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  1. Lol!! Andrea, no wonder you’ve been so stressed out!

    Anyway, words can’t really portray how deeply sorry I feel on your Mom’s loss of sight. I ever questioned myself a long time ago between being blind, mute or deaf, which is the one I would choose not to lose (of course I don’t mean I would want to lose any)… And I chose eyesight. I think to not be able to see the beauty of God’s creation, the myriad of colours, viewing beautiful landscapes and the people whom you love is the greatest loss to anyone.

    As Meg has rightly pointed out, I forgot Sukkie for these two or so months that he became In Ha & Seo Jun. He completely embraced the character that you forgot Sukkie exists. In that I feel that it is a great accomplishment for Sukkie and I’m sure he will be happy to hear it. When the time forwarded to 2012, I felt I missed In Ha; and now that LR is over, I miss Joonie so much that I still find difficulty to adapt to seeing Sukkie back to his normal crazy self. Not that I don’t welcome him but I still would like to savour Joonie a little bit longer….

  2. Andrea,

    Thanks much for the review of ep 19!

    I agree on the character change for Joon – I wouldn’t recognise Joon in ep 5/6 based on his character now in the ending episodes! Like what u said, Joon has become more gentle, considerate and loving, in stark contrast to the earlier episodes when he was more self-centred and going back to my favourite phrase “nothing good comes out of his mouth”.

    I have one doubt though, I am not sure really, what is Joon’s character like. I see JKS in Joon (maybe cos I look at JKS every day and see him in his characters), so I am not sure that JKS has brought out Joon’s character when I feel that Joon’s character is not strong and easily distinguishable. Don’t know whether I make sense to anyone … pardon me if I’m wrong, cos I’m not good at analyzing drama and acting!

    On the other hand, I like In Ha of the 1970s because I see and feel his shy and reserved character more strongly (how often do we see JKS being shy and reserved? … haha, not even once?), so the character of In Ha is portrayed more strongly (to me) vs JKS’ real-life character, and JKS has done a great job in In Ha.

    I’ve also enjoyed our lovely Joon-Hana relationship in LR – they are so natural and cute together!

    And I don’t feel sorry at all for Hye Jung – she brought it upon herself. She’s so vindictive and thinks that she is the victim and other people are making her into the “bad woman” when clearly, it’s her own bad behaviour that leads to the consequences. In short, can’t stand her, though I hear that she redeems herself in the last ep which I have not seen yet. So in the end she turns out to be just a lonely woman who needs more attention and love……

  3. Thanks, Andrea, for your beautiful thoughts. Indeed, Love Rain has stirred in us a lot of different emotions. And one way or another, we were able to relate to the characters because they struck a familiar chord in us.

    I am really sorry to hear about your mom. I didn’t know… I can’t imagine how tough it must have been for you then. But I’m glad to know that your mom had the best surgeon and that you still get to enjoy precious moments with her.

    Same with you, I also felt that Joon was the one who changed the most in the drama. He went full circle. From the insensitive and indifferent Seo Joon at the beginning, we saw him become the warm and gentle person that he is. Actually to me, he is no different from his dad (In Ha) in this aspect. And I remember him saying in one of the last few episodes that after meeting Ha Na, he saw more of his dad in himself. And Hye Jung, I loved how the drama redeemed her character in the end as I guess a lot of viewers have come to hate her. The drama ended leaving a heartwarming feeling in all of us. I felt so happy I was in 7th heaven after watching the final episode.

    @aphrael77, I think I understand what you meant when you said that you see JKS in Joon. There were a lot of times in the drama that I was seeing Sukkie instead of Joon. It was like he was never really acting when he was Seo Joon, more like letting his natural self come out. I think he is innately sweet and romantic, more than he is lets on. But it can be seen by the way he talks and by his thoughtful gestures to friends, his employees, co-actors and co-workers on set, that he is all that and more.

    I will surely miss Love Rain. There will be no more rushing home for me on Mondays and Tuesday nights to catch the live streaming. 😉 To me, it is the best drama ever, beautifully written and creatively rendered. It felt like I was watching a painting come to life. 🙂

  4. Love Rain – the lovestory is great, the locations were very well chosen, Jang keun suk and Im yoona really portrayed and was able to internalized the characters in the story, I also admired the directing skills of director yoon, the layout of the story is superb. I will never forget this love story, its mellow and touching at the same time. I wish there is a sequel, we will surely miss Love rain. I consider this story a classic and definitely worth recommending to watch even for teenagers. Congratulations to the staff of love rain, specially director yoon, the producers and of course all the actors and actresses who made this love story come to life…….

