5 thoughts on “[Pics] CRI SHOW2 in Seoul press conference (1)”

  1. Hi,let me see those pics, i am judge them based on his expressions: 1) intense 2

    Let me see those pics, i am judge them by his expressions,
    1_ intense 2) polite 3} smilie 4}awesome 5}cool 6} playful 7} cute 8}handson 10}amazing 11} fashionista 12} smart 13}thoughful. I am the judge; Mr.Jang , stand up for listen the veredic. The veredic is GUILTY, for use all your charms to atract girls for all over the world call them eels and trapped them in your castle. The sentence, positive, be loved by them forever. Negative, they get angry when you have”‘ bad behavior” and i have proof of this two sides. Exhibit A:They demostrate the love for you defending you when the hater attack you, follow you in all social networks, going to your concerts and buying all your stuff, Exhibit B: but they be angry and demanding said: dont drink,dont smoke, dont twitt with becky, gain weigh and be manly , but its only for your protection, forgive us please, the cards are in your hands. Frustrating writer here.

    • Wowww!!! Esther C. High Five….NO…let’s make it HIGH TEN!!! I love you verdicts and Exhibits. You are dead-on right in describing Master eel (both bad and good) and EELs’ behavior – loving, supporting, defending, nagging, sighing with wonder-struck on crazy things he wears or does, and protecting him at all cost when attacked by Haters or Antis. Welcome to EELs Kingdom!!! LOLLLL


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