10 thoughts on “[22.06.2012] JKS departs from Gimpo to Haneda, Tokyo”

  1. Kaori chan, Thanks for sharing this series of photos.. Sukkie going to Japan for 8 days will definitely make you very busy too.. please take care and hope the typhoon already gone..
    Oh yes.. Sukkie’s new hair band is going to create another hair band wave!

  2. happy to see what he wear now..all suitable for him..
    combining the girly accecories with manly accesories
    from top to toe very cool..
    so beautiful handsome guy.. our Prince!

  3. Girly hairband + manly hairy legs, only Sukkie can carry this off! Fashion & accessories designers must love him for game enough to try anything!

  4. Me too, I love his airport fashion yesterday. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any male artiste wearing shorts departing or arriving at the airport …


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