  5. Seo Joon is definitely my FAVOURITE character in the entire Love Rain! And I am so totally FAIR, IMPARTIAL and NOT BIASED:)

    In ep 19, Joon showed amazing strength as he fully shouldered the weight of everything that went on between Inha, Yoon Hee, Hye Jung, Hana and himself.

    First, he managed Hye Jung (unlike Inha) by telling her that he will sleepover on the weekends, talk to her and bring her out for meals. That serves to calm her down somewhat and cause her consider reining in her outrageous and uncontrollable behaviors.

    Second, he allayed the difficulties of both couples (Inha and Yoon Hee, Hana and Joon) coexisting in the same space by deciding to move to New York. Of course it is not for ”career” advancement that he is moving to NY. He has his own highly successful and in demand photography studio, staff that he has to consider and the woman that he loves in Korea, there is no reason for him to go back to being another company’s employee. However, for the sake of allowing Inha to look after and stay by Hoon Yee’s side without constraint, Joon made the sacrifice to leave the scene for the moment – so that the two of them can have more time and space to be comforted and more settled with each other.

    Finally, with the greatest longing and regret he undertook the burden of “waiting”, asking Hana to support her mother at this difficult period and then come to him when Yoon Hee’s condition stablized. I too love it that Joon states that he will be the one waiting rather than tell Hana to wait for his return. For the person who is doing the waiting will carry the greater suffering as he will always be there, missing her and not going anywhere with anyone – simply waiting for only her. Love that is so deep and sweet!

    Seo Joon and Keun Suk – men whose shoulder is so broad that they could carry the world (at least the world around them).

  6. Episode 19 is one of my favorite LR’s ep. This episode shows what love is all about, may it called true love between lovers or simple love between family and friends, and family loyalty and love do exist in real life. This drama might have simple plots, but it’s so beautiful without words, simply beautiful fairytale love story. This drama garnered so much emotion in everyone one way or another.

    As an eel stand point, JKS paying character is the essence for Love Rain. Even though, Love Rain beautifully made by PD Yoon and has beautiful love story lines, but I feel like without JKS as Seo Joon, I don’t know if I would love Love Rain as much I should. JKS did a GREAT job portraying Seo Joon, one of most challenging roles for him because JKS must cease to exist while playing Seo Joon, who happen to have similar character as the REAL JKS and to some extents as HTK also. Even with some of those similarities among them, but when Love Rain screen are rolling, I can only see the real Seo Joon, the bossy, the ego-centric, the hot temper, the bad boy, the matured loving, the undeniable charismatic and handsome Seo Joon. JKS is so into his Seo Joon character that I feel like I watch the real life Seo Joon and watch his love story with Hana, and love story of InHa with Yoonhee in the 70s. JKS acts so naturally in LOVE RAIN. I’m so proud of him.

    For non-eels, Love Rain is not sooo special (many called it’s boring) because they did not watch this drama by loving hearts as eels do. Love Rain is not fast-plot like many typical dramas. Watching Love Rain requires love and effort of the person who are watching it. It’s required a person to think deep and read the story between the lines. Most of people just want to watch drama without having to think too much about it.

    • Awww…forgot to thanks Andrea for this beautiful and very emotional write up. Thank you so much my dear sister for baring your soul and sharing your heart broken story with us. I wish your mom the best of health at least, if I can’t ask or wish for her sights to get better.

  7. Andrea.. I almost miss out your sharing of ep19 here as the thread is moving so fast.. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and own experience… I’m really touched when I watched Love Rain especially when it comes to ep19.. I got the feeling it is going to be a good ending but never expect the ending is that good.. (sorry I fast forward as the ending is so unexpected as all turn out well in a manner that I don’t feel it is done in a rush.. everything is falling in place just for one simple reason – LOVE ) ^_^ back to ep 19.. when it comes to this ep, I realise how Joon & Hana has grown up in the process of going through thick & thin.. with the natural acting by both.. sometimes, I forget they are just acting as what they have been through is just like many couples in real life.. their display of various emotions really is superb in this drama, one of the best drama I have seen for many years.


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