[07.07.2012] Words Jang Keun Suk said on Cri Show 2 In Seoul’s Pressconference

Credits: Chinese translation 櫻之荼蘼
Photo credits: as watermarks
English translation: Sarah Ye



1. Even before this, there were so many tests, frustrations, pressures, and one more thing; I hope all of you can understand, I want to do my Cri Show on my own land. If you feel happy in Seoul, care for this place, this makes me feel happy too. First show starts in Seoul because I have the confidence, even I go overseas, my country won’t feel shame because of me, because I AM MADE IN KOREA!!!

2. Last year’s show had somewhat felt as a singer, most of the performances were from the new album and OST songs, It was hard to me. In fact, I didn’t feel it was rich and colorful enough. But this time, I choose purple as the theme color for the show first, I also conducted the plot of the show. During this time, the album which has my own music and lyrics had released, compare to as a growing up work, the more I felt was responsibilities.

3. Instead of to do an easy show as an entertainer, I want to have my own stage to sing my own unique music, this is the place (Seoul). I have the confidence. Compare to last year’s Cri Show, the biggest difference is that we invested much more money into it. For this, I feel the big burden and also got beat by mother. I think: It is not important that how many people come to see the show; how big the stage is; the contents of show is the most important.

4. Last year when I was performed in Tokyo Dome, I felt that was a Mega place, (also because of this), I didn’t put all the attention to the dome itself. If this year I can still go there, I will focus on giving a complete show and work even harder since I want to hear you say: This time the content of the show is richer.” As for releasing the new album in Japan, there are not many fans in Korea knew about it, because I didn’t really do much promotion in Korea.

5. Even this may be sounded timid, but I hope (in Korea) to gain recognition from my acting. In Korea, in fact, an actor to perform in a huge venue is not an easy thing. I only do this for my fans. To have a show here doesn’t mean to let people think this is just a show as ”Hey, I’m doing great here”, but as a first show in my country, my land, to let my fans to say: “He did such a great show!”

6. When I was preparing the new album, the first thing was to decide the “color” of it then went for next. I was just randomly thinking of my purple credit card, I decided to use purple, or dark pink, the color can symbol mysterious in the fantasy world, so I designed circus & magic show. The theme of show is: To gain back those fantasies that was lost from being an adult — Welcome to magic world.

7. (Regarding use of the donations and rice wreathes) I hope I won’t let my fans down for their nice wishes. The donations will be used for orphanages and places in need. My parents always tell me: You gain much, you will share and dedicate much.” I and my parents we don’t see each other very often, occasionally we get together, what we talk always like this: “Mother, this time I did this donation…..” As long as people get help from my donations, I will be happy.

8. I like to go to new places to get new challenges. The “contented” and “safe” is not my type. The end of this year (after Cri Show) I will go to Europe to have Clubbing Tour, I would like to use some small club to do electronic music DJ, to travel many cities. The plan is with about 1500 people to do an interesting journey “Play-drink-play”.
Note: Here is the link of the media report about his Europe Clubbing Tour http://news.nate.com/view/20120707n10499

9. The Cri Show 2 total have spent 20 billion won, even all the tickets sold out, the income won’t be over how much we have put in already. If you want to ask me what I do this for? I will tell you, I want people to know, Korean is what kind of people, in Korea, there are also people that they are not grudge of spending money but just want to have fun. When I am thinking, this is for my fans, I can manage to adjust the situation.

10. The past 4 months was really difficult, I was in a war with myself. I learnt to suppose not to support, I learnt to hit the break; I learnt to take a rest at certain time. I learnt (how) to treat the others, the others (how) to treat me. I feel I need to have time to think. (about recent) I will be busy again, now is time to do the plans. I want to challenge something that I haven’t tried yet, I want to harvest sentiments, I want to save more energy.

11. To get rid of “empty momentum”? I need to use my own force, I bought a 6 stories building in Shibuya, the reason is that I want to have my own store, through the join venture with 비wm니 Company, the fashion store will be opened soon. Someone may ask, why you work so hard, because I can’t see my future, the future may not be as happy as I am now. I have to non-stop climb to the top. I don’t want to be miserable when I fell, so I have to learn to work.

12. Before I have thought if Jang Keun Suk becomes the owner of 편집샵(Concept Store, Select shop 或 Multi-shop)how that would be? When I had this question till now I have my own multi-shop, without help from parents, without help from my managers, I went to fashion companies myself to show them my proposals, I worked with designers, I opened my own store.

