[22.06.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

I’m really… beautiful….!
난 정말….아름답구나…

Sarah Ye’s note: The picture he posted was from an eel’s older post on weibo.
Here is the original version of the picture.


Sarah Ye’s note” This is an media report about his visit to the gallery. The title is: Jang Keun Suk Posed a Model at Gallery “Jang Keun Suk’s Character” in the article they praised his appearance and figure, the fans commented: He has good taste on culture life.

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    • My understanding present and also the Chinese translation. 🙂 I don’t think he would say I was pretty, lol.

    • Anne, guess what! I shared with my colleague the vid link of Sukkie on China’s “Happy Camp” and she enjoy it so much throughout as she said she laughed throughout.. and then brought up this topic, don’t you think find little prince a narcissist (in Chinese 自恋狂) as Sukkie said also he is master eel (#1 fan of himself, LOL!) my colleague who is not an eel defend Sukkie! She said he is so honest and cute like a little boy.. anyone who see “Happy Camp” will love his personality!!! ^_^

  1. Prince is truly beautiful — good looking beyond words.
    Also, he is so full of confidence and that’s why we love him so much.

  2. You are beautiful with this hair and you are more handsome with short hair like in Bithovan virus ,both are I love most ever Guen Suk.

  3. You are beautiful <3 especially your beautiful characters and beautiful heart <3
    I will always love and support JKS only ^_^ I promise with all my heart <3

  4. Honestly, I think he’s getting old -_-; This time he looks like a real angel.
    But I’m also getting old, so I don’t care at all though :p Love you, Sukkie at any cost.

    • yeah,our precious boy is getting old – so as his eels..I am happy that he has so many photos & video footage of himself which he can show to his future family..Sometimes I find it weird,why they always shoot his everyday activities – and then I realize, Sukkie wanted to capture every moment of his life,now I’m doing the same thing and it felt nice watching myself once in a while..haha!!

  5. Our satellite TV just happen to rerun Sukkie’s appearance on ‘Be Friends with Mickey Wang’ in 2010 (a Taiwan TV talk show). I’ve seen it before but I still enjoy it very much. Sukkie is so natural, honest & spontaneous. He is never boring. Never get tired of looking at him.

    • Wen, I really like that interview with Mickey Huang too as the last time I saw it on youtube but has been taken off.. hope to see it in Youtube again! ^_^

  6. So when are you going to have a reality show? I don’t think twitter and Weibo is enough exposure for all the fans to enjoy your antics. YOLO…

    • I’d love to see him in Running Man. I find this SBS variety show more exciting and action-packed than the usual talk show. I bet Sukkie will have lots of fun on the show.

  7. Every part of you is beautifu Sukkie we the Eel loves you and shall always follow right behind you…. With full swing……haha!!


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