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Listing of Gun-chan’s going straight 2!! Mananim Recipe~~!! Without synthetic seasoning, all cooked by the owner of the restaurant with her original seasoning are artistic meals!! You must go no matter what! Especially I recommend the HongSil Noodles~!!
근짱의 직진 리스트 2 !!! 계동 마나님!! 조미료 일절없이 직접 사장님이 재조하시는 갖은 양념과 음식이 예술!! 무조건 가야 함! 홍시국수 추천~~~~!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Here is their official website. Below is his recommended noodle “HongSil Noodles”.

I like this headband. I want to bring it into fashion in Asia. Thank you cri~~~ Let’s name it first.. Going straight headband!!! By the way, why my face is swollen…?
나 이 머리띠 좋아 아시아에서 유행시키고 말겠어 만두누나 땡큐크리~~~ 일단 이름부터 정하자.. 직진 머리띠!!! 근데 나왜이렇게 부었니…
tenshi_akuma’s note: This headband is mzuu’s. He seems to love it very much so that he changed his twitter profile photo wearing it. Here is their official website.

Here is the studio where we first cooperate with other instruments for CRI SHOW… CRI SHOW… July 7th… Go straight CRI… You can’t come because the ticket was sold out hu hu hu…. Zikzin!!!!!
이곳은 크리쇼 첫 밴드합주실…크리쇼…7월7일…직진크리…티켓 다 팔려서 오지도 못하지렁 흐흐흐…. Zikzin!!!!! yfrog.com/1x1vvyz

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