[Pics] Happy Camp staff’s weibo about Sukkie’s filming

Credits: Weibo
English Translation: Sarah Ye

I have seen and met so many people that I can’t count them all. I also very seldom to take picture together with an artist… But for this one who is a new type, very humble… Jang Keun Suk is so cute, so phycho, so unique… even after filming I will die in the editing room, smell formaldehyde and hurt my face for work all nights, I will have no complain at all for this happy program.
@大本营小肉丝 : 我真的见多识广阅人无数,我真的甚少和艺人合影。。可是碰到这种贱得牙痒痒的新款还真心扛不住了。。张根硕真的太可爱太抽风太怪咖~~即使我录完就要死在机房熬通宵闻甲醛烂脸赶播出,剪着这欢乐的节目也甘愿了~~

This man, whoever meet him will fall for him… he is a killer for anthomaniac

This bro is so high, he is the unique piece in princes’ world, when he was in the directing room, he turns back soon all hands were holding the cameras!
@马儿响叮噹: 这哥们儿太high啦,王子届的奇葩!在导播间都是一回头全是举着手机的手!

After meeting him, I become a brain damaged fan, so cute.
77的私密空间: @碰到他现场变脑残粉啦~可爱

How come I can take such a great picture?
@77的私密空间: 我怎么那么会拍!

Super cuttie Jang Keun Suk came, audiences were mostly girls, he is so adorable! Even me, this old noona were melted by him.
@晶么晶: 超可爱的张根硕来了。现场来的都是女孩!他真心可爱呀!连我这种老姐姐也被瞬间融化!

He is so smart and cute, I’m totally trapped. I love Jang Keun Suk!

Lovable, handsome! He knows how to find the points.
@大本营的刘小伟: 可爱,帅!懂找点!

9 thoughts on “[Pics] Happy Camp staff’s weibo about Sukkie’s filming”

    • sis, the Eels World is the BEST and happiest place to be!!! EELs are the best fans in the world. Whoever fortunately come into eels’ pond, can’t swim their way out. Forever trap….kekeke

  1. The amazing master of eels will attract mannnnnny new eels to his world on 16.6.12!! Hee hee^* He has already ‘electrified’ some even before it broadcast!

  2. Hahaha…. can’t wait !!!
    No one can avoid his irresistible charm…
    Not so shy… coz I’m noona for him too… 😉
    and I proud to crazy about him lolol….

  3. Omg, soooo agree that there will be millions more eels joining us in the pond after this weekend. Variety shows are perfect for showcasing his amazing crazy personality!!

    @Sarah sis, I think the third post is more of – during the filming, all you could see in the audience are fans using their handphone cameras to film him! ^_^ our crazily popular Prince!!

  4. with these posts i easily recall Happy Camp with our prince..he was so cute and funny…no pretense at all… all eels should watch it again…non-eels should watch it too and be converted into eels forever…


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