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I slipped off to sleep like the dead for 8 hours, lying on the sofa… Surely this time all work and no play T_T It’s hard to make a living… but need to play!
와 나 저 이 상태로 소파에 뻗어서 8시간동안 한번도 안 깨고기절…먹고 살기 힘들어요 ㅠ そのままにソフアのうえで8じがんねちゃった。今回ほんとうに仕事ばっかりだったね!あそぶこともwwww

Although I followed Becky-chan, she didn’t. Does she hate me? My heart is broken…
@Becky_bekiko オレはベキちゃんパロウしてたけどベキちゃんはしないね。私がきらいですか?心がいたいだよ。。。

Becky: No way! Why I hate you? The only reason is just I don’t follow anyone. Forgive me for being so rude. Do you mind if I follow you only for one week?
JKS: Of course not! OK, I follow you only for one week, too! I’ve followed you since Tuesday… so I’ll stop it next Tuesday! Is it OK? ^^
“@Becky_bekiko : まさかきらいなはずないです私はだれもパロウしないようにしていただけです。しつれいでごめんなさい1週間だけパロウとかアリですか?ㅡうん!じゃあおれもいっしゅかんだけするよん!おれは火曜日からしてたかららいしゅかようびまでパロウします!いいですか?^^

Becky: Of course! Sorry for having been selfish. But it was a kind of miracle week! Thank you!!
JKS: I will try to do my best to make you follow me forever!!!!!^^ Mission to make Becky follow JKS!!! Everyone, do pay attention on it!
“@Becky_bekiko : もちろんです!わがままですみませんでした。でも奇跡(きせき)のいっしゅうかんでした!ありがとうございます♪♯ーかならず君がオレをえいえんにファロウするようにがんばってみよう!!!!!^^ベキちゃんファロウ大作戦!!!みんな!おうえんしてね!

Becky-chan! Have you had lunch? I’m worried about you might get hungry. I’m thinking deliver a Yoshinoya beef bowl to you.
@Becky_bekiko ーべきちゃん!ごはんたべたの?おなかすいたじゃないかなしんぱいしているよ。よしのやの丼もってきみにいくかな。

Becky-chan follows my Twitter!! I’m so happy!!!!! Seemingly I’m the only person she follows!!! Only for a week though-___-
ベキちゃんがオレをファロウしているんだ!!すこくうれしい!!!!! ごれおれが唯一向いだ!!! 1しゅかんだけだけど-___-

Becky: I’m starving now! For three people, please! With extra juice! lol.
JKS: I need the address for delivery. Please tell me where to go with a secret message!
“@Becky_bekiko : いま、ちょうどペコペコです!3にんまえ、くださーい!つゆだくで!(笑)ㅡ住所がひつようですけど、どこにいけばいい?ひみつめせじでおしえてね!
tenshi_akuma’s note: I think “secret message” means “direct message” on Twitter.

Becky: I’m now at that TV station where we got on the same elevator. But, about beef bowls, it’s just a joke! lol. Thanks anyway! ha ha ha
JKS: After all, you hate me.. I’m sorry… I’m crying T_T T_T
“@Becky_bekiko : グンソクさんと、おなじエレベーターにのった、あのテレビきょくに今います。あ、でも、ぎゅうどんはじょうだんですから!(笑)ありがとうございます!ははは♪ーやっぱオレをきらいしているんだ。。もしあけございませんでした。。。なくううううㅠㅠ

Becky: No,No! Don’t get me wrong! I just hesitated your offer. What? Really, you deliver beef bowls to me? I thought you were just kidding!
JKS: It’s just a ”Michael Jordan”! (It’s just a joke!) I’m returning to Korea now! Bye Bye. Never forget me……. for a week..
“@Becky_bekiko : いやいやいやいや。 “えんりょ” しただけですよ!え?ほんとうに、ぎゅうどんくれるんですか?じょうだんかとおもいました!ㅡマイクロジョダンでした!いまからかんこくにかえるよん!バイバイ おれをわすれてねいでね。。。。。。。いっしゅうかん。。

A chance for one week..

Becky: So, don’t forget to deliver me a beef bowl when you come to Japan next time! he he he. Take care going home! An-nyeong!
JKS: Absolutely! *smoooch
“@Becky_bekiko : じゃあこんど日本にきたとき、ぎゅうどんおねがいします!ひひひ。きをつけて、韓国かえってください!あんにょん!ーうん!ちゅうううううう

Bye Bye Japan! I’ve really enjoyed this time! Thank you!

Sis! Cute!!

Busan!!!!! Dynamic city!!! And dynamic psycho is in here!!!
부산!!!!! Dynamic city!!! And dynamic psycho is in here!!!

As soon as I arrived the hotel, I started to watch “Hometown at 6:00″… Well, I’m hungry… I want to eat spinach of “Hepung”.
호텔들어오자마자 6시 내고향 시청중.. 아…..배고파… 해풍 시금치 먹고싶네..쩝

Oh Yeah!!!!! raw sole!!!!!
오예!!!!! 물가자미 막회!!!!!

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  1. I thought Becky surprise Suk always took serious what her tweet…hihii

    I believe he have no girlfriend so long time …the way he reply Becky tweet seems he need ‘attention’ from someone…a girl… he need girlfriend ( i dont mean it’s Becky ) but…he really need girlfriend now …. :p

  2. Interesting conversation between the two. Let’s wait and see if he succeeds in making Becky follow him on twitter … he has until Tuesday to persuade her with his charm …

  3. Sorry girls,but I dont like this Becky, Grrrrrr, mama Jang use all your power to put this girl 200 miles away from your son. Like you i Iike Park Shyn Hye for him.


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