[17.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter

For the first time in 6 months, we all three of my family members are having breakfast together… Really.. I really… thank you….mother….-_-
6개월만에 세가족이 모여 먹는 아침밥상…. 정말…..감….감사하군요…..어머니….-_-

Black rice and white rice in perfect harmony…. That’s really height of detail…
흑미와 백미의 조화를 보라….저건 정말 디테일의 극치야…

*Below tweets are about the latest JKS imposter on Twitter. You can see the notice announced by Tree-J company.

I have to catch JKS imposters…
사기꾼 잡으러 가야지…

JKS imposter (@oresama_prince): I’m..King of eels! It took time to type. bye cri~
staff: Report them!
“@oresama_prince: 俺様は...うなぎの王様だ!うつのにじかんがかかた。bye cri ~”ㅈㄹ하네 신고 궈궈
tenshi_akuma’s note: this imposter typed Japanese a bit wrongly to pretend JKS. JKS sometimes typed Japanese with a little mistakes which are commonly seen in Japanese learners.

Fan: Is this Geun-chan???(*_*)
staff: Prince of Asia uses only one Twitter account. He’s not Guen-chan!!
“@haruchano414: @AsiaPrince_JKS @codeinconnu @minzzangde これは???ぐんちゃん???(*_*) http://twitpic.com/9xb8fa” ㅡ 아시아프린스는 하나의 트위터를 사용합니다- 근짱 아님!!

You’re JKS imposter!! I’m real one!!
“@oresama_prince: 俺様は...うなぎの王様だ!うつのにじかんがかかた。bye cri ~”ㅡおまえはさぎ!!おれがほんものだ!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: this imposter’s Twitter account (@oresama_prince) was already deleted.

4 thoughts on “[17.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter”

  1. OMG….I’m actually laughing at this person attempt!! How in the world he/she is thinking he/she can impersonate JKS without being caught…LOL.

    HOPE not many baby eels fall for the imposter tweeter accounts or websites or facebooks, since there are so many of them out here created in his name.

    Please be careful EELs.

  2. See this shows that how great is our beloved JKS that is why there’s some crack!!!!! Trying to impersonate him .JKS is JKS there only one that is him our prince JKS right you all agree….. ??????


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