[02.06.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Credits: Sukbar/Weibo
English Translation: Sarah Ye / Aphrael

If you give freedom now, I will write a diary tomorrow. Go sleep, I’m kind, right? Go home now!!!!!!
너희들이 지금부터 나에게 자유를 준다면..내일도 일기를 써주겠어~~ 자~착하지? 이제 go to home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go home, go home, go home…… I will come back to China the week after next week!!!! Please go home!!!! Your moms are waiting for you at home!!!
집에가 집에가 집에가… 다담주에 또 온다고!!!!!!!!! 집에 가!!!!!!!!! 엄마가 기다린다!!!!

Haiz … cannot remember … piecing together the puzzle ..
哎… 记不起来了… 把一块块拼图拼起来吧..
아씌..기억이가 안나…퍼즐의 조각들을 맞춰보자..

Forget it, troublesome, want to sleep.. Who am I and where is this place…
算了 麻烦要睡觉吧..我是谁这里又是哪里…
아니다 귀찮아 그냥 잘래..난 누군가 또 여긴어딘가…

No… cannot go on like this.. need to recall my memory…!!!
아니야..이대론 안되겠어..다시 기억을 떠올려보자..!!!

First I went to TianAnMen Square which I only saw on TV…..
일단 테레비에서만 보던 천안문을 갔었지..

Had a kiss with JKS whom I saw on the road~
리에서 만난 짱껀슈어랑 키스를 하고~

Also took pic in the car~
안에서도 셀카를 세방 찍었었지~

Self portrait before go to bed.
@张根硕 : 그리곤 자기 전에 혼자 셀카를 찍었고~

Wasn’t quite awake to put on clothes then arrived in Korea… A very happy China trip… see, eels, if you give me freedom, you will see more of me.. Yes? or No….?
似梦非梦的穿好衣服到达韩国..~ 愉快地中国游~看吧 鳗鱼们啊 给我自由就能更仔细的看到我~ 是~~?还是不是~~~?
@张根硕 : 비몽사몽 옷입고 한국 도착..~ 즐거운 중국이었어용~ 거봐 장어들아 나에게 자유를 주면 이렇게 날 더 자세히 볼수 있어~그래~~~?안그래~~~?

19 thoughts on “[02.06.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

    • Cool** with his status ryt now,who wud believe that he can be as simple as that,a typical guy who eat breakfast straight from his bed w/out changing his clothes!! You’re simply the best Sukkie!!

  1. really cute to see him in this messy morning look and still don’t mind showing his eels.. I guess even none of us is brave enough to come out of the hotel room like that!!! Salute you Sukkie.. that is the reason why eels love you so much as you are so natural ^_^

  2. Soooo Cute :* …..What messy hair @_@ …LOL !!!!! I can see Sukkie & the Bond between he and his eels and yes, we love him no matter what 🙂

  3. Cööl..that’s what we love about our Princejks..always be himself..we love the real Jang Keun Suk 😉 that special bond with eels..love him 😉

  4. His out-of-the-bed look is so cute!!! Yes, most celebrities won’t dare show themselves in front of the camera with no make up, more so when they just woke up! I love his spontaneity. 🙂

  5. good morning eels!

    haha…what happened to him? 🙂 don’t oppa worry you’re still adorable in our eyes 🙂

    the word Eels puzzles me. i mean we all know that the we, fans of sukkie are called eels, right? but what a exactly does eels means? is there definition or acronym of it something like that… please answer my question i’m so lost -.-?

    • Good morning iamsheeha… you’re new right? I would like to share with you a vid created by our baby eel sis from India who created this vid to explain the special bond between Prince Jang & eels.. you will understand why Sukkie calls his fans eels here.. he was asked many times by media too ^_^

    • I know a little why fans of JKS known Eel.
      Fans in hangul letter pronounced “eel”
      so fans sukkie called sukkie-eel (fans of sukkie) or Jangeo (fans of Jang)
      but it was turn out, that Sukkie really likes a Japanese cuisine derived from eel.
      Sukkie even once joked that if there is a rogue Eel, He will eat it hahaha …

      “love sukkie forever”

      • thank you! thank you! now i understand it clearly 😀

        sukkie! you’re so handsome!hahaha

        yes! farina i received it…

      • and he really likes eel; one of his favorites…because it gives him energy…and that is what his fans are giving him…the energy and the reason to strive on despite all hardship, obstacles and sabotage….
        Originally we are Jangeo’s but international we are eels; in japanese Unagi
        So rougue eels will be turned in to kabayaki…lol

  6. He’s very adorable and cute

    hahaha..He always wants to look like the ordinary people in a real life..

    that’s our Prince!!

    fighting Sukkppa!

  7. hahaha, the one he said to put memories together, hahaha, so funny, I think he can make a new movie “Jang Keun Suk Hangover in Beijing” hahaha, like the movie Hangover.

  8. I love you Prince forever and ever…you’re so cute,sweet,best,handsome,cool,awesome,amazing,wonderful,pretty,and beautiful ever…you’re the best and greatest actor in all over the world…Love you ever….I’m ONLY your great fan from U.S.A 🙂

  9. QQeyes007 thank you for sharing the video. JKS is so sweet. No matter what it is, I love Sukkie & he will overcome this…fighting my Prince!


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