13. (Regarding to come back as an actor) I have received lots of scripts, but there are so many things I want to try, so please wait. (regarding “empty momentum”) After I used Asia Prince as my twitter ID, someone said I’m just empty momentum, but in my opinion, to get rid of empty momentum, I will change to WorldPrince, Asia Prince was my dream, to get even more bigger dream, to take challenge, I will change the title to WorldPrince.

14: Q: What’s your thought about the last semester in university? A: I still have one semester (laugh). This has nothing to do with age, college life to me is very exciting. I am 06 class, but to study together the young kids of 13 class or 12 class, I feel very happy.

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  1. We are deeply moved and touch by your statement you made at the pressconference you really live up to your status ‘Asia prince’ and ‘World prince’ way to come …. Best Wishes and Good Luck to our belove prince .. Take care .

  2. You are a very smart man Sukkie. Smart & brilliant yet so humble. I see you reaping more success as the years go by.

  3. Keun Suk-shi, you deserve to be Worldprince..we always be there to support and give you our strength to keep you have an eel you need..zikzin!! go go go

    this presscon really make me tearing..he really want his country to see him not just an ’empty momentum’..he just a human who has think a lot,strive for his future and loved his country..that is a REAL MAN..i’m really hooked by him..

  4. wow very well said i’m so touched how i wish can be like him the way his thinking & very good courage in life…

  5. He’s truly an inspiration. Even when he’s doing and saying all the cute and crazy stuff, he is very well grounded. He never lets go of reality. I wonder how somebody so young could be so insightful! . . I think every time I listen to / read his words, I feel awe, respect & love and I also feel that this guy would go places and be a great name that generations would proudly take. And as Eels, we will be with him, no matter what. For good or bad, in happiness or sorrow, we will be with our master.

    P.S. thanks to sis Sarah for the translation . . love you!

  6. With the kind of attitude he has, I just know that he will be successful in whatever endeavor. He has that burning passion within him that is the key to all successes. I wanna see him achieve his dreams later on, and I will be rejoicing and rooting for him on the sidelines when he finally does.

  7. sis Sarah, thank you so so much for translating this interview. Thru this interview, I can feel his determination, pain and yearning for his country folks to recognize him. My heart breaks thinking how come people all around the world love him….but his people just can’t love him enough. “I am made in Korea” statement speaks volume of how deeply this man loves his people and country. Sukkie, you are never a disgrace to your country, no matter what people said. Don’t be ashamed of what you are doing.

    Sukkie, you did GREAT!!! EELs of all nationalities are so proud of you. If you dream to become the World Prince, EELs will dream with you and support you until the day comes, no matter how long it takes. Keep on dreaming BIG and spread your wings higher and higher!!! Sky is the limit!! Go Go Go!!! Zikzin!!!!!

    Honestly, this is my 3rd time reading this interview, I am crying every time reading it. I’m in awe stage. I’m speechless, don’t know what to say anymore…..but just simply feel my emotion run so deep for this man named Jang Keun Suk.

    • Agreed entirely with you.

      Sukkie, I am also proud of you! Wish all your dreams come true! Love you and support you!

    • Hope that our Prince will find his own tree ~~ just thought that I would pray everyday when watching you, reading about you, listening to you, Keun Suk a ^^ EELs will always be by your side, pinky promise***
      Kailey, I like your words, too 🙂

  8. You have big dreams, are adventurous, self-motivated and have a strong sense of your personal destiny! In another words, your pioneering spirit will make you want to do better. As a LEO, while you could be quite happy with life where you follow other people’s rules/regulations, mostly you will much prefer to BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL! Yes, you are already carving your own niche and making a name for yourself. You’ll shine in almost everything you do, and will without a doubt make yr mark in the world, no matter what field you choose!
    Don’t worry Prince, the people of Korea will witness your abilities and unique talents. Eventually, U will receive recognitions from them as you are truly Made In Korea. We will give you EELs Energy any-time, to support you in any way we can! WATCH OUT FOR WORLD PRINCE, He is here to conquer the World! Zikzin….!!!!

