[16.06.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

“Happy Camp” with JKS was over! It’s so funny that I never get tired of watching it. Well… I’m going to prepare for Japan…
쾌락대본영 장근석편 끝! 다시 봐도 재밌네- 자… 이제 일본 꺼 준비하자…

They are whom I met on the set of “Happy Camp”.
쾌락 현장에서 내가 본 그들은… (왼쪽부터) 물 가에 아이 내놨나- 건사마, 어떻게든 찍겠다고- 장채리, 메이크업 번질라- 박정리, 머리칼 흐트러질라- 박세희, 모두 수고 많으셨습니다!

There were 600 audience on the set of “Happy Camp”. Among them, the number of eels were 50. But when JKS said “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa” to them, it gave me goose bumps! Everyone seemed to fall into his trap!
쾌락대본영 녹화 현장에는 방청객이 600명- 그 중 장어는 50명이라 했다- 근데… 빠빠빠빠빠, 할 땐 소름이! 다들 함정에 빠지셨나봄!

5 thoughts on “[16.06.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. Well..you can see now and feel the magic of JKS.. That’s why eels around the world are so much in love with him ^_^
    The more you get to know JKS the more you can’t get enough of him 😉
    JKS charm is irresistible right ??? I a
    Have to admit I was caught in it too..very interesting adorable talented young man 😉
    I will always support and love JKS and he truly deserve our loyalty supports T_T
    All the best to his career and life..fighting our Asia Prince 😉

  2. All of us enjoyed the show ? I’ m sure you all did . Our JKS was really good and active and also energetic keep it up !!! We will always keep following behind you ….


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