[28.06.2012] Tree-J staff & Frau twitter

Boss, we appreciate your hard work! \(^o^)/

I want to go to Osaka next time. It’s hard to leave Japan. This photo was taken by Cherry-chan! On the first day… I want to hit back of my head…
다음에는 오사카도 가고싶다 일본은 늘 헤어지기 아쉽다 사진은 채리짱이 찍어준 것! 첫 날 스케줄… 덜덜덜 쭈그리 뒷통수 때려주고 싶다, 나 자신

Shot for the VCR comment to “Tokoro George’s something school doesn’t teach”! Please check what he talked about their memory. The airing day hasn’t been announced yet 🙂
도코로 죠지상의 [학교에서는 가르쳐주지 않는~] 도 VCR 코멘트도 수록했습니다! 죠지상과의 추억도 이야기했으니 체크해주세요- 방송일은 아직 공지 전 : )
tenshi_akuma’s note: About 5 or 6 years ago Tokoro George, Japanese comedian and singer, was suggested to have a meal with two Korean young guys by his dentist. One of them was JKS. At that time JKS wasn’t so popular and asked Mr. Tokoro, “How do you think I should do to be successful as an actor?” Mr. Tokoro answered, “Do what you are, and you’ll be successful.” JKS has remembered his advise and wanted to thank him when he has a chance to meet Mr. Tokoro in person again. Mr. Tokoro forgot he had met JKS before, but he remembered that the Korean young boy was very polite and expressed his respect for elderly people. Anyway, Mr. Tokoro had a good feeling toward JKS. Mr. Tokoro was surprised to know that boy was JKS himself. Once JKS gave him a call, but his agent staff was too excited to ask him to leave his contact information. But finally JKS could convery his thankfulness to Mr. Tokoro! 🙂

Tae Kyung at a convenience store in Busan
부산편의점에 태경이 있네

4 thoughts on “[28.06.2012] Tree-J staff & Frau twitter”

  1. I’m happy to know Sukkie finally conveyed his gratitude to Mr. Tokoro. Mr. Tokoro is well-known for car maniac, too. I hope they can work together in the near future 🙂

  2. That’s my boy!! He remembered everyone, and always wanted to show his respect to those who gave him sound advices. From no body to Prince of Asia, JKS is still the same sincere heart and lovable boy/man as of today. Love love him so much!!!

  3. I’m so proud of him** Aside from his loving eels who are a living testament of his goodness, respected personalities from Korea,Japan,China,Thailand to name a few, has good words for Prince..The kind of respect you’ll received,when you’re sincere and honest..

    the shoes is “JUST CRAZY” unique..Wondering if it was a gift from eel *_*


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