[07.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

It’s weird… The weather can’t be sunny.. -_- Anyway, I want everyone to come CRI SHOW today!!!!!
이상하다…날씨가 좋일리가 없는데…-_- 암튼 오늘 전부 크리쇼오는걸로!!!!!
Again illegitimate fans (a.k.a. saesaeng fans) started to chase me.. I’m running with front wheels on security of my life.
또다시 사생아이들의추격적인 시작되었다..목숨을 담보로 앞바퀴들고 달리는즁

5 thoughts on “[07.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. YOONA and HEECHUL at JKs’ concert….wooow…amazing!!!
    they are so close… 3 great friends together.
    JANG GEUN SUK and Yoona ….cool!…cool. couple!
    Heechul and Yoona support JKS’s concert.

    • I really like their on-screen tandem! 🙂 i didn’t expect that YoonA will watch the Cri Show because SNSD will have a K-pop tour scheduled today. I’m really glad that she gave her support to JKS despite her busy schedule.

  2. Pretty Heechul was at suk’s concert? Today July 10th is his birthday!
    Happy birthday KHC! He must be crazier than before, 😀


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