[06.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter

Gentleman ColaMercato thanx man,!
신사 ColaMercato thanx man,!

We are in the midst of the rehearsal!! Prince with Zikzin headband, red jacket and denim half pants. Fighting!
ただいまリハーサル真っ最中!! カチューシャに、赤のジャケット、デニムのハーフパンツ姿のプリンスファイティン♪

Does it really rain? I wish it’s fine tomorrow!
정말 비가 끝났을까? 내일 제발 맑은날을!

5 thoughts on “[06.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter”

  1. I like the video that Eels Club International posted in you tube supporting the Sukkie concert , its touching and beautiful, i am very proud of you girls, you are the best , JANG Keun Suk forever, yess.

  2. The Cri Show tonight! JKS’ good friend Super Junior Heechul and YoonA were spotted watching the concert. I’m so glad that they support JKS.

  3. Anjellsmile, I am from one of the caribbean islands, I saved the money to go to the concert, but the tickets sold out very fast, so I have a prived concert in my living room alone,i listen and dancing with all of jks songs, it was better because if I went maybe I dont control myself and try to go to the stage with him and then he call me false eel, so sad for me. I will very good girl and wait for ivy fan account.


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