  9. He always so passionate and sincere in everything that he does and we can see through his eyes what he really feel. We know that he is truly a gifted person and will support him in whatever he does. KOREA you’re bless for having him because we can clearly see that he love his people and country very much and he hope that they at least love him in return. I hope that Korean can wake up and appreciate him just as much as we appreciate him, even if you don’t love him, but please appreciate him for what he has done for his people and country. As for me, I will support and love him always…………….forever. ^_^

  10. keun suk,,,,
    you’re just….

    aaahh..you’re just too precious..
    eels all over the world will always support you to reach your dream!
    zikzin suk-aaahh!!

    thx sis Sarah for the translation,it means a lot 🙂

  11. He is such an amazing guy.
    JKS will definitely be able to achieve his dream of being a World Prince given his passion and determination to do well in his craft… We eels will stand by him and give him support and love all the way.
    God bless U, World Prince <3

  12. Jang Keun Suk… a man who loves to have fun but full of wisdom. He has touched my heart again with what he said… A man with a great heart, a filial son, a true son of South Korea. For sure, he will change the way his people think about him now. He has achieved so much for his age. A respectable young man he is. I hope Korea will love him more now than how we love him…

    Sukkie you did great.. you are brilliant in all that you do. Nothing compares to the one and only JANG KEUN SUK…

    P.S. I hope everyone sees this in him so the people who asks me “What do you see in him?” can answer their own question.. :))

  13. Sometimes i feel people who are not eels will see tge reason why he claims the title Asia Prince….it’s to push himself hard to reach that goal, not because he’s hard up for tge title (maybe just a little kkkkk) but more of a challenge for himself. Now, he’s pushing himself harder to be World Prince and true enough we see him literally travelling across the globe to spread his wings. And all in the name of KOREA!!!

  14. Geun suk reli is such a thoughtful man and hardworking not only for himself.Just wanna say walk and climb the top with a great care Dear.My worry with love .Wishing you be a worldprince very soon.

  15. Thank you for letting us into your world and sharing your thoughts, emotions and even your fears, you are indeed a very honest man, always sharing how you feel and always sharing your life with your fans. I wish you all the success, health and happiness in the world. don’t listen to haters, what matters most are the people who love you and that you are able to do all the things you want to do.
    about Q&A #7, I hope you will also donate or help an animal welfare charity like what Lee Hyori is doing, since I know you love animals 🙂

    Stay happy and always take care of yourself for you are truly THE MAGICAL PRINCE OF THE WORLD!!!!!! We Love YOU!!!!!

    (Thanks for the translations!!!)

  16. sis sarah, thanks so much for the translation. 😀 i can’t help but agree on the reality of the theme..-

    ” To gain back those fantasies that was lost from being an adult — Welcome to magic world. ”

    Being on the same age as he is right now, you can easily be drifted to the busyness of life and sucked into what they call reality..making you forget of what you really wanted to do when you were at a young age.

    In this line, I now more deeply felt his motivation and passion to face challenges, conquer fear and try things he has never tried before, boldly and confidently.

    What more can I say, but “Wooow..” I’m awed in his clarity of what he wants to do and how to do it. As you guys said, he truly is an inspiration and a very good example of a young person who want to be “there”.

    Couldn’t ask for more but for him to ‘Live the Dream”. ^^

  17. Hi, at first I want to thank you for translating and let us to know and understand our lovely Prince. Because of your great ideas and the kindness hearts you deserve the title of prince of the world. I hope you always successful, happy, healthiest and be powerful as usual and know we always support you, are going behind you and waiting to hear about future success. Fighting and God bless you.
    You always magic your eels with your lovely words. with love

  18. Sarah sis.. thanks for the translation.. I was so tight up this weekend with family gathering that I missed many updates here and in ECI.. but this is one which I really don’t want to miss as it really is so meaningful and I’m really touched by the message Sukkie has brought across to all… I’m thankful always there is such person like Sukkie in this world.. and also to have met many wonderful eel friends through him… I’m sure Sukkie will fulfill his dream of becoming a world prince with the right attitude he has shown so far… like Farina has said, making his own country proud and bringing Korea to the world in many different positive ways.. Korea should be proud of a having a son like him ^_^

  19. Thank you for the translation, Sarah. It’s always wonderful to hear his inner thoughts and feelings. For all his playfulness, he is really very well brought up and mature. I can feel his national pride from his words! Is the “empty momentum” term the same as “ho sei = empty gestures”, the term that Koreans used to call him after those photos he uploaded in his youth? I wish they stop it – how it must have hurt him – he has come so far since then and achieved so much; there is nothing “empty” about him! He can be Asia Prince, he can be World Prince, he can be prince of anything as long as he sets his heart on it – he’s already the prince of our hearts. <3

  20. I like how he said in 13 “to get rid of empty momentum (which was forced to label on him), I will change to World Prince” yes! Sukkie, I know you’re a fighter, even you’re being humble and working hard try to gain recognition from your own people but you never give up for setting higher goal for yourself to keep going. This is one great thing about him which I can feel is not easy for just saying the words out we, eels all know how much efforts and hard work, sweat he has put for doing this.

