[27.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter



Tree-J staff: It’s too precious to drink…
JKS: Wonder if it’ll be empty in 48 seconds or not
“@codeinconnu: @AsiaPrince_JKS 아까워서 먹지도 못하겠네…”-48초만에 빈병만들기있긔없긔

We succeeded to take it away( ̄▽ ̄)v
取り上げ成功( ̄▽ ̄)v

Do I already lose my popularity in Japan..?

I feel lonely..

Generally, we often heard “the terrible twos” but… “the terrible twenty-fours”…( ̄◇ ̄;)
世の中では『魔の2歳児』と良く聞きますが… 『魔の24歳児』…( ̄◇ ̄;)

Watermelon man
スイカ人間だ。 수박인간

I want to play tennis
テニスしたいしたい 테니스하고싶어

sigh…(´Д` )
もう…(´Д` )

I’m in bad shape, so that I stayed at my hotel. He asked me, “”Where are you? Why didn’t you come?” As I replied “I’m sick”, then he said, “OK, I understand.” After a while, a person came to my room. He called a doctor. Gee… my eyes got watery.. what’s wrong, Geun-chan..?
몸이 안 좋아서 호텔에 남았다. 어디 있냐고, 왜 안왔냐고- 아프다고 하니까 알았다-한다. 그리고 얼마 지나지않아 방으로 사람들이 왔다. 의사를 불러 준단다. 우쒸… 눈물나게 왜 이래 근짱…

The shooting of “Sanma-no-manma” was over! It was great fun. Jackpot!!
さんまのまんま、収録終了! すっごく面白かった!대ㅡ박!!

It’s manma-chan!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: TV talk show “Sanma-no-manma” is hosted by a Japanese famous comedian, Sanma Akashiya. And the TV program has the original mascot character, Manma. Here is their official website.

Hello, eels~~~~~~
안늉 장어들아~~~~~~ http://yfrog.us/7710zz

12 thoughts on “[27.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter”

    • Yup… me too Kaori Chan… My eyes teary when I read this…He’s so kind indeed, he really care about his staff… Omo… makes me love him more and more ^^

  1. I was touched by what he did for @codeinconnu. I don’t know what to say… he is so caring and thoughtful. 🙂

  2. My eyes get watery toO..JKS always draw you to him with every little thing he do..so in love with him ..our Asiaprince <3

  3. @codeinconnu tweet shows Sukkie is just a sweet and thoughtful person, what he did really touches my heart too !! He is really a person truly worth loving !! ^^

  4. that was sweet!! @codeinconnu – I’m curious about her,she’s very sweet to Sukkie..I wonder if who is she among Tree J staff..Is she the make-up artist or the stylish?

  5. I always see their staff tweets but i do not know exactly which which tweet belong to which staff? Anyone knows?

    Although he likes to “bully” his staff, he is so sweet to them. codeinconnu is so fortunate to work for him. Really love his personality

  6. I wonder if he was serious when he said he felt lonely … maybe he misses his family, his friends or someone at meal times …


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