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  1. It’s my pleasure to see his super natural and cute Sukkie in public. Oh, my… (//▽///)
    Please do check 03:58. He pushes his cheeks. Do you know what it means? I know! Because my face is also swollen in the morning. Pushing the part is effective to remove the swelling. I’m happy that I saw this as one of our similarities… ha ha 🙂

  2. Thank Kaori for your hard work to subbing this, I enjoy this video so much. Love to see him being so natural but still so witty with answering questions.

    No matter what, for Sukkie, he can always pull through so well because I think he is natural and sincere.

    May I who is the young MC in the program. I thought the two guys (older) are the MCs for this program. He is cute too.

    Like Sukkie, I’m not a morning person either, is very hard for me to get up early in the morning, but if I’m up, I’m on the run.

    • Hi mimi, I don’t have a final SRT file. I fist edit SRT file, then upload it on YT, then edit again. It becomes SBV. file.

  3. Hi, Tenshi, thanks for the subbings and push your cheeks again because if you dont know Jang Keun Suk was nominated for the Seul international drama awards,the voting will begins on july 10 , only 4 countries votes, Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.He was nominated in outstanding korean actor i think is for Love Rain and he will be chosen for the people’ s choice awards , please give us more details i am very excited here .Did you know the results from M NET, yesterday he was second . what happened ? thanks.

  4. I always like to see suk without make up .. he’s so natural so cute..
    We know that we are your girlfriend forever, Sukkie, qkqkqqk …
    so don’t worry we will not be kabayaki!
    thank you sis Tenshi to translate..

    • hi 5 vivy!! i also love to see him with no make up on..
      this is what make me loving and crazy about him..always show his true self..
      i think there’s not an artist will showing their swollen face and messy hair on the tv show, but he did it naturally..
      thank you kaori-chan for the sharing and subbing..LUV YA! 😀

      • Really love to see his natural self each time… I’m smiling when the MC even give him time to tidy his hair when they switched to air the vid clips.. like all his eels, they seem to understand his natural & adorable personality without feeling offended ^_^

      • i like that too QQ sis..seems he didn’t realized his hair is quite disheveled..i laughed that part.. XD

      • @QQ – Sukkie & Eels kizuna is exciting because he can be anything we wish him to be and eels can be vice versa (gf,noona,friend,mother,friend etc.).. I refuse to be his GF bec. it is replaceable unlike the remaining position although you can’t enjoy the benefits being his GF,at least I can hug him once in a while,which is enough for me..lol!

  5. Thanks a lot for the subs. What would we do without you? 🙂

    Although he did very welI and even tried to joke about sleeping in, I hope the Japanese (both the audience and the TV staff) won’t be offended by the fact that he, in a sense, came to the show unprepared.

    Or were they just pretending and directed the show that way?

    What do you think?

    • That’s the magic of Sukkie- he can appear to any show without any preparation,I guess Japanese eels and even japanese media get used to his style.

      For me – moments like that is very precious because he’s very unique in so many ways!

  6. Thanks Tenshi for posting this video….now I know we are his girl friend…no worries Sukkie…I will try no to turn out to be kabayaki!! huhuhuh

  7. Hi everyone, I really like Sukkie’s natural look without eyeliner and heavy make-up. He should know the truth that a lot of eels like his natural look. He looks manly and more masculine in this video. Yes, it is the eyeliner boy in the drama You Are Beautiful that makes him become the famous Hallyu Star, but he really doesn’t need to put on eyeliner every time when he’s in front of the camera. I love him very much, but I’m afraid to say that sometimes his make-up is a bit too girly looking and that will turn the audience away! I said what I think out of good intention and I hope I will not offend anyone!

  8. Thanks for the subs, Tenshi! Finally, I understand what he’s saying. I love him with less make-up but he seems really conscious and uneasy though. LOL! He looked sooo cute!

  9. Thank you so much for posting. He’s so cute without the heavy eyeliner. As a fan, I truly appreciate seeing him like this. But I wonder how Japanese audience and viewers reacted to his adorable but slightly dishevelled “just got out of bed” state. Just out of curiousity, is the show Sukkiri a 30 minute program?

      • Ahhh i see, thanks Sevinc, I tried to watch on my Ipad and didn’t see any cc button. I’ll use my laptop this time. Thanks again!

      • Ahhh I see, thanks sevinc. I tried to watch on my Ipad and didn’t see any “cc” button so I’ll use my laptop next time. Thanks again!

  10. The sukkiri program is very lucky to have this “just got out of bed” state with “panda” eyes, swollen face and messy hair. The one and only appear in sukkiri! this episode is precious. And he still originally handsome though.
    but i think i understand know, back then when someone from his campus tweeted him, that he saw the ugly JKS with no make up. and at that time, sukkie answer his tweet, he only wear bb cream and said it would be crazy if he wear full make up to the classroom. Sukkie with messy hair and bb cream…yeah, i still love him ^^ (i’ve seen the ugliest part and knew the bad side of suk, yet i still love him…. i’m really trapped)

  11. Hi eels, how come can read and see engsubs whenever i played the this video, pls help me, wanted to understand what sukkie is telling about. I love JKS!


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