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Boy Suk in New Zealand 1
뉴질랜드 소년석 1

Boy Suk in New Zealand 2
뉴질랜드 소년석 2

Boy Suk in New Zealand 2
뉴질랜드 소년석 3

Boy Suk series in New Zealand are from this magazine! This image quality looks like a photocopy… Earlier 1,2 and 3 are from the photographer’s blog.
뉴질랜드 소년석 시리즈가 바로 이 잡지! 이거는 퍼온거라 화질이… 아까 1, 2, 3은 사진작가님 블로그에서

Anyone knows the name of the magazine which develops our delusions in various ways?
수많은 망상을 낳았던 하악짤 잡지 이름 아시는 분?

Prince of tennis? It seems a lot of new fans here, so I uploaded them. The more you’ve come to know Prince’s childhood you didn’t know, the more you’re caught into his trap 🙂
테니스의 왕자? 아무래도 새로운 팬들이 많이 보이므로, 사진을 드렸습니다. 몰랐던 프린스의 소년시절을 알아가듯 그에 대해 점점 많이 알아갔으면… 그러면 반드시 함정에 빠집니다 : )

I found it! It’s from Ceci 2007. Not shot in New Zealand, but in Australia… I like this time too! Cute! (Source) Dalyinim Blog
찾았다! 2007년 Ceci 뉴질랜드가 아니고 호주였다는… 이 때가 너무 맘에 든다! 귀여워! (출처) 달이님 블로그

9 thoughts on “[19.06.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. He looks quite nice in very straight hair ! like when he was in He’s Beautiful 😀 Jang Keun Suk looks like a guy who walked out of a manga :):):) haha i like
    Thnks for sharin

  2. I am speechless right now…….So cute. I like this boyish style and innocent smile. He just caught me in his smile that have tender meaning and the smile that fill my heart with butterfles …..Still could not express yet. Thank you Tenshi and Codeinconnu for sharing . Awesome ! Sure , I can not sleep tonight.. Bye

  3. sukkie already has a sharp gaze and a charming smile since he was very young ..
    I first fell in love with him when he was as tae kyung in YAB .. I can’t stand with his eagle eyes, at once gentle eyes, cruel mouth at once sweet smile … sukkie have everything at once, complete!

  4. I love you as my younger brother when I saw you like that ..having fun .I love you as my friend who even more mature than me when I see you in adulthood photos n some of you interviews ..I can’t stop saying what a nice guy ever to you Geun suk .Good luck ever n May in good health as well.

  5. Sukkie has such a sweet smile since young… the kind of smile which can melt any hearts. From these photos, we can see that our Prince has really grown up to become a mature young man now. Still, that captivating smile ( his trademark) does change a bit.
    Love U, Asia Prince.

  6. guys!!! this is not New Zealand! it’s in Australia Brisbane
    the girls at the back were from my school (6 years ago) :DDDDD


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