    Another amazed thing is even he is a down to earth person but he never lose his dream and pursuing fantasy. For him, art is no limit. He will keep to do more new things and he would never stop just because there might be falling along the way. These things are truly inspired me a lot.

  21. Sukkie is such a very sincere and wonderful person! 😀 I know that not everyone can like him as much as we do but I do hope that they will really see the genuine passion he has for his work and his love for his family as well as to us eels 😀 Thanks Aphrael for sharing again this great blog of yours^^ I know that you are quite annoyed with those people who lack recognition of Sukkie’s effort but let us keep our support to our prince as strong as possible and we will always be there to cheer and make him happy too ^____^

  22. I spoke to a few Korean friends and they hated him because he is too feminine, and he put on make up.. Im proud to say, we do not judge him on such a superficial level. While most Korean artiste went to a talent agency and talent school and is train to be an artiste, he started with nothing with no proper training and went through the harsh reality in the real working world from a tender age. To most of us, he is a charismatic man with an in-depth thinking, a man who dare to speak and talk with substance (not scripts cock up by manager). He is our role model to achieve what may deem impossible, despite the odds. We do not worship him like an idol for just his looks, but we love him for who he is.

      • Agree with you, Aphrael… I think there are more K-pop male artistes more beautiful and feminine then Sukkie… *sigh* why all those people judge him by his look… In fact my friends also do the same thing, they always say he’s too feminine, but I always defended him by telling them his great achievement and how kind and unique he is… A month ago I watched love rain at the office during my break time, and guess what… They also watched it with me ^^ Since then, they never mock him again… Finally, they know how good he is ^___^

      • any actor used make-ups even male actors to shield them from radiation etc…i think people should know that sukkie needs it for protection…what is important is that he is a productive man who tries to help those who are in need and that is greatness!!!

    • BRAVO!!! Well said, sis!!! Love you, sis!! Love your level head, your logic on things, and your never ending words of wisdom. Definitely, we, eels, love JKS far more than the surface!!!

    • Leen, we are here because we see what many may not have seen in Sukkie ^_^ I have actually come across some colleagues who think the same way initially looking at pictures of image of Sukkie but when i showed them interview & variety show with Sukkie.. many have changed their mind as they have discovered also the inner beauty.. I don’t have to tell them what are those inner beauty in his personality.. besides his talents in acting & singing.

    • I have just finished reading the whole comments about gun, I justcurious why he isn’t well accepted in his homeland, in Korean. I do not see anything wrong with hi, I even enjoy his music and always listening to his music. and with all makeupstuff it is just fine as he is an actor, that is up to imho he would like to made up his style.
      I like him with present style with long hair some makeup and earring Asian find it is suitable to him, because not everyman fits with this style.
      what I really like about I insteAd of his look is he is definitely art lover As I Do and full of energy, enthusiastic and free spirit too. I like the way he expressed himself without have to limit to certain stages unlike other actors who are care for their image.
      I really envy him for pursuing his goal at the very young age, he could be my inspiration and my motivator really like him whenever he sings or even smiles. hope he will do another show in Indonesia.

  23. Oh my.. I’m crying while reading this. Prince I’m speachless . You really a good man prince.. I hope you can reach all of your dream, becouse you deserve it 🙂

  24. thanks for translation sis.
    I really don’t get the korean logic. every korean artist/idol have very heavy make-up even in ordinary life.
    Eels don’t love JKS because he is handsome, pretty, or cute. We love him because of his heart, his talent, his hardworking.
    While other fandoms care about the hair style of the actor/idol, we always look his eyes and see his heart. The ones who just see the eyeliner are so child and superficial.
    there is a lot of poll about idol who are prettier than girls 😀 and they are saying sukkie is feminen. seriously, they are just cannot handle his success and his personality.
    he is not someone cold, he is so warm. you can feel it.
    he can be a mediterranean 😀 come Turkey sukkie, we really love hugging and joking 😉

  25. @sukkiefanncusa what a great translation!!

