면 수정도 불가구나.. 어떤 학자의 말처럼 우리에겐 잊혀질 수 있는 권리도 필요하다..아 술안먹으니 또 헛소리하네 나가서 놀아야지 빠크
tenshi_akuma’s note: Dubu is a kind of Korean tofu. Here is the Wiki link.

It has just begun… zikzin night.. in Paris…!!!
시작됐다…zikzin night..in Paris…!!!!

I’m almost dead drunk now, but I found Madonna sitting next to my table.. Oh my eyesight is getting dark…. Ah, ZZZikkzinnn!!!!!!!
꽐라되기 직전인데 내 옆자리에 마돈나가 있네.. 아 점점 눈이 감김….아 지지지디지지직진!!!!!!!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Madonna, Queen of pop music, had a concert in Paris. So he saw a real Madonna. Wow!

Oh please… Stop it…
아 제발…그만와…

What makes me very angry is they don’t say anything to Western people.. but once Asian people do whatever they don’t like, even if they’re trivial attitudes, they come straight to tackle… I understand they’ve been a lot of stress, but why they always need to do such a thing?? Huh??
내가 정말 화나는건 웨스턴에겐 아무말 인한다 ..but 에이시안이 조금만이라도 밑보이면 바로 와서 테클….네 스트레스는 알겠다만 꼭 그래야 네 맘이 편하니??응??

Until now I’ve been to a lot of clubs, but the one where I went last night was definitely one of the top three among them. I made a lot of friends from all over the world there! They’re from Rome, Paris, New York, Brazil and Iran (I guess they’re like a kind of Prince). And I’m sure it was no other than I enjoyed yesterday the most.. Jang Keun Suk! Made in Korea.
지금까지 수많은 클럽을 가 봤지만 어제의 클럽은 넘버 쓰리 안에 들었음.일단 전세계에 친구가 생김! 로마.파리.뉴욕.브라질.이란(얘넨 무슨 왕자느낌) 그리고 확실한건 어제 내가 제일 잘 놀았음.. Jang keun suk ! Made in Korea

I found “Jang Keun Suk racism” as the one of the popular web search words on Daum. I just did tweet about the only one person who actually bothered me. I didn’t mean all Western people were so. Please don’t stretch a story! I love Paris!!
다음 인기검색어에 장근석 인종차별이 올라 와 있던데 나한테 실수한 한명한테 얘기한거지 전체의 웨스턴을 놓고 얘기한게 아니에요~확대생산은 금물! I love paris!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Daum is the 2nd popular Internet search site in Korea.

Go to church!

OK.. I have no choice k k k k k U make me so happyyyyyyy!!!
아놔 미치겠네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ U make me so happyyyyyyy!!!

OK, I’ll tell you the fact. I know it’s illegal to drink alcohol on the streets in France. Do you really think I opened this bottle? Please see the truth with eyes wide open..
팩트를 알려줄게요 프랑스에서 길거리에서 술먹는거 불법인거 충분히 알고 있는데 저 병이 까져 있다고 생각함? 눈을 크게 뜨고 보시오..

I myself told you that I will never disgrace my country name wherever I go, right?? Why are they keep picking on only me T_T T_T ?? And dear reporters, please just take a break from writing. It’s hard for eels to catch up. k k
내가 얘기했지?? 어디가서 나라망신안시킨다고 ㅠㅠ 왜 나만 갖고 뭐라그래 ㅠㅠ 그리고 기자님들 기사는 잠깐 쉬어주세요 장어들이 힘들어해요 ㅋㅋ

Something like that…dadadada
그냥 그렇다고…다다다다

8 thoughts on “[15.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Prince is back in Korea already.
    Its heartening to see many Korean eels waiting for him at Incheon Airport to welcome him back from this significant trip in Paris.

    Love JKS forever.

  2. I cryed a lot this week,but today my tears are for the happy moments he have when saw all the eels wating for him in korea airport,good job,girls,he needed that support.

  3. So I was right about the sealed wine bottle! (the wine is actually French not Californian though). That’s sweet that he followed the law and still kept his word. Is that a bottle of Cristal, I see? JKS really knows how to party in style, doesn’t he? I guess he likes nothing but the best and why wouldn’t he if he’s earned everything he has with hard work and the sweat (literally) of his brow.

    On the other hand, who is that French “man” in the pictures with him? Is he JKS’s translator? We all know that JKS is very metro sexual (very!) but we also know he is very much a manly man in every other area…but this dude in the pictures doesn’t look manly at all. His poses are not flattering and they don’t help JKS’s image either. Nevertheless, I’m glad our beloved angel had lots of fun.

    I can’t help but to think of how good it must feel to know that there are people all around the world thinking of you at all hours of the day and night! He has to be proud of his accomplishments. Still, it looks like he’s always trying his best to uphold his roots and Korean pride. I hope his people could one day love him and support him as he deserves. His triumphs are also his country’s. He is surely taking the name of South Korea to new heights with each of his successful projects and I pray his compatriots will soon realize this.

    I love Korean dramas and K-Pop music. I’ve watch countless dramas and bought lots of albums from several artists. I’ve noticed that the artist are very humble and timid when they are interviewed – in some ways they even look scared to talk and say the wrong thing. Thanks to all the dear people who are so kind as to translate the interviews, the only artist I’ve found to be completely honest and truthful regardless of what anyone else may think of him is Jang Keun Suk. It’s like he is “made in Korea” but his mentality goes way beyond their borders. He is not a conformist, he is an innovator – his passion for life and hunger for progress cannot be restrained by a society whose mentality is at a standstill.
    Scientific studies show that a caged animal will only grow as big as the space in which he is confined allows him to – the bigger the space, the larger it will grow. JKS is obviously not an animal (of course!) but the same applies. He has in him the potential to grow as big as the universe and South Korea was too little and confining for all his dreams. He had to break through that limited space because for him, as they say, the sky is the limit.

    JKS’s life is such an inspiration for me. I can’t wait to do my best in life as well.


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