[17.06.2012] JKS friend twitter & Weibo

Fathers day of June 16th Sunday with my Son and family @ JJs


@Jason Weibo
She’s one of contributors of the success of “Happy Camp”, a great interpreter Ms. swan! Your interpretation is really natural and smooth.! Superb! Thank you!

8 thoughts on “[17.06.2012] JKS friend twitter & Weibo”

  1. OMG!!! They are so cute! But wait whose the son…the ” HUMAN PUPPY” or the real dogs hahahahah…they seemed to share common traits…mischievous and playful hahahhaha…

    • no…it’s not Sukkie’s father… haha..that guy is a young man, how can he be suk’s father.. ^^ and his father is as handsome as sukkie. they’re look a like.
      that tweet is posted by laurentbest, not jks. maybe he is jks friend or jks staff.
      and what he means by father and son must be the 2 doggie. the biggest one is the father, and the small one is the son. and jks and friends are consider their family…

  2. heyyy when r u going to cut that ugly hair off your head…u look awful with it i am saying this cause am your fan and love u but sweetie that hair is not work please change it dye it do something with it

    • well my friend we totally like his hairsytle very much ~That shows and is in accordance with his personality~ So if u do not like it ~you can choose to not care about it.


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