    He is an impressive man. He will create an empire for himself I am sure. I hope that he remains light at heart and that he accomplishes all that he wants, being a fan of his feels like a great honor, because it looks like he has so much that he wants to do for others.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing what is in his future… and please Lord, bring this man to the US!! I LOVE him

  26. I try to write a comment earlier, but i cant, for the first time since i write in this blog my mind get blank, when i read the translation im starting to cry so hard,then when i read your comments cry more,so i have to shut down my computer to calm down, its because in my earlier comment in Cri show 2 pics #1 i write about all the love that you gave to Sukkie, this comments are an example for the exhibit A that i presented there. Did you know that him no gain money for this Seul concert? because all this money goes to the production cost, he did the show for his eels and for his country that he love so much, proud of you Sukkie, you are very kind and have a great heart. Girls its the time to show more support of him, from july 10 to august 5 are the votings for the Seul International Awards, he is nominated for outstanding male performing and also you can vote for the popularity award, only Korea ,Japan, China and Taiwan people has the right to vote, i hope that you eels united gave him this two awards, i want to see him in this podium in tuxido , crying of happiness and thanks for the awards in korean, japanise and mandarin/cantonese. All the koreans have to know the power of his eels and the excellent of his acting skills , so share the news and we will enjoy this moment with him, i hope you will.thanks.

  27. JKS, I will be here to support and cheer you on even if I am in another country. Please please take care of your voice and your health. Please try to get much rest as you can travelling from one country to the other can be very stressful due to the different time zones. You still have a very busy ahead individually and with Team H. Long live the World Prince (I will not use Asia Prince coz I see you as World Prince! kkkk!)

  28. all the words are not needed anymore ..
    I love you Prince! I love you more and more and more..
    I’m really proud of you, proud as Eel, and will always support you forever!
    I always pray that your dreams ..our dreams come true soon!
    You are the real World Prince for us, indeed

  29. there’s no other word I can say unless proud of you. a young talented man who inspiredother wit all things common naturally.
    hwaiting Geun Chan! zikzin……..

  30. OMG i feel so bad to hear that Korea think in that devilish way bout him even when all the world love him his country is against him 🙁 this is totally not fair!! they should be the most proud of him he is doing the best he can for his country among all 🙁 …….. but don’t worry Prince the day well come when they’ll admit that you are the PRIDE of Korea ! <3 …………. WORLD PRINCE |^^^|

  31. Hello Eels !!!
    We all are aware that Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk has been nominated for International Seoul Drama awards under the category ‘Outstanding Korean Actor’.
    Our most competitive rival is Park Yoo Chun, just like last year, and he’s winning now.
    We have to put more effort for our Asia’s Prince.
    Follow the link to vote Keun Suk ->

    • Hi Taeeun,

      Eels in China have decided not to participate in the voting for Seoul Drama Awards (SDA) 2012.

      What happened for the SDA last year was a very unfair voting system that saw JKS having the highest votes after voting closed, but in the end the award went to another artiste. Since the integrity of SDA cannot be trusted, many eels have decided not to participate in SDA 2012. Even if any artiste wins, there is no honour in it.

      I am not sure what the Korean eels think, but whether to vote or not, we leave it to the individual to decide.

      Printscreen of SDA 2011 voting results as per link below:


      • Ivy, I fully support the very wise decision made by Chinese eels as it is better for Sukkie & eels ^_^ Even if Sukkie didn’t got the award for SDA in 2011, his popularity need not be endorsed by any voting event but by his own ability & hard work which many eels around the world already recognised & acknowledged that without doubts
        It is much better to support Sukkie in other meaningful event such as rice donation which we have done just this year and other awards which are more meaningful for him as an artiste and also we only vote for Sukkie for those events organised by professional organiser.
        Also, like many eels, we are always supporting him in buying his albums, drama/movie DVDs and the official merchandise from his shops and the products he endorses in CF.. all these are ways to support him in a more direct way…
        I also notice many voting sites (especially those which allow unlimited voting) are just marketing site for advertisement to attract netizens to their site, it is really meaningless to vote in those sites.

    • taeeun kim, don’t worry… we will give full support when it comes to voting for Baeksang film festival or KBS drama awards end of this year and any event organised by recognised party.. why I find SDA is unprofessional in many ways is initially Sukkie’s name is spelled wrongly in the voting site until eels highlighted to the organiser.. also, I was in BaiduSukbar China with >130,000 registered eel fans and see many Chinese eels highlighted that they can’t vote using facebook as may be blocked in China….

  32. Sometimes it’s rather unbelievable. One can be so popular in other countries but not in his home country. I tought his acting skills are marvelous.

  33. Thanks for the translation. I admire him for his sincerity and perseverance in trying to gain recognition in his own country. Of course who wouldn’t want that. Don’t worry Someone up there knows your heart Sukkie. Just remain as humble as you are and you will see, you will get what you deserve and your dreams realized. And we will support no matter what.

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